Libtard Alec Baldwin arrested for punching guy over a parking spot

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This guy has some serious anger management issues.

From Hollywood Reporter: Alec Baldwin is in police custody in New York for punching a man over a parking spot (on Friday).

The incident occurred in front of 28 East 10th St. just before 2 p.m. ET, New York Police Department Det. Sophia Mason said. “It looks like it was a dispute over the parking spot, and the person in custody punched him,” Mason said.

Mason confirmed the person in question was Baldwin. No charges have yet been filed.

More from NY Post:

Baldwin was arrested for misdemeanor assault, and is being held at the NYPD’s 6th Precinct station house in Greenwich Village, cops said.

An unidentified third party was holding a parking spot for Baldwin on East 10th Street when another driver swooped in and took the spot away, cops said.”

After Baldwin’s arrest, women reporters shared some stories about the libtard. Some of their tweets, from Twitchy:

  • “Baldwin was the first person I ever experienced being blocked by on Twitter, after he used his account with hundreds of thousands of followers to berate me for…writing about a fundraiser he’d hosted in a way he didn’t find satisfactory.”
  • Alec Baldwin also told me “I hope you choke to death” when I was on assignment, staking out his house.”
  • He called me “a hag” when I noted once that he had multiple nannies.”

How is it that this man still has a job on TV?


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19 responses to “Libtard Alec Baldwin arrested for punching guy over a parking spot

  1. Well, he’s Leftist material, that’s for sure. Too bad he didn’t pick on someone who would “touch him up” a little. I hope they press charges and then sue him. Arrogant, overrated, loud mouth. Who cares what he wants?

    • Smart Alec he is, hope he gets to pay lotsa money for hitting the other guy -this bully doesn’t get it, obnoxious POS, next time hope his face is flattened like a flapjack. Does anybody like this M.F.?

  2. “How is it that this man still has a job on TV?”

    Because the “entertainment industry” is replete with people just as depraved as he is.

    • Indeed, correct! And so he becomes the norm, whatever the Hell that is! When I stand in line at Shoppers Drug Mart and see absurd magazines with overly hyped everything, featuring stupids like him, I have to wonder how much worse it can get….

  3. One day he’s gonna smack a marine who’s had a bad day and Alec isn’t going to be pretty any more.

  4. Fun rhetorical questions: Will SNL dare make fun of the greatest thespian ever AKA Comrade Baldwin?

  5. Alec Baldwin is a study in self destruction.

  6. I was arrested in the same precinct Baldwin was taken to; the 6th Precinct is on W. 10th St., between Bleecker & Greenwich Streets.
    I was arrested on a misdemeanor assault charge, a violation of the Penal Law 120.00, “Assault, 3rd class (or level),” the lowest or least aggressive assault there is. My present knowledge of the Desk Appearance Ticket I received was that my passenger claimed I “opened her door, grabbed her by the arm and removed her from my vehicle.” I assure you I did no such thing: I never left my seat, let alone my vehicle. Neither she nor I ever laid ONE FINGER on each other.
    The PL 120.00 assault 3 is the kind of desk appearance ticket (DAT) given to cases such as mine or Baldwin’s or people who get involved in a bar fight or minor scuffle. These things are usually settled in court between the parties, or, the judge can issue an ACH—a “contemplation of dismissal”—which means if the accused stays out of trouble for six months, the matter is dropped.
    It is this ACH that I hope to be granted this Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018. This will drop the matter, and I will be allowed to return to driving and earning a living. Alas, my pro bono attorney (fighting the Taxi & Limousine Commission and not this misdemeanor offense) thinks this is a “long shot”—possible, but unlikely, as one’s first court appearance is the arraignment, or how one pleads.
    My pro bono attorney thinks my case very well could drag on for another TWO MONTHS. In which case, I will lose the car I bought 35 days before the May 17, 2018 incident, be evicted from my room and, hopefully, be on welfare if I cannot find work in the meantime. That’s a HEFTY PRICE for “grabbing a passenger by the arm and removing her from” my vehicle.
    Little to nothing will happen to Baldwin: He will undergo the same rigamarole, only SNL will have him on two or three more times. And, independently wealthy as he may be, live it up and be reduced to eating filet mignon and ribeye steaks. (I’m sure if the weather is inclement this coming Wednesday, I’ll be rewarded with a hatful of rain.”)

    Lenny Bruce said it best: “In the halls of justice, the justice is in the halls.” (And in the meantime, the Clinton body count is holding, no film at eleven.)

    • Good luck with that Steven. I’m still a little confused. “Assault” is similar to “menacing”, in that physical contact isn’t made. “Battery” is when you hit someone (like Baldwin is alleged to have done). Obviously, one (Battery) is more serious than the other (Assault).

      So, if you “have words” with someone and somehow they convince the judge that they were frightened for their safety, you can be found guilty of “Assault”. If you carry it a step further, and physically touch someone, that becomes “Assault and Battery”.

      So, by my understanding, if she claims that you grabbed her, the charge would be Battery. Assault is more subjective than Battery.

  7. Look at him. He looks deranged. Charges or not I hope he gets a ‘deep pockets’ lawsuit filed against him. It won’t hurt him financially but at least the victim of his entitlement leftist attitude will get compensated. I’m sure since he is so ‘special’ that he will always blame somebody else for his behavior. ‘You Made Me Do That’. The mantra of all violent domestic abusers. He was probably drunk and/or on drugs. I hope next time he gets his A$$ gets whipped but good.

  8. You’ve gotta read Trumps tweets, priceless:

  9. Honesty is probably not one of Alec Baldwin’s virtues, but fwiw, he’s been denying he punched anyone & that it’s all “fake news,” haha!

    NBC, TMZ, USA Today, The Guardian, etc. headlines re his denial:

  10. All of a suddden the ‘fake news’ is attacking ther left? I call BS. According to the loony left, asshole baldwin is guitly until proven innocent.

  11. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

    -And had it been me he came after, he would have left the scene in an ambulance instead of a cop car.

  12. A Hearse would be better.

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