Liberal utopia of Portland: A view of the homeless living downtown

NSFW due to language.

This looks like paradise compared to some of the demorat-run cities in California.

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Dr. Eowyn
1 year ago

The Left just refuse to recognize these two truths:

(1) The more you welcome the homeless into your city, the more homeless you get.
(2) Doing the same thing (welcoming the homeless) and expect different results is the definition of insanity.

1 year ago

What happened to the hobos? The bums replaced them. Thus came the homeless, the mentally ill, vagrants, displaced people-a never ending list of the scourge plaguing our cities. And whose blame is it? None other than the governments, whether local, state or legislators, because they don’t care, all they do is openhanded steal from us. But I do, before they were confined to certain areas now is a wave, compounded by the illegals, moving on, and encroaching every corner by then it will all be the same. It is scary.

1 year ago

My Grandpa explained the difference between a Hobo and Bum. A Hobo would work when he could get work and not beg unless there was no job he could get. Grandpa used to hire Hobos for his farm when he needed extra labor… A Bum is just no damn good and will always be a BUM… I can remember him explaining that in the early 1960’s just as clear as if it was this morning…

*She, Her,Mrs
*She, Her,Mrs
1 year ago

Mayor Wheeler, his Police Chief Outlaw (yes that’s her name, she came from the $hole Oakland before landing the job) and the rest of the Libtard city council have run the city into the ground in a short period of time…cops stand back as crime runs rampant, the transgender agenda is pushed hard- conservatives are covert as it isn’t safe since lawlessness and identity politics goes hand in hand- I can’t wait to shake the dust off my feet as I leave this city of darkness