Liberals scream at the sky on anniversary of Trump win

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Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the 2016 presidential election that elected Donald John Trump as POTUS.
Liberals gathered at Washington Square Park in lower Manhattan, New York City, to scream at the sky.
Liberalism truly is a mental disease.


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0 responses to “Liberals scream at the sky on anniversary of Trump win

  1. Such a group of idiots. How much is Soros paying them for this act?

  2. Imagine one MOAB.

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    It is a pity we didn’t have a full moon – so the man in the moon could laugh at them. In the distance, Soros, their master, is at his desk – signing their pay checks.

  4. Truly, it shows how the left have lost their minds, if they ever had any. For eight years we put up with Obama and his destruction of the American culture, his push for a race war (which he seems to have succeeded with), and we were silent. No one threatened his life, no one held up his bloodied head, no one said they’d like to blow up the White House…we maintained our dignity and suffered through one of the worst presidents America’s ignorant electorate gave us.
    But this bunch on the left, they have no dignity, they have no respect or honor, they are a bunch of ignorant self centered fools, and now we have to put up with them.
    Donald J. Trump must be totally shocked at this disgusting bunch of Americans.

    • Very well said! 😳

    • Well put.

    • Christian Zionist . . . . that was so well written. You certainly wrote what so many of your fellow citizens are and have been feeling during the eight years we suffered with Obummer.
      Did anyone note the woman with the pink hat, such a vacant stare, reveling in her moment of civil disobedience. I could not help but think that the men in white coats should have been on hand with their butterfly nets to catch all these people who have clearly gone ’round the bend.

    • “the worst presidents America’s ignorant electorate gave us.”
      I think the corrupt/illegitimate Liberal political following had every bit as much to do with it.

    • You said it so well, but I just want to add that we are hearing/seeing narcissistic, spoiled brats who have gotten their own way for too long. They are now in tantrum stage lying of the floor and beating their tiny fists on the rug.

  5. maybe they screemed enough to go hoarse. we may have a few hours of silence from them for a change. liberialism is truely a mental diorder.

    • YouKnowWho . . . . . It truly defies all common sense, and adherence to social civility to see these various imbeciles rumbling around; many showing the maniacal smiles of the truly unbalanced. All thinking that they are expressing the pinnacle of political discourse. People on the Right remain relatively quiet, and well behaved . . . we look at these displays of sheer madness and wonder why the asylums were shut down when there are obviously so many, many individuals who desperately need to be institutionalized.

  6. Okay, howlers, well done, go back to your caves now.

  7. “Liberals scream at the sky…”
    Too bad the sky did not scream right back at them!
    (We would have settled for a bunch of pigeons pooping on their heads, or in their open mouths, lol.)
    @marblenecltr’s “Go back to your caves now” would also be appropriate! A “PRIMITIVE Scream” could be the same as… > > >,204,203,200.jpg
    Anyone remember THAT nonsense from the 1970 book? Not all the current libtards are old enough to have been around when that began, BUT they ACT AS IF they were. Some crazy psychologist Arthur Janov, who died this October at age 93, was the author, & there’s still a “Primal [Screan] Therapy” center in California.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if whichever “higher-up” (Soros?) in this crazy anti-Trump movement, is a former “Primal Scream” advocate & borrowed the idea.
    I also wonder exactly how long they actually stood out there in the street screaming like fools? SMH!

  8. Next month they can howl at the moon and pee on the hydrants. Bunch of pathetic losers.

  9. The true dumbed-downers of America!

  10. These folks need to up their meds.

  11. Looks like a dozen of Bellevue’s finest escaped for a moment of freedom… What was with the signs in French?

  12. C’mon, everyone, who among us would not be screaming if Hillary won?

    • I wouldn’t — and certainly not in public.
      Screaming is a childish way of venting.

      • Nor would I, really, but I would be most understanding of those who did.

      • Dr Eowyn . . . anyone who would go out in public and scream over anything they consider to be a mishap truly “is a childish way of venting.” How many mature, well balanced people who have Conservative beliefs would allow themselves to stoop to such low behavior? On the whole, Conservatives just do not act out in such a manner. Yes, we may nurse our grievances in private, but we do not act the fool in public. On the whole most of us wish to be regarded as dignified, people who have a whole lot of class . . . class is not something I think of when I think of Libtards.

      • I agree. They’d be much better off staring at goats.

  13. Civilized people don’t scream at the sky over something like that-they start thinking,”How can we FIX this??”

  14. I hope there is video footage of this event, and explanation/background being stored at the Library of Congress or the Nat’l Archives……We preserve the absurd along with the historic events so as to explain historic context. I’d put this “screaming at the sky” against Trump right beside flag-pole sitting, “streaking,” Boycott Wall Street, pet rocks, and maybe even nose and/or tongue piercing. What do they all have in common? Aimless, senseless acts that have no positive reasoning, outcome or effect or longevity. Fads. Group think. Acts of the SHEEPLE.

  15. “The First Snow of Winter”: it was just a bunch of snowflakes that didn’t stick…


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