Liberal utopia of Seattle: Crime, homeless & prostitution on the rise…let’s make sure our totem poles are PC!

You cannot make this up.

Seattle has had a homeless crisis for over three years. They allow the homeless to urinate and defecate in public. Homeless are allowed to shoot up drugs openly on city streets.

Crime is rampant and Seattle Police are slow to respond. Prostitution is on the rise.

Seattle has a lot of critical issues to deal with right now. So, naturally, what could be the most important issue for the progressive Seattle Clown Council to address?

Whether or not totem poles throughout the city are “culturally sensitive.”

As reported by SF Gate:

Seattle is planning to review the iconic totem poles located in the city in consideration of cultural concerns.

KOMO-TV reports that the Seattle City Council on Wednesday discussed a proposal for landmarks boards and city agencies to evaluate the public art works.

The council would then engage with community members on the art’s historical and cultural relevance to decide the next steps.

Seattle City Councilmember Debora Juarez, a member of the Blackfeet Nation, had called for such a review last summer and took issue with the city seal that features a “fake” Chief Seattle.

Totem poles are one of the city’s icons and can be seen in school campuses, government office buildings and city parks, including next to the famous Pike Place Market.

There’s no cost associated with the proposal.”

I’m fresh out of empathy for Seattle voters. You voted these clowns in, you reap the consequences.


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1 year ago

If nothing else, liberals do have the uncanny ability to ignore the more important things in life.

Jim Campbell
1 year ago

No doubt about it, thrown in Oregon and you take CA.’s place in the nut job parade.

1 year ago

Maybe they can get Elizabeth Warren’s expert opinion? It’s too late for these losers. I’d start stocking up on tar and feathers.

1 year ago

Except for the original Seattle totem pole that was stolen from Alaskan indians for a tourism promo a century ago, all totem poles in Seattle are old copies or recent works of art. Local tribes didn’t make them, ever. Burke Museum out there explains it nicely without using it for insufferably dramatic pc condemnation of white American society. Even if white Euro-Americans extol local Indian art and culture by faithfully copying and displaying it everywhere out there in the form of masterfully executed totem poles, some splenetic, politically correct Marxists turn it into anti-Indian oppression. What she’s angling for beyond… Read more »

1 year ago

Make sure our “totems” are “politically” correct.: There are 56 tribes or maybe double, in the coastal West in JUST my own school area (county) alone……Which ones to which are “we” referring?” EVEN the tribes don’t know their own history(s). It’s pretty STUPID considering the effluence of information on such things as the INTERNET over the last decade or more…condsidering that the US Government has been subsidizing tribal members for a century and half for “enrolled members’ of (esp) Western tribes…..Just what are we “supposed” to do with this “information?”

Please identify.