Libtard Amy Schumer launches new clothing line to empower women, proceeds to benefit her non-profit organization

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I guess seeing Amy in this fashion is better than what we had to see in the photo below…


Pirelli Calendar 2016 photo

From Hollywood Reporter: Saks Off 5th announced the launch of Le Cloud on Tuesday, a ready-to-wear collection of wardrobe essentials that caters to women of all shapes and sizes. Le Cloud is designed by Amy Schumer and celebrity stylist and costume designer Leesa Evans.

Thirty percent of net proceeds from sales will be donated to not-for-profit organization Community Partners in support of the STYLEFUND project, which was founded by Schumer and Evans. The initiative aims to empower women from all economic backgrounds through the use of clothing.

(From their web site: “Our goal is to simplify the process of getting dressed by helping women better understand their silhouette – creating true confidence.”

I didn’t know that getting dressed was so complicated.)

“My instinct is to be authentic and to empower women of all ages and sizes to do the same. We are making beautiful, comfortable and wearable clothing that is accessible to real women,” said Schumer in a statement. “A Le Cloud customer will feel confident and powerful when wearing these pieces. We take our product seriously, but not ourselves.”

The name of the clothing line was inspired by Schumer’s interest in having her clothes feel like a cloud.

The collection includes ready-to-wear separates such as tops, pants, skirts, a jumpsuit and outerwear. The products were designed with soft and “light as a cloud” fabric and come in classic colors like navy, camel, hunter, charcoal and black. Sizes range from XS to XXL, while the retail prices go from $38 to $248.

“When designing Le Cloud, we approached each style with the goal of creating shapes that make women feel good about themselves, so their unique personalities can shine through,” said Evans. “When you find those silhouettes, they become your daily uniform. It’s both an emotional and positive connection to clothing that we’re trying to create through our brand.

“This is a first-of-its-kind partnership for us at Saks Off 5th and the essence of what Amy and Leesa are working to accomplish through Le Cloud is something we’re proud to support,” said Tom Ott, chief merchant at Saks Off 5th. “We feel confident about adding Le Cloud to our fashion offering, knowing there is a desire among shoppers for more inclusive and stylish apparel.”

Le Cloud will be available exclusively online and in-store at Saks Off 5th’s 57th Street flagship in New York City and the Beverly Connection location in Los Angeles.


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24 responses to “Libtard Amy Schumer launches new clothing line to empower women, proceeds to benefit her non-profit organization

  1. She’s going into the “fashion” biz because her show-biz career is tanking.

    Also, how can clothing “empower” anyone?

    • Also, how can clothing “empower” anyone?

      Only if you hold Jewish values which basically say that the only value is the material world, the things in it, and how much worldly power you have. The fashion industry is pretty much, though not exclusively Jewish too. These are the people that tell us you are no one unless you are dressed in the latest up to date fashion that some woman hating homo, or other pervert dreamt up.

      • Does clothing still “make the man” (or woman)? Maybe that’s the great divide between the Elite and us regular people: they dress in designer names, and the rest of us shop at Target and Costco.

        Most of the men in my family, as well as everyone I see out and about, look pretty much the same: either a T-shirt or a cotton button-up, and cargo shorts or jeans. The women in my family (besides me) are a little better dressed (my sisters have delusions of grandeur), but most everyone I see wear yoga pants (🤮), sweats, or jeans, and a t-shirt…nobody’s dressing to impress where I live (you gotta get closer to South Orange County/Newport Beach for fashion).

        Or maybe I’m totally out of touch (it’s very possible!)

        How is it in your neck of the woods?

        • It’s been my experience that shallow people like her live in a little pond where they are only concerned with others of their ilk. So, while you or I might go about our business blissfully unaware of how much somebody paid for a pair of torn up jeans, a plastic cretin like her would find some sort of “meaning” in that.

          She is what happens when you grow up privileged and not especially bright.

        • In my neck of the woods, the Inland Empire, I go to work, a Public School teacher, in jeans and a school-logo T-shirt or a college logo sweatshirt (we try to make our kids aware of college as an option to their futures). In a little bit of defensiveness….I teach mostly art and found within days of taking this assignment that ANYTHING I wear to school will be ruined with a day or so of wearing to school. So, I gave up my slightly more “dressed” genre of a nice blouse or sweater over dress pants with a waist and belt. My daughter-in-laws are both lead counsels (attorneys) for prominent clothing/or shoe lines. One is a second-generation fashion maven (the thousand-dollar designer purses, etc) and the other is an only-child, pampered, with a very chic and saavy career mother who taught her how to dress with grace and style… and they both have tried to “dress me” more “nicely.” Probably only one in ten things they give me get any wear…and then, only for funerals or such.

    • Maybe it’s just me, but I think that instead of “raising a clothing line” she’d be far better served by going home to raise a clothesline, stops using her dryer and becomes much more environmentally friendly. But, hey, that’s just me! De gustibus non disputatum est, as Horace remarked 2000 years ago.

  2. Amy says, “My instinct is to be authentic,” which of course is a lie coming from a dumpy fraulein like herself who self-describes as being consumed by appearances. This “authentic” catchword of the progressives, going on a century now, is as laughably its opposite in reality as those other Modernist “designers,” but of buildings, who demand we accept their egotistical displays of dysfunction as “honest.” Normalcy and what people actually want to wear and be when at work and when shopping are turned on their head by the likes of Amy, not because the left is vital and strong, but because opposition from decent Americans is neutralized by a Republican, controlled opposition and it’s propaganda voice at Fox News, whose handwringing and empty bluster embolden leftist bullies with every new insult to what America used to be.

    We live in two side-by-side, incompatible and inimical worlds now, and, while it’s a bitter pill to swallow, the Republican Party’s existence in the public forum is a function of the msm whom they obediently grovel before, as we see on TV in every appearance, entailing with certainty we come out losers following the present demographic, cultural, and political trajectories. It also explains why the progressivists’ license-based monopoly over the msm and over taxpayer-funding of the progressivist agenda on NPR and PBS never changes, not even when the Republicans control the executive and legislative branches of government. Why in hell isn’t there a change of guard in those outright propaganda arms of the gov as elsewhere when the Republicans take control of it all? I’d say it’s because we’re being played for fools until it’s too late.

    • I keep asking that as well. The first two years, when they were in control of both houses they left Obongonauts all over the place. Now, it’s even harder to replace them. I keep seeing him appointing “Never Trumpers” to key positions. Why?

      Why isn’t NPR and others reined in? Why do then not reinstate the “Fairness Doctrine” and start pulling licenses? The only thing that makes sense is that they are complicit.

  3. Ol’ Amy’s no fool: she knows a good passive income stream when she sees it.

    The clothes, however, are ugly and boxy, much like Schumer herself.

  4. I think we have one of her customers right here:

    Anyone seeing a “cloud” like this should run for cover.

  5. Maybe Uncle Charles can buy her dresses and become a transvestite!

  6. Introduce her(?) to Shotgun Joe-that’d cure HIM of unwanted groping….and it’d cure HER(?) if her urge to go out in public in outfits like that.

  7. What is the explanation for women wearing torn jeans in public? And why are they only torn in the front of the legs? But never on the back of the legs, or on the side, or on their butt, or in the crotch?

  8. She’s a whale of a woman 🐳

  9. Chuck Schumer would look be a good sales rep for that line of clothing… He full enough of himself to be able to talk some idiot into wearing that Schmatta….


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