Liberal utopia of Seattle: 8 new cases of HIV identified in homeless population

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Many progressive-run cities on the west coast have a serious homeless crisis. The homeless are free to do drugs in the open (and in shelters), drink on the streets and generally continue their dangerous activities with no consequences. Heck, their bad behaviors are even encouraged by the bureaucrats. See the following posts:

Now the homeless are about to be responsible for a potential health outbreak in the Emerald City, thanks to Seattle Police allowing them to shoot up where ever they want and the bureaucrats keeping the homeless industrial complex alive.

From A cluster of new HIV infections in North Seattle has health officials worried that it’s unknowingly being spread by homeless addicts.

Eight new cases have been identified among people described as being homeless, heterosexual, and drug users. Public Health said several of the people reported exchanging sex for money or drugs.

Doctors say the cluster is unusual and suggests that HIV could be gaining inroads into the heterosexual population through dirty needles.

This cluster is unusual and worrying, suggesting that we are seeing an increase in HIV among heterosexuals who inject drugs, and that HIV could be gaining inroads into the heterosexual population through injection drug use,” Dr. Matthew Golden, MD, Director of Public Health’s HIV/STD Program said in a news release. “Changes in drug use patterns, with greater mixing between heroin users and people who inject methamphetamine, may be putting more people at risk for HIV.”

An average of 10 heterosexual people who use injection drugs are diagnosed with the disease in King County each year, according to Public Health. So far, there have already been 19 in 2018.

Public Health says it is alerting healthcare providers and urging them to increase HIV testing and prevention counseling, increasing outreach and testing programs, providing case management for individuals newly-identified with infections, and continuing to assure access to sterile injection equipment and condoms.

“The most effective way to prevent HIV transmission in the community is to identify people with HIV, link them to medical care and ensure that they are treated,” Dr. Jeff Duchin, Health Officer for Public Health – Seattle & King County said in a news release. “Medications for HIV suppress the infection, safeguarding the health of infected persons and preventing HIV transmission.”

Public Health says homelessness is a contributing factor for communicable diseases and HIV. The homeless have poor access to health care, have a high prevalence of injection drug use, and face behavioral health challenges.


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7 responses to “Liberal utopia of Seattle: 8 new cases of HIV identified in homeless population

  1. Never let someone tell you progressivism isn’t evil.

  2. Seattle, Portland, SF… all imploding

    The rate of decay is accelerating

  3. Race to the bottom. We look more like Africa every day. Why do we pay cops and city governments? They can’t even take out the trash. If they cracked down on them they’d be rid of them.

    No. Instead “we the people” are supposed to wander through feces-infested streets kicking dirty needles out of the way. This is disgusting. This is the new “global world” they have planned for you.

  4. I’ve been to the left coast (now I know why they call it that) several times. Last time was probably 20 years ago. Never saw this side. Look what’s happened in hose 20 years. And it has accelerated in the last few years.
    Unless it can turn itself around, I’ll never go again.

  5. We look upon stories like this with the appropriate moral outrage. And yet, let us look upon it sociologically, also.

    What we have here is a matter of CURRENCY. In other words, we are a society with a class system. We have a tiered system of a lower class, a middle class and an elite or upper class. And, generally speaking, outside of work, school or a court of law, members of one class generally do not intermingle with members of the other class. Until it comes to matters of sex and drug use.

    Fornication and drug use have more than proved themselves to be the vectors of disease, and the political class has proved itself, each and every single time, to be a day late and a dollar short in providing effective public policy in combating this evil. And in a sense, they cannot: You do not haggle the price of a new fire engine once the house has gone up in flames!

    So it proves to me the one thing that is constant about human nature: The large majority of human beings WILL NOT STOP doing certain things, namely, fornicating and drinking—or, in this case, using mind-altering substances. The fornicators are in the vast majority while the needle-users are in the minority. But the fornicators are more than willing to intermingle and go outside their class to get their kicks, and, as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, this is how the disease spreads. Add needle-users to the equation, and more vectors are added into the calculus.

    So from the moral standpoint, the moral imperative of the marriage act, under the human instinct of sex, has to be addressed: What does an individual owe society regarding the sex act?
    People will always fornicate. The question is, are we laissie faire animals and nothing more? The sociological facts dictate a solid NO on this front: Once a person fornicates with more than ONE PERSON, the line is crossed. And the needle-user complicates the calculus, perhaps exponentially.

    THIS is what happens once the unitive portion of the sexual act is separated from the procreative portion of the sexual act. Contraception and antibiotics cannot, by their very nature, address this problem or lesser this evil.

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