Liberal utopia of San Francisco: More than 400 restaurants closed this year

Would you want to eat in a SF restaurant with this view?

According to San Francisco Fact Sheet, there were 4,415 restaurants in the city in 2018.

In 2017, 350 restaurants closed due to city labor laws, real estate conditions and “public realm challenges,” among other reasons.

The restaurant business is tough. It’s tough when you have to try and run a business under progressive policies. And it has proven even tougher in 2019 in the liberal sh*thole of San Francisco.

NBC Bay Area reports that more than 400 restaurants in San Francisco shut their doors in 2019.

Fron the NBC Bay Area story: Said one restaurant owner, “The trend is more restaurants are closing than are opening and that’s historic. I’ve never seen that in my ten years in the restaurant business.”

The main reasons cited for restaurants closures?

The high cost of operating in San Francisco, high crime rates, dirty streets and long wait times for permits.

A SF Gate story notes other factors that have contributed to the restaurant closures: Labor costs and shortage, maintenance costs and high rent.

Many claimed that restaurants could survive the new minimum wage hike in San Francisco. In January 2018 Duna restaurant director of operations Jamison Wiggins said, “The way to keep the price down and be accessible to people, [and still] make delicious food, is to make sure that we keep that lean labor model.”

How’d that work out for Duna?

They are now closed.


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Why should it be paradise for sodomites…


Aren’t they required to open their restrooms to vagrants, and their seating areas to non-paying “customers”? Or is that Seattle? I would think THAT hurts business…


There is a lingering curse in CA, San Francisco and Los Angeles are looking down and not until a good cleanup is under way, California will die a slow death, like the plague people are abandoning paradise and seeking refuge elsewhere, scientifically speaking an earthquake will send California upwards to the northwest and cleanup will be hell.


The restaurant business is indeed a tough and very competitive one. The majority don’t make it. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to start a business of any kind in SF. Sodomite City is doomed in any case. If I ever had occasion to go there (unlikely) I’d bring my own food. I wouldn’t want to be served food by someone who had been doing God knows what