Libtard singer Pink says she slashed her husband’s tires at Thanksgiving because the “holidays are stressful”

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Birds of a feather…

Stressed at Thanksgiving? Most normal folk would deal with that by diving into another piece of pumpkin pie…

From People Magazine: During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Pink played a game of “Burning Questions” and revealed that not too long ago she slashed husband Carey Hart’s tires — injuring herself pretty badly in the process.

Asked what was the dumbest way she had ever hurt herself, the mother of two quickly replied, “slashing tires.”

“How old were you?” DeGeneres asked. “It was not long ago,” Pink replied with a laugh, before revealing her husband, a retired motocross racer, was on the receiving end of her outburst.

In defense of her actions, the 39-year-old singer explained, “It was Thanksgiving. The holidays are stressful.”

Elaborating on the ordeal, Pink shared that she only managed to fully slash one tire before injuring her hand.

“I got clean through the first one. He has a raised F250 and those tires are thick, thank you very much,” she remarked. “And the second one I lost a little steam and I hit the metal part and my hand just went straight down the knife.”

The singer went on to reveal that although she had to get 13 stitches as a result of her injury, she “didn’t need any anesthesia.”

“I couldn’t feel a thing,” she playfully remarked.

Read the whole story here.

Turns out when Pink said “It was not long ago” she actually meant “it was 16 years ago” as this happened in 2003.


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23 responses to “Libtard singer Pink says she slashed her husband’s tires at Thanksgiving because the “holidays are stressful”

  1. Aren’t they “classy”? She’s standing there with Chubby and Dumpy. Can you imagine the sulfur fumes? All they need is Lena Dunham and they’d be able to conjure a homoculous.

    • I have some sulfur fumes for them! I would love to fart at them but they probably would not notice. Besides anyone that knows what they are doing when they slash tires uses an awl or ice pick… (I plead the 5th!)

  2. What a stable mother she is.

  3. How very adult of her to handle the Holidays like that. How you handle such situations tells us plenty. She was never one of my favorites and standing there with the other two stooges confirms it.

  4. Maybe she got Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day confused. That happens alot to libatards.


  5. She’s a Bisexual Psycho Cunt that’s why she slashed the tires.

  6. And yet some people idolize mentally-ill “celebrities” like Pink.

    • Yeah, they do! I don’t understand the attraction to “black culture” either. Why would someone want to be a “gangsta”? Stupid is as stupid does.

  7. Oh Yes. And in her admission of guilt, I detect a couple of things. First, the not-so-subtle message has gone forth that it’s all right to abuse men, and when one hectoring, harrowing harridan injures her hand, why it’s the man’s fault, Of Course. The second message is that Retribution Equals Gratitude in that the thirst for revenge must be quenched, and that it was Thanksgiving only makes that revenge that much sweeter!

    I will not pain myself to mention that some years back, Pink admitted (truly or not) that she was a “bisexual,” for I’m sure she was only trying to ride the current populist winds of sexual liberation on the way to personal self-actualization! And she appeared on Ellen Degeneress’ Show, and Ms. Degeneress is a paragon of virtue herself. And she appeared on stage with the Queen of Sulfur herself, Hillary Rodham Clinton! A trifecta of liberated womanhood, of self-actualized Uber-Frueline masters of mystical magick! Yes, many a mother wants to have a daughter—or two—to grow up to be just like Ellen, Hillary or Pink!

    Is there a HOLE for me to get sick in? Somewhere Nietzsche is, once again, patting himself on the back for being a legend in his own self-hating mind!

    • “Somewhere Nietzsche is, once again, patting himself on the back for being a legend in his own self-hating mind!”

      HA HA HA HA! You’ve outdone yourself, Steven. 😀

  8. Pink? Call her Red instead!

  9. She probably cut the turkey up with a chainsaw, the pumpkin pie with an axe and the cranberry sauce with a Gallagher “Sledge-O-Matic.”

    To give you an idea of how much I follow libnutted “musicians” like Pink, which one is she in the photo? Honestly, I don’t know. I know who the “Psycho Killer” criminal (Clinton body count) in the middle is but haven’t a clue which of the other two is the psycho killer of expensive truck tires. Sometimes ignorance truly can be bliss. Looks like Karma sorta bit her on the hand at the time since her stupidity cost her 13 stitches.

    • Pink is on the right…libtard Amy Schumer on the left.

      • Actually, they’re both on the left.

      • Actually, I had a pretty good idea already, but it was confirmed after clicking the link in the article after posting my comment. About the same time, I had already suspected that the whacknut on the left (aren’t they all?) was Schumer but wasn’t positive. That left only the libnut on the right as the only possibility.

        The gist of my comment other than the obvious intended humor in the first paragraph, was to portray my complete indifference for the antics and opinions of these mental midgets who in reality, probably should be “Baker Acted” due to their obvious mental illnesses.

        It would be great if they would just fade away if we ignore them, but no such luck. It only emboldens them even more, so the only thing left to do is to expose them, which you guys do quite well. My hat’s off to you for your tireless work.

  10. Did she give thanks to Satan for the stitches?

  11. Gee, how prosocial and stable….

  12. … doubt about it, she’s a case

  13. I can’t laugh enough every time I see Hitliary’s Hee-Haw smile. I knew someone that had a mule that looked like that. But the mule looked better from behind.

  14. 13 stitches? (any significance to that number?)


  15. I have no idea why this “Pink” is a celebrity, but slashing your Husband’s tires is a tad on the insane side! Next time they should serve VALIUM Appetizers!! Why do libers think this is an acceptable reaction to “stressful Holidays”??

  16. Who cares? Where ever she goes, she takes her problems with her. Take it to her husband’s tires?…Big deal. Not our problem. Her problem. Holiday Stress? Is she “SPECIAL” to this? NO WAY! Her problem, and not well-managed personally in that almost everyone in this country experiences holiday family stresses and does not end up slashing their husband’s tires to relieve this stress. (!) Was she a problem in elementary, middle or high school? Not our problem. We, the public…including her student peers, teachers, administrators, dealt with it….maybe suffered it in trying to benefit her, help her, provide her “space,” and in the end….she was her parent’s problem….and now…..she is her own problem. So I’d like to say, P___ Off…but I will say more kindly, BUCK UP: You are not “special” enough to compensate for bizzare behavior. Get some mental counseling/help….at the least, anger management couseling.

    • I find it interesting that Pink, a libtard who has claimed she is raising her daughter “gender neutral,” has some anger management issues. She is married to a man who may be a demorat yet he loves the guns.

      Her husband Corey has posted videos of him teaching their 7-year-old daughter shooting a .22. That means guns are possibly in their home and she has admitted to having violent outbursts, granted in the past. I would not expect a libtard who has experienced violent outbursts to even consider the thought of having guns anywhere near them. Nor should anti-gunners support a person with extreme behaviors having guns near them.

      I find the contradictions between her and her husband, the way they are raising their daughter, and her violent outburst(s) to be just another confusing double standard amongst the proggies…


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