Liberals Finally Admit They're Socialists

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David Horowitz, a former 1960s radical, warned us about the Left: “The most basic principle of [Saul] Alinsky’s advice to radicals is, lie to your opponents and potential opponents and disarm them by pretending to be moderates, liberals. This has been the most potent weapon of the left since the end of the Sixties. Racists like Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright posing as civil rights activists, radicals like Henry Waxman and Barney Frank posing as liberals.”
But now the mask is off. The Left are revealing their true face.
At the Left’s so-called “One Nation” (of Socialists, Commies, and Parasites) Counter Rally in D.C. yesterday, liberals-Democrats-progressives finally came right out and openly admit they’re SOCIALISTS and COMMUNISTS.
Horowitz is right: “Liberal” and “progressive” are just masks they’ve been hiding behind. See with your own eyes:

Taken by Wayne Madsen Reports, Oct 2, 2010

Brainwashed child at the 10-2 Commie Rally

And this is what socialists-commies-parasites at the Counter Rally think of our flag:

But wait. What does it mean when the Left finally take off their mask and stop pretending who they really are?
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0 responses to “Liberals Finally Admit They're Socialists

  1. Left/libtards finally admit it… trouble is, though, that’s usually time for trouble from them.

    • And… Glenn Beck already did their video-with-the-Soviet-anthem bit (although he was being critical and they’re serious about it) too. Left/libtards aren’t very original (but they think it’s good when THEY do it).

  2. Stoopid people….if they REALLY want to live in a socialist country I suggest they move their arses to China or Cuba and let us know how that works for them…

  3. Oh my goodness… heaven help America. Years ago these clowns would be tried as traitors, today they are glorified by the left. Thanks Eowyn for posting.

  4. A socialist, by any other name, is a communist.
    -And I hate communism with an engraved, burning purple passion.

  5. Nazis here too i thinks.

  6. Ed,
    Too bad your parents went and packed you off to government school, else you would know that Nazism was a derivative of fascism, which differs from communism in only one area.
    I hate to break it to you, but both Hitler and Mussolini were leftists.
    Perhaps it’s not too late to sue your parents for child abuse.
    I would if I were you.


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