Libtard actress Kate Hudson raising her daughter with a “genderless approach”

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Women demorats proudly display their gender-specific “p*ssy hats” and “nasty woman” t-shirts and want you to vote vaginas into office.

So how come when they have a baby girl they want to raise her in a genderless environment? Aren’t they proud of her vagina and want to raise her as a strong woman? Don’t the women proggies want more vaginas in the country to smash the patriarchy?

I will never understand liberal logic…

From People Magazine: Kate Hudson isn’t putting any gender labels on little Rani Rose.

The 39-year-old actress and WW ambassador revealed in a recent interview with AOL that she embraces a “genderless approach” to parenting 3-month-old Rani and her two older brothers from Hudson’s previous relationships: Bingham Hawn, 7½, and Ryder Russell, 15.

“[Having a daughter] doesn’t really change my approach, but there’s definitely a difference,” she told the outlet. “I think you just raise your kids individually regardless — like a genderless [approach]. We still don’t know what she’s going to identify as.”

“I will say that, right now, she is incredibly feminine in her energy, her sounds and her way,” Hudson explained. “It’s very different from the boys, and it’s really fun to actually want to buy kids’ clothes.”

“With the boys it was just onesies … actually, I did pretty good with the boys,” she clarified with a laugh. “But with her it’s a whole other ball game. There’s some stuff that I’m like, ‘I can’t do that to her, because it’s so over-the-top.’”

Hudson’s own upbringing — as the only girl in a group of brothers, including Oliver Hudson and Wyatt Russell — helped her be able to see the fluidity of gender roles.

“I was a tomboy in a spinning dress,” she shared. “My middle brother [Boston Russell], who is closest to me in age, was basically my sister because I put makeup on him all the time, and I’d dress him up and he loved it.”

Read the whole story here.


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22 responses to “Libtard actress Kate Hudson raising her daughter with a “genderless approach”

  1. Hey, Kate Hudson. If there are no gender distinctions, why are you such a skank?

    If the young tend to rebel against their parents, it’ll be interesting what the children of this generation of leftists like Hudson will be.

  2. ” We still don’t know what she is going to identify as.” But..but..but…if there are no gender distinctions how can she identify as one or the other? So how about just plain old female. Your daughter can probably adjust to that with intensive therapy. Seriously, Kate Hudson (and I don’t know or care who she is) needs to be isolated and quarantined to prevent her contagion from spreading. Psychotic processes are apparently transmissable, as evidenced by the proliferation of libtards. It’s an epidemic I tell you

  3. What I get from the quotes is that she spouts her Jewish paymasters’ anti white-family slogans as she knows she must to survive and then throws out a lame excuse because she’s going to dress her baby daughter as a little girl and raise her boys as boys anyway.

    • A cursory search reveals that this vapid one-dimensional nothing has a net worth of 45 million dollars. That does not satisfy my definition of “surviving”. If by survive you mean maintaining her position and stature in the (((entertainment))) matrix, I agree. However, she could always choose to walk away from that and do something honorable with her life instead. She could start by raising her children normally.

    • Well her mother is a Jew too, so the insanity might be genetic, not just a pose for the money. In fact this nothing of a actress would no doubt be waitressing with all the rest of the wannabes if it hadn’t been for her wealthy and powerful Hollyweird parents.

      ” We still don’t know what she is going to identify as”
      Oh paleassse. As if every kid being born is gender confused! How bout treating them as if they are what gender their genitals indicate they are! IF the kid does end up ” confused” I’m sure they will manage.
      Kate Hudson you are an empty moron.

      • Thanks for the clarification and insight, Lana. What a mess their lives must be. If only they knew, as a chief psychiatrist once told me after he’d had a few, their god-person psychiatrist doesn’t give a damn what they say for an hour since he’ll be prescribing the same sh*t he gives everyone of their type. “See you next week . . .”

  4. Poor child, subjected to her mother’s guidance growing up with an identity not yet defined is not a healthy upbringing for the three children. Will she allowed the two older boys and the girl, shower together and naked playing together in a bathtub? Small children’s innocence and imagination must be guarded by the parents, especially if there is a 15 year old and a 7 1/2 year old. Does she and her partner allow children to watch while they make love? There are many definitions of child abuse!

  5. Don't Be Evil (LOL!)

    Wait until the Muslims take over. These girls are in for a rude shock.

  6. I guess Katie’s going to have to be really, really careful that her kids don’t ever drop their pants or look at themselves and then get hold of a book that’s about sexual aspects of being human in a relatively normal fashion. Yeppers, normality is scarey for sure!

  7. How can someone be so brilliant at some things and dumb as a rock at others? She’s FAR from stupid,but she’s Liberal,and THAT knocks her clear off the ladder….

    • The beliefs and worldviews of liberals are grounded in emotional experience, not reason, and feels can lead you to all kinds of Strange Beliefs. As I’m sure you’ve noticed libtards are not amenable to rational disputation. To rationally evaluate an issue requires a willingness to think critically and most people, not just libtards, don’t want to think. I mean it can give you a headache. As I sometimes say, Five percent of people think, ten percent think they think, the rest would rather die than think

      • Yours is a choice, succinct comment, one that I admire on several levels. To wit:

        1. Straightaway you cut to the heart of the matter with your observation of the classic dictum that liberals base their so-called reasoning on sentimentality, while we conservatives have sentiments upon which we reflect. An immense gulf is between the two.

        2. Next, it is clear that which we are sentimental over, can never qualify as rational thinking, but even worse, it cannot participate in rationality or rational discourse.

        3. If a person cannot either think rationally nor share in a rational discussion within a community, then they are loners, adrift in a sea of emotionality. This is why a compulsive serial killer cannot stop what they do, because they’re unable to think through the consequences. I think we were far better served when we had institutions for the criminally insane, where they were held until they came to their senses, if ever.

        While your last comment could be seen as being a jest, it has a great deal of common sense truth behind it. You can now see why it applies to serial killers, for example, because they simply cannot think about what they’re doing, never mind the consequences!

  8. Should she have called it a daughter? I suppose later on she can refer to it as ‘my thing’.

  9. Children are not social experiments, nor are they lab rats. Nothing that is presented to them from birth onward in the shaping and making of their sense of self and self-worth, as well as their concept of themselves in both the family and the societal constellation, can be undone, and, it will affect every aspect of their lives cradle to grave. Worst of all, children are not lab rats to be experimented upon by a trusted and loved parent. Double whammy. Ask a teacher, ask a school counselor, or a private mental health provider. They are not short-lived “throw-aways” that can be improved upon with the next generation of lab rats. And, often, those who do the most damage to kids are the people closest to them whom are trusted/obeyed/loved. That’s why the damage is always so deep, so irreversible. I can’t figure out why these raving Hollyweird, pink-uterus hat crowds think that raising a young girl or boy as an “it” promotes their healthy self-identification. What kind of “it-s” are there out there in the world to set a role model for the “it” children? To whom do they look? IMO… in her pink uterus hat refusing to “label” her daughter as “she, or her, etc” automatically sends the message that the daughter is NOT WORTHY of the pink uterus club. What a cockamamie burden to foist upon a little girl, excuse me… she a little it…or it a little sh-it? These people are confusing. Confusing people always get left behind/lose/tap out/go on to the “next big thing”—-buy the Edsel or Pinto, flock to the diet dr/diet pill that destroys your heart muscle, have Bernie Sanders’ office on speed dial (soon to be replaced by AOC or even Kamala Harris)…..blah blah….and more blah.
    These people are ENERGY VAMPIRES….they just suck the energy out of everyone around them from one scheme to the next….undeservingly so.

    • Trying to make sense of the things these people do is an exercise in futility. They don’t think that raising their children as “its” is healthy, they simply don’t care. Their children are nothing more than vehicles, appendages, for valorizing themselves. They are, wittingly or not, Luciferians, and Luciferianism, Satanism, has been described as a kind of self-worship. The left/Luciferian agenda is to destroy all that is good, true, and beautiful, to invert reality, to render Truth inoperative, as being simply a matter of subjective interpretation. To have actual values is to be condemned as “judgemental”. These people are unimaginably selfish and we have allowed them to nearly succeed in creating hell on Earth. I don’t think I’m exaggerating. I think that soon they will have a lot to answer for and the judgement will be swift and harsh.

      • Well said, William…..esp….”self-worship,” “valorizing themselves,” invent reality”…etc. So, in essence….we should respond to these minions the way Regan brushed off/trivialized his “rivals” w/joking (but very effective), “There you go again.” (?) Come to think of it, Trump would probably have a lot to gain by responding to Nancy & Chuck w/SAME dismissive! TONS of people would “get it” right away in either the application to these Hollyweirds OR our present governmental “representatives.” Meanwhile, YES, to everything you explained from your viewpoint about Kate Hudson’s child-rearing expertise/practices & the ilk in her Hollyweird community of social-trending fanatics. PS…I’m for sure glad my kids are adults & I raised them through difficult-enough childhoods/young adulthoods, without all this added baggage. And, they turned out GREAT! Praise GOD! I don’t know if I could do this same job against the backdrop of every crazy thing going on today in our social milieu. I was blessed.

        • Good for you for having steered your children through the sewer of This Modern World. You obviously take mothering seriously. As I tell some of my “single mom” clients who have low self-esteem because they can’t work and rely on public assistance, never mind that, concentrate on being a mother, it’s the most important and significant work you will ever do. Some get it but so many have the empowered pussyhat-types as role models, who have sadly become grotesque caricatures of themselves and women generally. But the fact that your kids turned out well speaks to the power and beauty of motherhood, in some ways the highest flowering of God’s creation. Blessings
          PS I’m assuming that you are female. How presumptuous of me:) But these days…sigh…what a world we live in

    • “And, often, those who do the most damage to kids are the people closest to them whom are trusted/obeyed/loved. That’s why the damage is always so deep, so irreversible.”

      I just started a job in a law firm that includes family law cases. I cannot give details of specific cases yet can verify that your statement is 100% correct.

      It would absolutely break your heart to hear details of some cases. Just horrific in instances. So, so sad…

      Parents should provide the guidance and be the protector, teacher, advocate and moral compass for their children. Leaving them on their own to survive as lab rats does them no good. And leaving them to figure out their own identity instead of teaching them how to confidently celebrate who they are/can be from birth is, as you point out, very detrimental to their self worth. Freakin Libtards…

  10. What a dip this woman is. She has a 3-month old baby “and her two older brothers from Hudson’s previous relationships: Bingham Hawn, 7½, and Ryder Russell, 15.” That’s relationships, not relationship. Where are the fathers? Nowhere in this woman’s self aggrandizing publicity stunt (producing a kid when she’s less than a year shy of the Big Four O) a stunt to show her inane fans that she’s STILL GOT IT, is there the slightest hint that these absent fathers are going to have any input on how their children are going to be reared. But then, this is Hollywierd. The men are no doubt just as screwed up as she obviously is. God help these children. Nobody else in this sick Fantasia seems to care, including Hudson herself.

  11. Does anyone understand the “problem” this is designed to “fix”? I don’t. Beyond some vague, floating notion that everyone who came before did this “wrong”, what are they trying to accomplish and why?

    Simple me believes that the real purpose is the total destruction of Western Society. But, I could be wrong (?).

    • Simple you could be wrong but you’re not. Trying to understand leftists is like trying to understand why drug addicts get high, ask a thousand addicts and you get a thousand different answers. Ultimately they get high because that’s what they want to do. Leftists are convinced they are doing the right thing even though they claim that right/wrong distinctions, any ethical standards, somehow “reinforce whiteness”, or whatever PoMo Bolshevik gibberish is in vogue at the moment. So they do what they do because they are programmed and continuously reinforced by the academic sludge cranked out by insane college professors and the absolutely putrid MSM. So trust your instincts and don’t try to make sense of nonsense. Just my two cents of unsolicited advice. Now I’m going to bill your insurance for an hour therapy session. Kidding:)


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