Liberal utopia of San Francisco see homeless population increase by 17%

The streets of San Francisco…

That’s what spending over $300 MILLION taxpayer dollars annually get you…

From SF Gate: Despite creating hundreds of new shelter beds and spending more than $300 million annually on homelessness, San Francisco has seen the number of homeless people in the city rise by 17% since 2017 — with a whopping amount of that increase coming from people living in vehicles.

A preliminary summary of January’s one-night street count released Thursday pegged the new number of homeless people in the city at 8,011, but that number is sure to be lower than the more complete count to be released in July. That’s because it was calculated using federal guidelines, which don’t account for as many types of homelessness as those the city uses.

Still, the federal data give an early glimpse of what city officials will be finding out in more detail later, and the glimpse is bracing.

The number of people living in cars, RVs and other vehicles has risen by 45% since the last one-night count was taken two years ago. That much has been anecdotally evident for months, particularly in industrial Bayview neighborhoods, where vehicle colonies have sprouted in ever-increasing numbers over the past year.

Overall, the new count indicates at least 1,153 more homeless people are in the streets compared with two years ago, when the federal tally set the total number at 6,858.

Read the whole story here.


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Another demonstration of the iron law that whatever you subsidize you get more of


One might get the impression that their approach isn’t working? What IS their approach, anyway? Keep providing free stuff and hope they quit coming? I read where they were paying $185k/yr. for poop scoopers. Of course that’s what it costs to live there, (unless you shoot drugs, own a tent and crap in the street). If that’s the case, the pay you. They need to build a huge compound out in Boron, CA. Then they could borrow some of those Army “cattle cars” and go through there with an end-loader and scoop ’em all up. After a while in the… Read more »

Jizmo Onyabnhuti
Jizmo Onyabnhuti

This is a great example of the Welfare State in microcosm. If you feed them, they will come. Misplaced compassion is one of the most destructive forces in the universe.


What’s the perc for being homeless in San Fran?


[…] Liberal utopia of San Francisco sees homeless population increase by 17% […]