Liberal utopia of Seattle: Areas see 31% increase in crime in 2018

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It doesn’t take a genius to guess the main culprit for the increase in crime in Seattle. As I’ve noted many times on this blog, the homeless are not held responsible for their criminal activities throughout the city. Read about the many crimes committed by the homeless here.

The Seattle Police are also slow to respond (if they even respond at all) to crimes. reports that certain areas of Seattle (SoDo and Georgetown) have reported a 31% increase in crime compared to a 1% increase citywide. The crimes include property damage, commercial burglaries, thefts, and motor-vehicle thefts, including 510 cars broken into.

Excerpts from the report:

“According to business owners, the area is developing a sense of lawlessness with garbage piles, graffiti, drug abuse, broken-down RVs, prostitution, and numerous incidents of theft and property damage. It’s impacted the feelings of safety among business owners and customers, as well as those living in RVs, themselves the target of many of the crimes.

“I feel sorry for the people down there who have businesses,” Curley said. “It must be an awful thing to have to deal with that every day.”

In response, police have dedicated a squad from 3 a.m. to noon in the area when most of the crime is occurring, and have dispatched a Community Police Team to perform outreach to those living in RVs.”

Read the whole story here.


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7 responses to “Liberal utopia of Seattle: Areas see 31% increase in crime in 2018

  1. Anyone wanna bet the mayor and members of the City Council don’t live in those neighborhoods?

  2. The police departments have been stripped off all authority. If an on-duty officer is killed, nothing happens, if a thief, a drug dealer, a gang member or anybody for that matter is killed by a police officer, hell pours out onto the streets “my son was a good boy” and “that son” was carrying a gun while committing a crime, and killed the policeman that was protecting the neighborhood.

  3. Ever notice that whatever the Democratic Party touches turns to shit? But why does this keep happening? Yes, there’s more than enough voter fraud to go around, but, judging from the lunatic fringe, it would seem to me that America is not as moral as we like to pretend we are.

    This has been going on since at least the 1960’s, and the Sexual Revolution and abortion haven’t helped. Yes, the Democratic Party has many American cities and some states in a stranglehold, but so does the general malaise of amorality.

    So what is the solution?

    The solution, it seems to me, is part-way available. We have the internet and the alt-right. We need to organize and become a Remnant. Problem: How do we do this without a galvanizing event? We cannot depend on President Trump to save us; He has his own problems, chained down by Lilliputians as he is. (We also don’t want to become like our enemies, like PNAC announcing in 1999 that “we need a new Pearl Harbor.”) We also cannot rely on the GOP: They’re just as corrupt as the Democrats.

    It seems to me that, given the problems Seattle has are nearly identical to those suffered by NYC in the 1970’s, Detroit, Philly, D.C. and the rest. It seems to me that American culture and society is affected by the same “malaise” President Carter complained of in 1979. There is a name for this malaise—and it crosses all religious, cultural and ideological lines. It is called ACEDIA.

    Imagine, if you can, that you are trapped in a burning building, and you’re looking for a way out, given the flames and the smoke. You find an escape. And someone approaches you and argues against you doing so because other people have already been burnt! And you try to shove him out of your way, only he grabs on to you and prevents you from going to the fire escape! The fight gets desperate, and the flames and smoke get closer! THIS is the SPIRITUAL INSANITY we have been stuck in for a very long time. Jimmy Carter could not solve this problem. Neither could Ronald Reagan. George Bush the Elder prevented any discussion of any solution. The Clintons literally started the fire at Waco! And on and on it has gone! But Wait—it gets WORSE: Even the Catholic Church has been in on the madness, and not even many “Trads” can recognize the dangers of Frankenpope!

    The entire world has gone MAD!

    • ” Yes, the Democratic Party has many American cities and some states in a stranglehold, but so does the general malaise of amorality.”
      I think the Democrats are largely the CAUSE of this malaise of amorality. They control most of what is on TV,in movies and on stage in America,and what does THAT consist of as of late? Shows and movies that feature NO mention of Religion,NO Churches in the scenes, plenty of immoral conduct,people with NO virtue,and casts of characters that not only kill but torture others with no repercussions and no regrets. In short,they make the “worst of society” the “heroes”.
      That’s just what I see-but I could be wrong,I generally stick to the older shows and movies,back when they were meant for ENTERTAINMENT, not INDOCTRINATION. We now know the Democrats,as a Political force, are the Disciples of Satan. I know a few Democrats who are nice,decent people,but I don’t doubt for a second that they’d fall in lockstep with the Demons of Hell if they thought their little slice of Utopia was at risk.

  4. Thank you for keeping us informed, DCG. I like watching the Hallmark Channel, and they are always very friendly with Seattle, Chicago and Vancouver, BC. I don’t blame them; their mission is to give their viewers entertainment that is kind to the soul. But the problem is, we might make the mistake of thinking these cities are perfectly okay, and that could be a very costly mistake. If I get the opportunity to visit any of these places, I will do so with my situational awareness set to 10.

  5. The 2nd doesn’t do you much good except keep you alive so the gumment can prosecute you for killing someone that was asking for it. See above “slow to respond (if they even respond at all)” The cops won’t protect you. A law abiding citizen that supports themselves, family and community. But let one of these poor, underprivileged homeless people get hurt by the good guys and the weight of the world comes down on them.

  6. Remember, they don’t work for us. They don’t see this as a “failure” at all. THEIR goal is to stay in power so they can do their owner’s bidding and remain close to all that lobbyist loot.

    They never get anything “right” because they couldn’t care less. They want illegals because they don’t like laws that keep their voters South of the border. All that matters to the left is that their owners keep patting their nappy little heads and to do that they must push The Plan. The Plan calls for our destruction and they’re well on their way to accomplishing that.

    They don’t want to “uplift” the cattle. They want the cattle reduced to survival state so that they are more easily manipulated. In Seattle’s case they want it to look like “Thunder Dome”.

    So the council represents everything antithetical to Western Civilization. It is a gaggle of puppets manipulated by social engineers. This isn’t confined to “city” government, this is universal.

    Look at all these “neocons”. Those are nothing but communists with a new spin. They are not confined to “the Left”, the Trump administration is lousy with them. They too don’t work for us. They started life as a gaggle of Jewish leftists in the 30’s. They’ve been very successful.

    None of these players or movements will bring positive change or even restorative change. That’s not what they’re after.


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