Libtard Samantha Bee stresses a need for “unity”

This. Is. Rich.

Samantha Bee, host of “Full Frontal” on TBS, is whining again. Apparently she’s called out the need for “unity” now that she can’t get demorat candidates to appear on her show.

The Hollywood Reporter states that the TBS host says her series, the fifth season of which launched in February, has had trouble booking top political candidates. From their report:

“Unlike the broadcast late-night shows and Bee’s former home at Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Full Frontal doesn’t feature a traditional guest segment, but over its previous four seasons, Bee has interviewed such high-profile political figures as Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren (before she launched her 2020 presidential campaign), Ilhan Omar, Tammy Duckworth, Gary Johnson and even former President Barack Obama, who appeared on the TBS series towards the end of his presidency during the show’s first season.

Still, Bee says that lately, despite her public appeals for the Democratic candidates to announce the end of their campaigns on her show, the series has mysteriously had difficulty landing interviews with the same contenders who frequently appear on the broadcast late-night shows and The Daily Show.

“I’d love to talk to all of the big political candidates, but they are very reticent to come on this show, and I’m actually not sure why because I feel like I’m a really respectful interviewer. So that’s a very interesting energy because they go on all of the other shows all the time, like what’s different about this place,” Bee says. “[Harris] did it, and I talked to Elizabeth Warren years ago. But now that people are in it, they’re not making the space on their calendar.”

Read the whole story here.

Bee is also apparently stressing “unity” ahead of the 2020 election, which will be her focus.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This is her idea of unity:

Typical Hollyweird Hypocrite.


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10 months ago

“they are very reticent to come on this show, and I’m actually not sure why”
Delusional asshat.

She,Her, Mrs
She,Her, Mrs
10 months ago

She’s is the same class ( or lack therof) that Amy Schumer and the cat butt artist’s daughter fall into…( ?? Can’t recall her name, she was the fat runway model recently?)her whole claim to fame is saying filthy things, never a good look for women

10 months ago

Unity or Unification means to “act as one.” I am not losing sleep over NOT acting as ONE with her ilk.

Captain America
Captain America
10 months ago

I think it’s more that you don’t douche, ya douche. Very smelly. Oh, that sulphur, brimstone, and yeasty pooh smell is your breath? Gag gag samantha. If only you were part afro’ed, like trevor, or meagan. You might get a pass then.