Liberal utopia of Seattle: Squatter terrorizes homeowner, gets 30 hours comm. service & court-appointed treatment program

Seattle has a homeless crisis that is exasperated by the fact that the bureaucrats do not enforce laws related to loitering, trespassing, public defecation, drug use and prostitution.

See the following:

A homeowner in the Magnolia area of Seattle tried to sell her house this past summer and was stalked by a “squatter” who had mental issues. The squatter claimed the house was his, trespassed on her property and tried to introduce himself as the new homeowner.

The homeowner called into the Dori Monson show to share her story. As reported by

“Soon after Lisa (name changed) put her Magnolia home on the market in late July, she said that a strange man began intruding on her property and in her home, acting like he lived there; setting up tents on her property, sometimes with another man; taking photos of her yard and neighbor’s yards and putting them on social media; introducing himself to neighbors as the new buyer of the house; and attempting to get into their homes by pretending to be an exterminator.

“We didn’t know what this guy was capable of for a long time, and so we were being as vigilant as we could … You don’t know what type of person you’re dealing with,” she said.

Lisa, who has since sold the house, had said at the time that despite living in terror for a week, police did not go after the Magnolia squatter in a timely fashion; it was not until after her story had been featured on the Dori Monson Show multiple times that police finally gave her a response she felt was appropriate to the situation.

“It took going on the show to get any response,” she said.

That said, she remains very grateful for the diligence and attention shown to her case after that by a Seattle Police Department task force.

“They came by the property every single day … I was really pleased with the response that we ended up getting after the show, so a shoutout to SPD,” she said.

While this was going on, Lisa figured out the man’s address and workplace through some sleuthing of her own. She gave this information to police, who initially said that they could not do anything because he lived out of their jurisdiction, but later were able to go to the man’s house and arrest him.

However, the Magnolia squatter spent just “24 hours and 10 minutes” in jail, according to Lisa. She pressed charges — which resulted in a grand total of a protection order, a $25 bail charge, and 30 hours of community service for the man.

“Only 30 hours of community service, Dori, for all that we endured — 30 hours of community service,” Lisa said.

In court, the man revealed to the judge that he has ADA-recognized bipolar disorder and was in a manic episode at the time of the squatting and stalking. “I empathize with people who are going through difficulties like that,” Lisa said, but “it doesn’t make it okay to terrorize a neighborhood and put everybody through what he did. There have to be consequences, regardless of what’s going on.”

Luckily, the judge did order the man to obtain mental health treatment, which Lisa sincerely hopes will aid him. While she is disappointed that he did not serve a greater sentence for all of the fear and emotional turmoil he caused her, she no longer worries about the effect that this man will have on her life.

“I do think that this person was really sick, and that breaks my heart, but they’re getting away with too much still, and we have to constantly think about our safety in this city … I hope that he’s getting the help that he needs,” she said.”

I’d bet the odds are pretty high that this squatter isn’t going to attend court-mandated mental health treatment program. And that the odds are pretty high will keep hearing about criminal activities in Seattle going unchecked.


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Seattle has proven time and again to be a massive disappointment when it come to protecting the taxpayers and residents. I can’t imagine one single thing that guy should be allowed to do connected with community service. Eventually he will have to have personal interaction which could prove dangerous. Often it is something s simple as people with bipolar have just decided to start refusing to take their meds. This is a danger since we have all read where someone off their medication has taken a life, again. Seattle, a once beautiful city, has let the people down and taken… Read more »

Dr. Eowyn

Since this was reported on, I assume Seattle voters know about this travesty. Why do they put up with it?

Liberalism really is a mental disorder of clinical proportions.


I’m sure I don’t have to say this, but will anyway. We pay taxes for precisely this type of thing. If he’s insane, that’s a shame, but why would any citizen be expected to simply put up with it? If he needs a confinement order, go for it. Given the realities here I’m tempted to say that paying someone to make him an “offer he can’t refuse” would have been the best approach. They could have snatched him up and driven him to Portland. Leave him duct taped to a lamp post. My wife worked with a guy like him… Read more »


Had the ‘squatter’ tried that BS at my abode, no arrest, bail charge, or community service would have been necessary.

Ron W
Ron W

Now leftists should understand why illegal immigration cannot be tolerated–on a personal level.


Off topic, but a must read.

“Danielle Moodie-Mills told MSNBC host Chris Hayes on Wednesday that Democrats need to “stop pandering to the white working class” which is demographically becoming a minority because they’re not “the future of this country.”
MSNBC Guest: Dems Must ‘Stop Pandering To The White Working Class… That Isn’t The Future Of This Country’

Dr. Eowyn

The Demonrat Party has been doing just that.
Why any working class white still supports the Hate-America Party is a mystery.

St. Longinus
St. Longinus

These are all symptoms of a failed state. And I don’t mean just Washington State. Can you feel that downward pull to turd world status as China continues to get pumped up by transnational corporations, the IMF and the World Bank?


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