Liberal utopia of Oregon: State ranked 49th in U.S. graduation rate in 2017

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Oregon Governor Kate Brown

Despite a massive education budget that is 13% of their total $37 billion state budget, Oregon has lousy results when it comes to getting kids to graduate. They rank 49th in the nation.

One of the problems is that dollars invested in education aren’t going to the classroom, they are going toward ever increasing Public Employee Retirement System (PERS), healthcare benefits and salaries. Read about the disastrous state of that program (over $22 BILLION in unfunded liabilities) here.

Despite the current situation of education in Oregon, the National Education Association (NEA) endorsed demorat Governor Kate Brown for re-election last year (she won). Excerpts from the NEA endorsement:

“Throughout her career, Kate has pushed for high-quality public education at every level—from increasing the number of preschool students to improving high school graduation rates to expanding access to technical education for adults. Understanding that reasonable class-sized lead to increased student success, Kate has proposed using additional funding to drop kindergarten class sized from an average of 22 to 20, and grades 2-3 down to 23 students per class. Kate…understands that attracting the best educators leads to student achievement.

Good luck in re-electing a governor that got you to the rank of 49th, Oregon. Maybe you’ll get up to 48th or 47th rank next year.

A recent story from Oregon Live outlines how great the state of Oregon is in educating the kids. From their story:

Oregon’s graduation rate for the class of 2017 ranks No. 49 in the nation, the federal government announced Thursday. Oregon’s rate — 77 percent — was the lowest of any state except New Mexico, where the rate was a paltry 71 percent.

Nevada, which had previously trailed Oregon, leap-frogged ahead and achieved an 81 percent on-time graduation rate, the U.S. Department of Education said.

Nevada’s big increase occurred after the state dropped its longstanding requirement that students pass exams on reading, writing, math and science to get a diploma. Oregon does not require students to pass such exams to graduate.

The new federal report does not indicate how Oregon’s most current graduation rate — 79 percent for the class of 2018 — compares to other states’.

It was a coincidence that the National Center for Education Statistics announced the state-by-state rates and new U.S. average graduation rate — 84.6 percent — for the class of 2017 on the same day that Oregon officials announced the state’s graduation rate for the class of 2018.

State officials crowed about the improvement Oregon schools brought about from 2017 to 2018, with increases of 2 percentage points or more for Latino, Native American and white students, for low-income students and for girls and for boys.

The news was not as bright in the latest federal report for the class of 2017. The national graduation rate increased just 0.5 percentage points, the most tepid improvement since 2011. Five states achieved graduation rates of at least 90 percent, led by Iowa and New Jersey at 91 percent.”


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10 responses to “Liberal utopia of Oregon: State ranked 49th in U.S. graduation rate in 2017

  1. That’s because the progressives run the government, why go to school? that’s like going to work, best to sit home smoke joints and wait for the snow to melt. Bunch of dummies!

  2. Oregon has many more embarrassments than just their ‘education’ failures.
    Actually, just the fact that Brown was re-elected is a total embarrassment all by itself.

  3. Yez butt wee feelz gud aboot ourselfz!

  4. Bet ‘cha anything when they say “salaries,” it means administration. Just my experience, but that has been that every increase has gone to more of them to impose rules and get in the way.

  5. Whoa dude you’re harshing on my buzz. We don’t need no edumacations.
    President Cortez will supply a solar powered unicorn bong to all comrades of the collective who aren’t billionaires.
    I have to run down to Starbucks in the glorious People’s Republik of Portland with 40 other shitbearded hipsters in mom jeans.
    It has been 15 minutes since I posted up for the resistance. Forward!

  6. I am not surprised that Oregon is sucking the floor in our graduation rates. You should see the poor little hood rats that hang around my local high school–Roosevelt. It grieves me greatly, but as long as we have the kinds of politicians in office that are currently there–I don’t expect any improvement.

  7. 49th out of 50 states. What a signal achievement for Oregon.
    I wonder how many Oregonians actually know about this, and do they care?

    • The article has not ver 800 comments which is a lot for them.

      Most blame PERS and the governor…the same governor they just re-elected. That’s liberal logic for ya…

  8. Given how the public school system actually is (as detailed by John Taylor Gatto) the sheer amount of SJW and social conditioning propaganda jammed down student’s throats that is similarly detrimental to their well-being (as demonstrated by the “sex ed” conference in Seaside, Oregon that was exposed in recent years, pushing not only drugs, meth specifically, but also sexting, phone sex, “camming”, & precocious sexual activity on minors, although it’s pushers were quickly hidden away, and buried again without much further exposure. Perhaps because their activities made it too obvious that the “teen pregnancy task force” is committed to promoting teen pregnancy outright, not stopping it? Are we sure that most of the funding isn’t going towards the “sex ed” area by the way?) is the low graduation rate really a dismal statistic? If the statistic is true from the given sources, this does mean that students aren’t following through with the conditioning being pushed by the schools, although by the time they’re in high school they’ve already been regrettably corrupted to a large degree, so some level of damage is still done, but at least it isn’t the full gamut thereof. Lest we forget the pretext of “bullying” was used as a justification for a sizable chunk of the current SJW disease infecting a large demographic of the population, the subject of actual bullying being hijacked by the SJWs as a way for them to indoctrinate, and control, society from the “ground up” via the kids, so to speak, and all through the school system which was made so “compulsory” by precursors like dewey, and the freemasonic lodges.

    Given how much “progressive” garbage is pushed through the system on a daily basis, perhaps this stat is indicative of a good trend? (Assuming of course that the alternative options aren’t equally as corrupted, which could well be, Oregon is, after all, the home of scientology’s brainwashing center for children, the delphinian school, and also has many cult schools such as rudolf steiner’s “waldorf” schools which are occult in orientation, and rather useless as far as actual knowledge goes.) It is a regrettable thing that such could be construed as a good turn of events in this day and age, but once dewey, and his fellow devil worshipers, got hold of the education system, and retooled it for their own ends without strong enough opposition to their vile machinations, this sort of scenario was an inevitable result.

  9. Obviously they are after docile, uneducated cattle. Smart cattle say “no”.


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