Libtard Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior campaign celebrating Mexican heritage slammed for cultural appropriation

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Dior Instagram photo

Proggies always got their panties in a wad about something…

From Yahoo: Dior is facing backlash for cultural appropriation in campaign using Jennifer Lawrence.

In brand posts about the Dior Cruise 2019 collection, Lawrence is seen being photographed in the hills of California and heard talking about the indigenous people who motivated the brand’s designs. Although the campaign images are aesthetically pleasing, most people are displeased with Dior’s inability to secure a different face for the collection — namely, comedian Phoebe Robinson who took to her Instagram to make a statement against the brand.

Dior and Jennifer Lawrence wanna celebrate traditional Mexican women riders thru a ‘modern lens’…by having a rich white woman named Jennifer be the face of this campaign? And like they couldn’t think of a better landscape to shoot than in California?!” the 2 Dope Queens actress wrote. “The audacity to call this s*** modern because it’s worn by a white woman is ignorant and gross, but unfortunately, not surprising.”

Other Instagram users have commented on the post to echo Robinson’s statement. “I’m extremely disappointed that yet again, major brands are using a rich white woman to promote other cultures. This is cultural appropriation not appreciation. Do better,” one person wrote. Another said, “My understanding of the word celebrate is different than Dior’s.”

However, others are praising Dior for celebrating another culture and acknowledging where the inspiration came from. Some have even pointed out that Lawrence has had a contract with the brand for years.

“The company is Dior and their brand ambassador is Jennifer Lawrence. They are honoring another culture with love and admiration! Nothing wrong with that!” someone said. “It is 2018 and people should know how fashion works. The woman is just doing her job and good on her too. Maybe if a woman with Mexican heritage was the brand ambassador for Dior then she would have represented this campaign,” wrote another.

Dior has yet to publicly respond to the controversy and didn’t immediately reply to Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment.

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14 responses to “Libtard Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior campaign celebrating Mexican heritage slammed for cultural appropriation

  1. I am mostly retired and I still don’t have the time to idly complain and comment on the frivolous, insignificant affairs of others.
    All I see is immature ranting with possibly a dose of jealousy thrown in.

    • Right, and holy sh*t are we in trouble when morons like Phoebe are given a platform to claim whites might want to expropriate Mexican or African culture. It’s not racist but reality to point out to Phoebe that but for the white culture she expropriates to flourish, she’d be lucky to live half-naked in a hut with a dirt floor. The deeper reality, however, is who the dime-a-dozen Phoebes owe their paychecks to, who are very much engaged in cultural genocide against whites—and from what I see, getting away with it.

  2. Dior should’ve just photoshopped Jennifer Lawrence’s face & flesh brown, and colored her hair brown/black.

    Problem solved – lol!

  3. And since blue jeans are American clothing, Mexicans should not be allowed to wear jeans, or any other clothing that was first made by an American.

    • And since Asians and most White people have straight hair, then Black people should not be allowed to straighten their hair.

  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Still don’t understand what is wrong with just being who and what you are;… in your own country,…of course.

  5. Well first off Lawrence is JEWISH, and by their own standards that doesn’t qualify as White. And again, what were Indians, Mexican and Californian, wearing before WHITE MEN came with loomed cloth clothing? Well that would be grass skirts, no tops and, or animal skins. So screw off all you PC ignorant morons who never stop to think about all the culturally appropriated clothing, machines, hair styles, and architecture that were invented and used by WHITE PEOPLE first and that practically the whole world “culturally appropriates now!
    I am sick and tired of having my race demonized at every turn by people who would still be living in mud huts without electricity if it weren’t for “White Men”.


    • @LANA,
      How right you are. Geez, we were told we were all “Homo Sapiens”, and Michael Bradley comes along and says that AshkeNazis, Sephardics, & Semites have high proportions of Neanderthal DNA, and than bingo we find out that that is true. Different “races” have different DNA from different Human Species, we are all not the same, our DNA is different, some humans groups “evolved” by leaving Africa (and Asia). We have been lied to about almost everything. “Who controls the past, controls the future. Who controls the present, controls the past”

      Its time for some major housecleaning of our government, corporations, media, scientific disciplines, museums, & education departments.

  6. Like the indigenous people ran around in designer fashions.

  7. For hating White people, the Bolshevik/Democrat party sure does have a lot of White people in Congress, Ministry of Truth, & Corporations.
    How any White people could be “Democrats” is beyond me, except your dealing with Liberalism (Democrats) as a mental disorder. Self hating White people

  8. Some people have WAY too much time on their hands.

    Funny, there is a higher-end Mexican restaurant a little over a mile from me which I frequent.

    -I have to see any of the rather gorgeous senioritas that work there wearing combat boots.

  9. There is poetic justice in “progressive” JenLaw’s PCness coming back to bite her.

  10. Okay, so there is no direction we can turn without offending some thin skinned Libtard. Amazing to think that such morons are capable of functioning in society.


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