Libtard Lena Dunham to airline travelers: "Watch out for me, because I see and hear all"

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Lena Dunham: On the lookout for ya…

I’d love to run into this womyn at an airport, especially if I’m wearing my “deplorable” or Second Amendment t-shirt. Bring it on girl!
From Fox News: Airline employees and travelers beware: Lena Dunham is watching you like a hawk.
On Wednesday afternoon, the actress and “Girls” creator took to Instagram to share a short message from what appeared to be the security gate at an unknown airport. “I’m at the airport. And I think people now know, when I’m at the airport, they have to f—ing watch out for me, because I hear and I see all.”
It’s unclear which “people” Dunham is referring to in the Instagram story. However, Dunham did make headlines during an early August airport incident, in which she accused two American Airlines employees of engaging in “transphobic talk” at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.
On August 3, Dunham had been waiting on a delayed flight when she claimed to have overheard the AA flight attendants say “trans kids are a trend,” and that they would “never accept a trans kid and transness is gross.”
She followed up by tweeting her complaints directly to American Airlines, which launched an investigation into the matter. Ultimately, though, a representative for American Airlines told Fox News that they were “unable to substantiate” any of Dunham’s allegations.
At the time, ABC News also reported that Dunham was flying out of JFK’s Terminal 4 when she claimed to have overheard the AA employees, even though American Airlines operates out of Terminal 8. Dunham declined to comment on the matter.
Nevertheless, American Airlines issued a statement following the incident, stressing that “inclusion and diversity is a way of life” at the company. “Every day, our team members work to make American a place where people of all generations, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religious affiliations and backgrounds feel welcome and valued,” the airline added.
Concerning her latest Instagram story, Dunham didn’t call out any specific employee over his/her alleged behavior. She did, however, point out that another passenger was bringing his pet monkey on the flight. “There’s also a literal monkey on my flight,” said Dunham after sharing footage of a fellow airline traveler carrying the small primate on his shoulders. “There’s a monkey on my flight.”

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0 responses to “Libtard Lena Dunham to airline travelers: "Watch out for me, because I see and hear all"

  1. Proof that ugly goes to the bone.

  2. “There’s a monkey on her flight, alright”. As we keep pointing out, she’s insane. The bigger question is, how is it that she has a large enough audience to enable this? Who does she think she is?
    She’s the libtard Stasi. I guess the theory is that all of us “deplorables”, are supposed to shake with fear knowing that fatso is in the area? This woman’s style is to “inflict” herself on us. Why do we allow it?

  3. Watch out for her? How could you miss this bovine? Shaking my head…a cow wearing a red swimsuit, and she actually thinks she looks good in it! 😵

  4. To quote the Steely Dan song, Lena, “I feel the monkey in your SOUL.” You are an extremely sick young woman, you need the One True Faith to solve your problem, and you will categorically reject Christ out of hand.
    I strongly suspect you will commit suicide in the future, before you reach middle age, because I see strong similarities between you and Sylvia Plath. And the reason why I say such things is that you have your eye focused on everything and anything other than the state of your own soul, your own life. Stop trying to pretend the problem is outside of yourself: You are indicating that the problem is within. So go before Christ and bring HIM your problems.
    This is the only way out of your problems. (And if you think suicide will allow you to escape yourself, you are in for a most unpleasant surprise, even if hell has palm trees by the pool.)

  5. The Great And Powerful, All Knowing, Lena (Oz) Dunham;
    Pay no attention to that man (woman) behind the curtain.

  6. Wicked Witch (Lena Dunham) of the West Sends Flying Monkeys

  7. Ew, a human turd.

  8. Probably would not be PC to call a monkey a monkey. That would be considered as a racist connotation. Even a monkey’s uncle should not call a monkey a monkey. The proper PC word would be primate.

  9. The new “LOL”: Lard On Legs

  10. I bet you she made the whole thing up.

  11. No real need to criticize her looks, her character says enough.

  12. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.
    One thing we have to remember – she is one of God’s children – in spite of her way of life.

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  14. I don’t much care what this fat, disgusting slut of a fascist sees or hears.

  15. Mind your own business you disgusting pig.

  16. LenaDunhamsFather

    Lena was horribly abused by her “celebrated artist” father.
    Just look up his “art.”
    Unfortunately Lena was instantly part of the anointed because she didn’t rat him out.
    Pitiful people. The abused keeps trying to abuse others.

  17. My Eyes… My Eyes….. WTF in a ?Swimsuit? Eye Bleach please.. and the Fattoos. Gross. Poster Girl for birth control.

  18. Who stands in an airport warning in general to the world through tweeting/instagram or whatever….that they “see and hear everything…and SHE is there—her eyes are upon you (the “appointed” ) ?” She is for sure one schizophrenic babe (maybe even ego-centric….YA THINK????!!!) Pretty sure she was JUST trying to ward off any “irregularities” from her particular flight……Did she arrive alive? (If so, this could just only ENCOURAGE her.)

  19. So much for freedom of speech and AA wasted times money and resources on an investigation based upon a he said she said allegation……..


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