Liberal utopia of San Francisco: MacArthur Foundation gives $2M grant to DA to “thin out” jails

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San Francisco DA George Gascon: Working hard for George Soros…

The MacArthur Foundation is a left-wing private organization based in Chiraq. Their focus is mass incarceration and “non-profit” journalism. But don’t let the Wikipedia page fool you – they are as far left as George Soros and his Open Society Foundation.

In fact, The MacArthur Foundation and George Soros have a history, to the surprise of no one.

Back in 2016, Newsbusters reported that The MacArthur Foundation gave grants to 12 non-profit media organizations to support “accurate, in-depth journalism,” but at least eight are well-supported by lefty billionaire George Soros. From their report: “In the next five years, The MacArthur Foundation will give nearly $19 million to groups which have been funded by Soros and another $6 million to other media-related organizations.”

According to American Thinker, ProPublica (the investigative-reporting foundation financed by George Soros) is also financed by The MacArthur Foundation.

So what is the progressive MacArthur Foundation’s solution for overcrowded jails? Release the criminals!

SF Chronicle reports that the San Francisco district attorney’s office received a $2 million grant from the MacArthur Foundation that it will use in a bid to reduce the city’s inmate population and wipe out a looming need for a new city jail over the next two years, officials said Tuesday.

More from their report:

“District Attorney George Gascón outlined a plan in which his office will collaborate with experts and other criminal justice agencies to expedite cases, analyze outcomes and reduce recidivism. A focus of the reforms, Gascón said, will be inmates whose repeated troubles trace to mental illness and addiction. The goal is to reduce the jail population — which generally hovers around 1,250 — by 16 percent in two years.

“What we’re doing today hasn’t worked for a long time,” Gascón said. “So this is really a down payment on the creation of a blueprint to take us into the 21st century.”

The effort comes as lawmakers work to reduce the city’s jail population after the Board of Supervisors in 2015 voted not to allocate $215 million for a project to begin replacing the run-down jail at the Hall of Justice. County Jail No. 4 is seismically unsafe and has no room for many programs provided to inmates at other city facilities.

Instead of building a new jail, city leaders in 2016 created a 39-member working group tasked with identifying and funding programs designed to reduce what are known as occupied bed days. According to estimates, San Francisco must reduce bed days by 83,220 a year to close County Jail No. 4.

The group has a hearing at the Board of Supervisors Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee on Wednesday.

Even as the city has funded new departments to chip away at the jail population, and as recent bail-reform efforts prompt more inmates to be released before trial, the jails have not significantly thinned. That’s because most of the recent programs target lower-level offenders, and inmates who spend 15 days or less in jail occupy only about 3 percent of all bed days, said a report this year by the city Controller’s Office. Inmates who spend 180 days or more in jail take up about 78 percent of bed days, the report found.

Gascón, who has opposed building a new jail, hopes the approach funded by the MacArthur Foundation grant can reduce the jail population enough to close County Jail No. 4.

“We have done a lot of things, but we’re still basically in the same place that we were three years ago,” he said.

The grant will fund services for inmates, a policy analyst for San Francisco Superior Court, and another analyst to study who is in custody. The district attorney’s office will bring in experts to collect data and identify ways to reduce the jail population.

“We still have a recurring problem and it’s our high recidivism rate,” Gascón said. We have the same people coming in and out. That’s a system failure.”

Around 40 percent of the jail population receives psychiatric treatment and 15 percent suffer from a serious mental illness, according to the city legislative analyst’s office. Even so, people in custody wait 120 days on average for a bed in a community-based residential treatment program — more than five times the wait in the community, said Tara Anderson, director of policy at the district attorney’s office.

“If we can expedite people to treatment and expedite their case through the system, we shorten lengths of stay and simultaneously reduce the number of times someone is coming into custody,” she said.”

Read the whole story here.

I love how they assume that once out of jail, mentally-ill criminals will show up to scheduled psychiatric treatment appointments.

Just what the city of San Francisco needs: More mentally ill and addicted folks roaming the streets! Brilliant solution, proggies.


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26 responses to “Liberal utopia of San Francisco: MacArthur Foundation gives $2M grant to DA to “thin out” jails

  1. MacArthur Foundation is also among the foundations that “support” the Central American “caravan” invasion.

    • Good catch. It’s hard to believe John D. set up his foundation to promote conservative causes and within a few years of his death his hatefully defiant son tore it all down, gleefully destroying everything his father worked for and stood for. As Samuel Johnson put it, “Detestation rids th’ indignant Wall” (of every image of his father).

      Rod MacArthur, proved plain fool at last, forced out the conservative board and in its place put Jonas Salk, Murray Gell-Mann, Edward Levi, Jerome Wiesner, and Gaylord Freeman. Among the first “Genius Grant” award winners were Morton Halperin, Paul Ehrlich, John Holdren, Randall Forsberg, Irving Howe, and Meyer Schapiro.

      The rest is history, with today’s $6 billion in MacArthur assets working on the long march through our institutions toward nothing less than destroying Western Civilization and replacing it with the Coudenove-Kalergi NWO of lobotomized hell on earth for the billion or so of humanity not exterminated by Gates and the rest of the billionaire philanthropists, whose love is of god-like fashioning a new socialist man-kind to replace the old.

      We’re in uncharted territory with this sort of wealth and it’s influence. In every sense it’s inimical and incompatible with democracy and free market economics, and one or the other will cease to exist.

      There’s a conservativism as false as communism (sugar coated as progressivism today), calling unbridled wealth and influence the “American Dream,” that, funny thing, is funded by the same mega-wealthy rentier elitists. I’ll take my stand with a real conservative like Chesterton and argue for laws prohibiting such wealth from having any say at all in society, education, or government, on pain of death.

      • I’ve always been dubious about the MacArthur genius awards/grants. Somebody should do a study if a conservative scholar had ever been given that award. I don’t know of any.

        • A few conservatives, 3 or 4 I think, but scratching the surface would undoubtedly reveal some leftist motive—further harnessing the hard sciences, art & architecture, literature, education and politicized religion as tools to annihilate Western Civilization and Christianity, the latter being the chief animus of homicidal hatred on the left that we’re witnessing on MSM TV and in the streets.

          While I’m here I hope you’ll forgive me for going after the Republicans the way I do, but as I see it they have Christian America groveling after crumbs while pretending their hands are tied in the Senate by choreographed RINO-ism on the part of actors like Collins, Flake, and that woman from Alaska.

          As for Fox News, it’s clearly but one face of the very same corporation befouling children’s TV with the worst sexual, LGBT-ist degeneracy they can pass off at one time. The news format is still goyischer boobs-and-thighs babes and boy-scoutish talking heads hanging in wide-eyed rapture on every word of Jewish pundits who literally author the thoughts of the gullible rubes who believe Fox News gives a flying you-know-what about American families, given Fox is the major producer of TV smut for kids.

          • “I hope you’ll forgive me for going after the Republicans the way I do”

            Why would you need to be forgiven for this?
            Not only am I registered to vote as a non-partisan Independent, I’ve gone after Republicans in previous posts.

            • I know your views—it’s not that at all, but my apology is if I bring it up too often or with too loose a connection to the article.

        • Nope. I don’t see any there:

          I DO see a lot of socialists. Looks like Queer Rights and “Climate Change (TM) are high on their list. Everyone else is an “idiot” I guess.

  2. Build a facility for the “insane” and separate them from the criminal element. Rapists, murderers, drug addicts, child molesters cannot be rehabilitated and neither the mentally ill, so why empty the jails to fill them up again with the repeated offenders and new ones entering the system?

  3. Just reading the piece from the MacArthur Foundation is more Marxist Socialism disguised as “philanthropy”. There stated goal is the elimination of borders. Who are they to decide for everyone? What they are actually saying is “we are coming to overthrow your government”.

    We can hear the echo on TV. There are only these “enlightened ones” and us “racists and bigots”. Said another way, we have no right to object to them. It has all been decided.

  4. Sounds to me that the MacArthur Foundation = The Frankfurt School.

  5. They could put them to work cleaning up the feces paved streets in the utopian paradise known as San Francisco.

  6. CogitoErgoSumantra

    The majority of inmates the left is trying to get released (and eventually never convicted to begin with, as they, “can’t be held accountable for their crimes”) are non-whites, who commit the majority of crimes in proportion to their demographic numbers… It’s going on across the nation, especially in bigger urban areas. Increase the Democrat voting base. Restore suffrage to released felons as well. (But isn’t that *one* deterrent to committing felonious acts?)

    Somewhat related older news, but I just saw this and it shocked me:'s_OK_to_be_white

    Even in this left-biased article, the content is incredible to contemplate:
    “In November 2017, Lucian Wintrich attempted to give a speech titled “It’s OK To Be White” at University of Connecticut as an invited speaker of the school’s Republican club. The speech was protested and came to an end when a protester, employed as the director of career services at Quinebaug Valley Community College, grabbed Wintrich’s speech papers from the podium and Wintrich grabbed her, resulting in *breach of peace* charges against _Wintrich_. In December 2017, the charges against Wintrich were *dropped* and the woman who took the papers was charged with attempted sixth-degree larceny and disorderly conduct. She stated through her attorney she took Wintrich’s speech as a form of protest, describing Wintrich’s “It’s OK To Be White” speech as _’hateful language’._”

    And that’s just one snippet…

    It’s a quick read. I’d recommend it highly. Unbelievable. Jaw-dropping.

    That’s it! Just horrendous what Whites will do to subjugate others…

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      BTW, here’s the video of the talk at UConn. Apparently, several mental inmates got out for the day to attend. They sound like drunk baboons…

      WTH is wrong with these people? Are they raised in barns? That comparison doesn’t even due them justice anymore; I’ve been around cows and pigs with more respect! You would think, by listening to the rants, the entire crowd was hateful; but when the camera pans, you can tell it’s just a VERY loud, planned minority (of whites!) there to disrupt and prevent free speech of an invited conservative speaker… at a meeting of the *College Republicans*.

      Actually, having now “watched” about half of the attempted presentation, I must apologize to the majority of inmates (mental or otherwise) I may have offended by prematurely classifying them as similarly disrespectful; most would probably behave better… it’s crazy out there, people. Get ready.

      Related – Presentation right now on CSpan3, “Reducing Hate Online”. I thought, “Hey, let’s see what ideas they’re considering”… tuned in; it’s by the “Center for American Progress”, a Liberal “think tank”, and the only speech they consider “hateful” is that by those they disagree with — conservatives.
      Their solution? Get the Big Online Guys to “take care” of non-PC free speech on the web. Great idea, guys! But wait, isn’t that censorship? Nazi activity?
      Oh, and sponsoring this talk? the SPLC. But of course!

      MAYBE, they could get a mirror and see the real problem.

  7. I’ve not spent any significant time (6 months or more) in the USA since 1993, so my perspectives are not current, but they are based on a deep appreciation of History.

    It was under Ronald Reagan that an effort was begun to release people from long-term mental institutions; those of you of an age with good memories will recall what that was like and the consequences!

    So it’s pretty clear that both conservatives and progressives can’t get to the heart of the matter, especially as it’s been damned near 50 years since California created huge new problems for itself, while solving only a few others.

    The biggest problem –which very few factor into the total equation– is that there isn’t a social construct held in common by the nation as to the best solution(s) for long-term care for people who are incapable of looking after themselves. And they are legion!

    There are two basic items that prevent the US from finding solutions to its largest and most bedeviling problems. Both are financial in nature, as without funds there cannot be any work begun in earnest, only more studies of the problems.

    First –and the worst!– is the Federal Reserve Bank: as it is both unConstitutional and treasonous to the Financial Health & stability of the USA, it MUST be eliminated. Presently the US owes more than US $23 trillion to 7 private Banks; 5 of them are FOREIGN, the largest of course is the Rothschild complex. No surprises there, are there?

    The 2nd is a consequence of it being financed by the Federal Reserve Bank in bed with Congress: black budget & non-reported military spending, which now far exceeds any other item in the entire Federal budget. Less than 12 corporations get the Lion’s Share of this, and because their man-hours are so incredibly expensive, the distribution of this wealth inevitably goes to the top 1% and the next 9-10% of all taxpayers. In order to fund Star Wars and exotic programs, the 90% must forgo a national Healthcare Plan, the most important loss amongst many more. This means that the US is the only industrial nation in the world without such a plan, while other nations such as Germany have had one for more than 100 years. For God’s sake, even South Africa has one!

  8. Like everything else the gumment touches this is just another house of cards built on lies. They want these people loose to cause ‘turbulance’ in society. Like people waking against the flow of a crowd, they distract you not only from what you are doing but also from seeing what those around you are doing. The only solution is a long term care facility. One for men and one for women, accoring to their birth sex. Medicate them, warehouse them and keep them safe from themselves and keep society safe from them. Why should we allow .001% of the population be allowed to adversely affect the rest?

  9. CogitoErgoSumantra

    FrontLine: Deinstitutionalization – A Psychiatric Titanic

    It’s a long read… just see the data in the table (appendix at bottom).

    They’ve “freed” upwards of 90% (and up) of mental patients since the ’90s (82%; 91% effective rate nationwide). And guess which side of the political spectrum most of them found themselves on?

    • My, hasn’t that gone swimmingly? Could those be today’s poopers?

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      Sorry, those reductions were from ’55 thru ’94. I doubt that many more could have been let go since the ’90s… and those released back then would probably be in their 50s and older, so maybe not the modern-day terrorists I see in videos.

      But I’d also be willing to presume that those same policies of releasing the mentally ill were kept in place since then, such that the same numbers of mentally ill were *never entered* into proper recovery systems in recent years. *Those* would be the young folks, I suspect, that we see acting like animals in public on videos — attacking conservatives. But I’m just guessing.

      I don’t want to blame the mentally ill.

      But some of the behaviors I’m seeing in videos online & TV are *not* normal for civil, socialized humans. And I’m not sure , were I to be so attacked in public, that *my* response would be civil or sociable, which scares me…. Are they *trying* to provoke a response to get us arrested for assault & battery? Would that make it any less enjoyable to just shut them up?

      Why do we even need to worry about it; why don’t the *police* stop such attacks? Why don’t reasonable Democrats and liberals call the radicals onto the carpet and tell them to KNOCK IT OFF? Screaming in a person’s face should be considered an actionable offense! (It IS a tort, but you have to sue in civil court and prove damages.) Is that rhetorical? What have we come to?

      • They target the mentally ill and pay them to agitate for them. Veritas has proven this to be true. As to the run-of-the-mill mentally ill that are neglected on the streets, it is a crime and an outrage.

        It is disingenuous to release them with a prescription for some medication they can neither afford or will likely not use without supervision and claim “victory” over the problem. They need to be treated for the illness they have.

  10. Apparently, Senor Covarrubias has good reason for hope.

    “Maricopa County Judge Warren Granville sentenced Fransico Javier-Rios Covarrubias to 35 years in prison for two counts of kidnapping and three counts of attempted child abuse.

    Covarrubias was arrested in 2016 after officers received reports that a young girl [3 years old] was being severely abused — and possibly offered to other men for sexual abuse — by her caretaker.

    Officers found the girl in a trash bag in a closet. Her wrists and ankles were bound with duct tape, which was also found over her mouth.

    The girl had multiple bruises and injuries and had been left in a heavily soiled diaper for some time.

    She was taken to a local hospital, where she was found to be malnourished and dehydrated and had extensive injuries from being left in soiled diapers and possible sexual abuse.

    The girl also could not communicate and could barely stand.”

  11. Some information I had not known about before, and it surprises me, but it may cast a lot of light on what many events involving Japan may be about. I was researching about John Macarthur when I came across it. There are other sections of interest there in the same book. You may find the lower sections of Chapter 7 to have a lot of information on the jews who mentored John Macarthur, and the Talmud and the jew’s hatred for Christianity and all our people above which is above even the hatred that jews have for the colored peoples. It tells about one of the main strategies the jews use against us. You can access it from a link at the bottom of the page.

    “In a 1979 Grace To You Interview, John MacArthur boasted that his ancestors belonged to the great MacArthur Clan of Scotland and that he is a fifth cousin of General Douglas MacArthur:

    On January 17, 1936, General Douglas MacArthur (1880-1954) became a Master Mason of the Scottish Rite. Gen. MacArthur was made a “Mason at sight” in an impressive ceremony at the American Embassy in Japan. —-

    General MacArthur’s initiation into Freemasonry was a major event, attended by “over six hundred Master Masons who watched in breathless silence in a crowded hall” in the American Embassy. The date, January 17, is the sacred day on which Grandmasters of the Prieuré de Sion are elected. Curiously, Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s biography appears in the Jewish Virtual Library.

    Freemasonry was opposed in Japan before World War II and banned during the war. Douglas MacArthur, however, succeeded in establishing the Craft in this country where he received the 33rd Degree.

    “A significant contribution to Masonry occurred in 1947 when Supreme Commander MacArthur requested permission from the Japanese government to allow Japanese nationals to join Masonic Lodges. The Grand Lodge of the Philippines in 1947 instituted the first Lodge at the Yokosuka Naval Base and later three Lodges in Tokyo. The Ritual was translated into Japanese for Lodges of Japanese nationals.

    “The Grand Lodge of Japan was formed on June 1, 1957. Today, it supports over 21 Lodges and 4,000 members. The new Tokyo Masonic Center, valued at over $50 million, was featured in an article…in the May issue of The Scottish Rite Journal.

    “Douglas MacArthur was an active Mason and played a significant role in the development of Masonry in Japan. In fact, the Douglas MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk, Virginia, has on display much of his Masonic regalia, including his Third Degree apron, his Shrine fez, his Thirty-third Degree Scottish Rite cap and ring, and other Masonic awards.” (Ararat Shrine Temple)

    The father of Douglas MacArthur was exalted to even greater status in Freemasonry. Captain Arthur MacArthur (1845-1912) held, among several other high positions, the offices of Grand Master of the Knights Templar of the USA and Representative of the Great Priory of Scotland:”.

    • Yes, that’s all true. I read a couple of books about him many years ago. He was an interesting (and weird) character. He seemed to look upon himself from outside. He often referred to himself in the second person.

      Anyway, not sure what you’re trying to say here. Yes, he was a Mason. He was very much a member of “The Elite”. Military members of the elite are actually more tool than peer. They play with their egos and let them run their military games for them. They take it seriously and become legends in their own minds.

  12. I’ll go ahead and leave some items of interest from my own notes made from Chapter 7.

    “Freemasonry is based on apostate Judaism and books written by Jewish rabbis, such as Babylonian Talmud and Kabbalah, which teach that man becomes a god by means of spiritual enlightenment, as opposed to the forgiveness of his sins by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. John MacArthur was mentored by a Jewish rabbi, the late Charles Feinberg, founder of Chosen People Ministries and the Charles L. Feinberg Center, whose Master of Divinity program for Messianic Jewish Studies requires intensive study of rabbinic texts, such as the Talmud.

    “These unique training needs are the focus of a program emphasizing biblical languages, Hebrew and Greek exegesis, and the understanding of rabbinic texts. Essential matters of theology and practice are treated through intensive study of Jewish law, religion, culture, sociology and history. Students are encouraged to explore this rich heritage, and to develop effective methods to reach and serve today’s Jewish community.” (John MacArthur’s Spiritual Mentor a Jewish Rabbi)

    The Shulchan Aruch is the Talmudic Code of Jewish Law studied by Rabbinical students in the Yeshivas and Messianic Jewish schools such as the Charles L. Feinberg Center, where students are “encouraged to explore the ‘rich heritage’” of rabbinic texts and Jewish law and to take courses at Jewish institutions. The Shulchan Aruch was authored by Yosef Karo, a Sephardic Jew and Kabbalist born in Spain in 1488. Leon De Poncins wrote of the supremacy of this Talmudic Code of Law in his 1929 book, Freemasonry and Judaism, Secret Powers Behind Revolutions:

    “The Talmud is very long and confused; consequently a learned rabbi, Joseph Karo, composed at the beginning of the year 1500, a revised abridged, and clear edition called Shulchan-Arukh, and the reputation and authority of this work have remained unchanged. It has become par excellence the Judaic code for Jews of all countries.” (Poncins, p. 200)

    What does the Talmud say about Jesus Christ and Christians? The Schulchan Arukh equates a Christian to a pig:

    “It is worthy of note that the following list of unclean things is given in Biur Hetib, a commentary on the Schulchan Arukh:

    “‘A woman must wash herself again if she sees any unclean thing, such as a dog, an ass, or People of the Earth; a Christian (Akum), a camel,(47) a pig, a horse, and a leper.’” (The Talmud Unmasked, Chap. 2)”

    “Even in the traditional Hebrew prayer Aleinu, we read in one of the final phrases that, ‘they bow down to vanity and empty things.’… The strong possibility that this particular comment was added to the prayer clearly emphasizes the deep emotions (not emotions of love) that most of the Jewish world holds toward Yeshua as the ultimate symbol of tameh—the unkosher animal forbidden by Jewish dietary laws—the pig.” (The Return of the Kosher Pig, pp. 9, 11)”

    Rabbi Shapira has informed us that, in Judaism, “There is no name that is hated more than Yeshua’s name,” referring to the name of Jesus. Elizabeth Dilling wrote similar words in her 1963 classic, The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today:

    “The ultimate object of hatred in Talmudic Judaism is Christ, and the targets of Talmudic hatred are not just Gentile non-Jews, ‘the people who are like an ass—slaves who are considered the property of the master’ (Talmud, Kethuboth 111a). Of these non-Jews, the Christians are most insanely hated and loathed because their doctrines are the opposite of every Talmudic doctrine. They rank not just as animals, like the rest of non-Talmudic humanity, but almost as vermin, to be eradicated. Language in the Talmud is virtually exhausted to find foul and hated names for Christians… Christ is always the ‘idol’ denounced by the Talmud, while real idolatry in regard to spirits, planets, child burning to Molech, Baal filth, are permitted in Judaism.

    “Characteristic of charging as a crime against others what Talmudists themselves are doing, a Sanhedrin passage denounces Christ as a sorcerer (Talmud, Exhibit 76). It was to refute this Talmudic teaching of hate against Christ, that Martin Luther wrote his ‘Shemhamphoras’ on the charge that Christ did His miracles by sorcery, using the Tetragrammaton, which, in some Talmud passages, He is said to have stolen and hidden in His flesh!” (Chap. 3, The Talmud & Bible Believers)

    In his 1892 book, The Talmud Unmasked: The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians, Rev. I. B. Pranaitis disclosed why the name of “Jesus” is infrequently mentioned in Jewish writings:

    “Since the word Jeschua means ‘Savior,’ the name Jesus rarely occurs in the Jewish books. It is almost always abbreviated to Jeschu, which is maliciously taken as if it were composed of the initial letters of the three words Immach Schemo Vezikro—‘May his name and memory be blotted out’.” (Chap. 1)

    The Zohar, which is the foundational work of the Kabbalah, which is Jewish occultism, calls non-Jews “pigs” and other unclean animals, as opposed to Jews whom God has given the distinction of being “men”:

  13. MacArthur Foundation kicked out of Russia.

    “After 20 years of making grants to Russian subversives, er, “human rights” ™ groups, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation of PBS funding fame is no longer welcome in Russia. Under a law, signed by Putin months ago, “undesirable” foreign entities can be restricted or expelled. The MacArthur Foundation has just been fingered, and Sulzberger’s Slimes doesn’t like it — not one bit!

    Since setting up shop during the misrule of the drunken fool Boris Yeltsin, the felonious foundation, based in Chicago, has awarded $173 million in grants in Russia since 1992. The grants financed activities related to “higher education” (brainwashing of Russian students), “human rights” ™ (funding for anti-Putin agitators) and limiting the proliferation of nuclear weapons (de-clawing and de-fanging of the Russian Bear).

    The MacArthur Group (and others) funded PBS’s Charlatan Rose Show (now defunct due to Rose’s sexual perversions). The greasy globalist ghoul would then invite vile Putin-haters like anti-family lesbian Masha Gessen, (cough cough), Yelstin-era crime boss Mikhail Khordokovksy (cough cough), and the Anarchist anti-Christian Pussy Riot skanks to come on his show and trash Russia.
    Be not deceived by the “humanitarian” mask. NGO’s like MacArthur are part of the Globalist Mafia.

    [Photo caption]: “1- Obongo’s main handler, super-bitch Valerie Jarrett, speaks at a Chicago forum, seated right next to MacArthur’s head super-bitch Julia Stasch.”

    Technically, MacArthur is independent of the nominal U.S. Government — hence the label “NGO” (Non Governmental Organization). But the MacArthur gang does indeed work for the real U.S. government; that same network of interlocking Globalist Oligarchs who install Presidents and Senators (Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers etc).

    The phrase “non-governmental organization” came into use with the post-World War II establishment of the United Nations. The term mandates a consultative role for organizations that are neither government nor member states of the UN. NGOs are officially sanctioned by the U.N.. This status gives NGOs official “consultative” status — which means that they can not only sit in on international meetings, but can actively participate in crafting policy as well.

    NGO’s are a deadly weapon in the arsenal of what is known as “soft power,” — a tactic for attacking nations in such a way that the attack appears to be internal, when it is really external.”

  14. “Marina Rustow, a scholar of the Cairo Geniza who grew up on the Upper West Side, wins a MacArthur ‘genius’ grant.

    “In the period I work on, the vast majority of Jews lived in the Islamic world and spoke Arabic. The Ashkenazi communities were tiny backwaters in uncivilized Europe. You can’t actually understand this crucial period in Jewish history without understanding how the Islamic world functioned, and how Jews lived in it, and how Islamic thought influenced the evolution of Judaism between the time of the closing of Talmud, about 600 to 750, and the rise of print culture, about 1500. At the end of the Talmudic period there were three main Jewish communities, in Mesopotamia, Palestine and Egypt, and a smattering of Jews in what is now called Italy. A few hundred years later, with the Islamic conquests, Jewish life had spread to an enormous variety of other places, from the Atlantic to India, so already Islam is crucial to the basic question of diaspora and survival. I’m interested in looking at Islamic political history to see if it helps explain what Judaism became in the Middle Ages.

    Most of that material had been ignored, and that was a breakthrough for me. I noticed that some of the materials in Arabic script had been re-used for texts in Hebrew script, and some of them were government decrees. The Hebrew script explains why they were preserved in the Geniza, but it doesn’t explain how the Arabic documents got into the hands of the Jewish people who reused them.”


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