Liberal Witches

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Why does 68-year-old Behar think the world wants to see her cleavage?

This morning, on that TV show of hectoring carping crones called “The View,” Joy Behar finally stripped away all pretences and showed the world her true ugly face.
Calling a political ad by Nevada Tea Party favorite and GOP Senate nominee Sharron Angle “a Hitler youth commercial” that foments racial divisiveness, a hysterical Behar called Angle a “bitch” who’s “going to hell,” and “a moron on top of being evil.”
Here’s Angle’s campaign ad:

Then there’s the other liberal witch, CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric.

Couric au naturel, sans makeup

As reported by Howard Kurtz of the Daily Beast, Couric says she is feeling “liberated” because she’s been spending less time in the studio and more time on the road to gauge the mood of the midterm elections. Couric said “It’s great for me to get out of the chair and into the world. I started out as a reporter, and I still enjoy reporting, [touring] this great unwashed middle of the country.”
And CBS wonders why her Evening News is stuck being the lowest rated of all the network evening news….
Hey, Katie! We inhabitants of Middle-America may be “unwashed” toothless hillbillies who “cling to our bibles and our guns,” but we’re still smart enough to shun you and your faux news. LOL

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0 responses to “Liberal Witches

  1. I don’t have any use for any of them.

  2. Dave from Atlanta

    I would love to see a conservative version of “The View.” We could call it “The Right View” just to make clear the contrast. I bet those crones would be tearing their faces off in frustration as five adult, cultured women discussed the conservative approach to resolving today’s issues like abortion, illegal immigration, welfare, the economy, taxation, religion and education. It would be a hoot!

    • That would be great – Mchelle B and M, Ann, Sarah, and Janine Turner! Grea idea for Fox News show!
      “Joy” is useless…she’s mean spirited and ugly, both inside and out. How terrible her life must be to be sooooo distasteful and pitiful…

  3. I can think of other things to call them. I turned them off years ago.
    I Dugg this. Left a comment, too. How about we all call or email the stations (let’s include Rachel among the hags) and let our feelings be heard.

  4. Ah, The View and company, a combination of “Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble!” and “Let ’em eat cake!”

  5. I live in Tucson and it is pretty shameful that I have to stay out of different areas for my “own protection”. We fear to go to the canyon for all the things that could happen. (well, at least I do). I wear a Proud to be an American T-shirt or a Don’t trad on me T-shirt and get dirty looks.
    We need candidates that is going to fight for CITIZENS and doing things the “right” way and giving away or tax money for those who never contributed to the system for Democratic votes if traitorous. The View needs to be pulled off the air for promoting people to break the law and others to condone it. That is all progressives are about…breaking laws and killing people, robbing the rich to give to the poor. Well, let it start with them then. Let all the liberals buy off the illegals with their OWN riches…not ours. THEY are the witches…those on the View!

  6. Friends! I updated this post. Found a gorgeous pic of Katie Couric. Check it out!

  7. And she talks about Sarah Palin’s make-up! Well,it is Halloween! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  8. A hag and a skank, only which one is which, doesn’t really matter since the titles are interchangeable.

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