Liberty Lost without a Fight?

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Agenda 21 controls the Media and Purse

It’s a Marxist Programme, word for word, verse for verse

Patrolling Healthcare, appointing New Czars

Selecting our travel, our fuel and our car


Numbering our cows, planning milk that we drink

Regulating schools, what we learn, what we think

Restricting the water, bulbs in our room

Restricting our life from womb to tomb


Surveilling the Churches, limiting what they say

Enforcing their Rules: “News is not their purvey!”

Establishing Wetlands, and Viewsheds for bats

Protecting the wolves, and the endangered cats


Developing parklands from our lot and street

Infringing our plowing, what we grow, what we eat

Directing entertainment, what we see, what we do

Controlling our guns, our skies, our view


Auditing our mortgage, and our toil in the trench

Choosing Senators, Representatives and The Supreme Court Bench

Recording our license, permits, tax and fees

Implementing New Codes for The Children and The Sea


Arranging new zones and solar designs

Checking our wires, our paint and rooflines

Measuring our dust, our emissions and waste

Testing the Run Off, and the Smart Meter rate


Designing New Guides for owners who rent

Programming Consensus for Community Events

Establishing Authority from up on the Hill

Enacting Restrictions over the wild horse kills


Creating New Programs to celebrate “The Fourth”

The day that set America’s Independent Course !!

Ignoring the Constitution where our Freedoms lie …

Where the Founders said boldly: “Here we stand, or we die!”


Agenda 21 says: I’ll spend and make debt!”

Our Answer is: “ Enough !” “Give me liberty or death”

Our rights came from God ! Our Freedom’s from Him !

He is The Almighty ! With Him we will WIN ! 2/15/12 KCMO

H/T  Kelleigh


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0 responses to “Liberty Lost without a Fight?

  1. He is The Almighty ! With Him we have WON !

  2. im sure you will have freedom in heaven but if people dont stand up here on earth you will be a slave

  3. It is quite frightening to see all of the areas of infringement listed together. I was certainly aware of them but it is far more powerful to see them in total.
    I live in a sleepy little village and I can see agenda 21 objectives taking over even here. Nationally of course it is far worse and all of the effects are cumulative. As they attempt to control one group at a time we must attempt to convert back to reason one person at a time.


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