Liberal utopia of Portland, Oregon: Entire city block and family bike path taken over by homeless

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Videos NSFW due to some cursing.

Large, progressive-run cities on the west coast all have a homeless crisis: Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, etc. MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars are stolen to solve the problem keep the homeless industrial complex alive.

This past Wednesday, demoRAT Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler told business owners that the laws will be enforced when homeless people disobey them. He specifically told the business owners: “The laws will be enforced, and I’m directing they be enforced.”

Well if the good mayor says so it must be true, right? Let your eyes be the judge of that. I’m sure there are many laws being broken by the homeless in these videos: unlawful urination or defecation, disposal of rubbish, drug use, vandalism, and creating an impassable sidewalk along with health and fire hazards, etc.

The above videos were uploaded this past July by The Michael Anderson Show.  The first shows the area of NE 6th & Everett Street. The second is a family bike path on N Macrum Ave & N Lombard Street.  These areas look like a third-world country.

You better open your progressive eyes, Portland citizens. Your “City of Roses” looks like a sh*t hole.

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12 responses to “Liberal utopia of Portland, Oregon: Entire city block and family bike path taken over by homeless

  1. Nice! Let me think……hmmmmmm, hmmmmmm, could it be that they come for the tolerant atmosphere and free stuff? Naw! That couldn’t be it.

    Maybe they can do a “career day” swap with the city council. You know, the homeless could take over their offices and they could go crap in the woods. They’d probably do a better job.

  2. For the life of me, I don’t understand why Portland residents/taxpayers put up with this.

  3. Unfortunately I live 15 miles from Portland. For many years I have only passed through the city on freeways, because the energy of the city is so foul I become dizzy and. nueseous when exposed to the Portland environment.

    Last December I was forced to ride the light rail into town to attend a hearing. I was shocked to see the downtown area has evolved into a third world homeless hell. There were tents set up in the downtown area. I no-longer recognize the state where I was born. It has changed (for the worse) to point that it could be another planet. The homeless have now even made it out to my area, where on trash pick-up day they root through the garbage cans on my road like bears at Yellowstone park.

    For many years I have been working and saving so I can escape the American nightmare. I am so close now. God willing, I will be out of here by the end of the year. I ask all the readers to pray for me that I can escape from the Portland area before it dissolves into chaos.

    My father came to Oregon in 1952 from Europe. My entire life he said he was in Oregon for life. He was adamant he would never move from here. Early this year he told me he had had enough of the Oregon nightmare. He is moving to Arizona. It takes a lot to make a 95-year-old man pull up stakes and move

    • It is very sad that you are forced to leave your once great city/state. Truly sad to see how bureaucrats are allowing so much destruction. God speed on your journey getting out of that place.

  4. I’ve spent most of my life in Oregon and even though I live in Southern Oregon, I am still way too close to the liberal BS that permeates the lives of decent Oregon citizens.

    I am embarrassed of Oregon’s policies and I am disgusted with ALL liberals. The conservative voters don’t stand a chance against the Asshats that rule this state.
    That’s one of the sickest things about liberalism; they demand total control….they DO NOT compromise.

  5. Why aren’t the people flocking to city hall and demand action. They should be jerking the city admin off their thrones and hiring someone that will do the right thing. Most city managers are appointments, they can be fired.
    I feel sorry for all the good people of Oregon that cherish their once beautiful state and being let down.

  6. A trip to Denver Col. about 8 years ago convinced me not to open offices there. Their park was filled to overflowing with these Urban Outdoorsmen and their policy was much the same as SF today. Believe me, growing businesses take note of these things because it reflects upon the caliber of people you must deal with in the cities government. A nasty city equals nasty government.

  7. Oregon, like many places, has a rural conservative population with liberals concentrated in the cities. Most of the state is rural. Portland is a liberal bastion.

    You could say the same for most places on either coast. The cities get to determine what everyone else has to put up with.

  8. I’m a fifth generation Oregonion, my family came via Or. trail in 1838. I’ve watched Oregon transform from a neighbor helping neighbor community where environmental responsibility was endowed by citizenship to this beautiful state, it was considered a moral outrage to litter and care of the environment was taught by elders and not legislated. In fact personal responsibility for library books, not swearing due to respect of self and others, looking out for your friends and neighbors,
    appreciation of the 12 years of education provided by fellow citizens. Responsibility for children and prevention of unwanted pregnancy. No it wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t legislated by power hungry, avaricious agencies acting as proxy for citizens but are unaccountable to the same.
    It’s time For a return to sovereign states, keep tax dollars in State and hold local politicians accountable to the citizens.

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