Liberals now Focused on Allen West

This past Tuesday, liberal talk radio host Nicole Sandler  (notice her portrait on her website compared to her true self in the above vid) was arrested for heckling Allen West during a town hall.  Hecklers were at it again, spewing profanities and flipping off the crowd during another town hall meeting of Allen West.
Police escorted a number of people out of a town hall meeting Wednesday night — the second night in a row that U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., held what became a heated event. I think they’re a bunch of jerks,” said Anne Dion after police walked her outside. “That’s what I think about being forced to leave.”
Trouble was brewing even before the event started. Sign-carrying protesters were asked to leave private property. West warned the crowd about lashing out. “You see a lot of media cameras, and the media’s here because they want to see a show,” he said. The warning  did not stop supporters and critics from turning up the volume. “I don‘t care who’s yelling at me, cursing at me or saying whatever,” said West. “You are still in America.”
West is a true patriot and he will not bow down to anyone.  He will not be intimidated and will stand up to a Muslim from CAIR.  No wonder the liberals are now targeting him. Go West!

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This is both good and bad news. The bad news first they are attacking Allen West now. With that out of the Way now the Good News. They are attacking Allen West. The Left now see him as a viable threat to Obama so much so that they had no choice but to green light a political (for now) attack on a Black man. I know the left was dreading this day they new as long as all possible GOP presidential candidates stayed Caucasian they can whip out all the race baiting tactics in their bag of dirty tricks. Allen… Read more »


I’ve been thinking the only way Obama can survive a debate if certain things was to happen. 1. George Stephonopolous (whatever his last name is spelled) from Good Morning American or other hacks from CNN or MSNBC will be asking the questions. 2. The audience needs to be padded with Muslims. One with an oh so heartbreaking story to tell about bigotry and that Allen West attitude towards them makes then feel awkward and ashamed. 3.After the Debate the MSM will always give Obama the high marks (remember Good Morning America in 2008 folks?). Obama whole line can consist of… Read more »


The wicked cannot tolerate those who speak the truth. Praying God blesses Allen West and his family.

Dr. Eowyn

Free speech for me but not for you! Typical leftwing hypocrisy.
As for Nicole Sandler’s portrait on her website, it must have been taken at least 10 years ago and 50 lbs. lighter. Lying is their second nature. They just can’t help it. LOL


Can you just imagine a presidential debate between Obama and Allen West? Wow! It would be like putting a well-trained German Shepherd police dog up against your grandma’s yappy little lap dog. I’d watch that even if it were on pay-per-view! Rep. West is most definitely One Of Us, which is a lot more than you could ever say for Obama. I believe that he is the strong leader that this nation desperately needs at this perilous time in our history.


the left wing is going to bite off way more than they can chew here! Allen West will make them look like the fools they are!!


I anticipate that The Hermanator will get much the same treatment as LTC West from the commie left.
If there is one thing a lib hates more than a conservative, it’s a black American who (gasp!) actually thinks for them self and has managed to escaped the lily-white liberal plantation.