Liberal utopia of California: Survey shows 53% want to leave the state

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The streets of San Francisco…

From SF Gate: Dreaming of greener (read: cheaper) pastures? You’re not alone.

According to a new survey by Edelman Intelligence, 53 percent of Californians are considering moving out of state due to the high cost of living. Millennials are even more likely to flee the Golden State — 63 percent of them said they want to.

Bay Area residents surveyed were especially sensitive to affordability issues, and it’s no surprise. The median home value in San Francisco is $1.37 million, according to Zillow, and $1.09 million in San Jose. In Edelman’s survey, 76 percent of Bay Area residents say they consider cost and availability of housing to be a serious issue.

Sixty-two percent also call homelessness a very serious issue for California.

It appears the housing and homelessness crises have led to a pessimistic outlook: 62 percent of those surveyed say the best days of living in California are behind them.

The trend is backed up by much of SFGATE’s past reporting. We’ve spoken with people who’ve left California for the Pacific Northwest, Texas and Denver — all popular destinations for Bay Area ex-pats. Nearly everyone we talked to cites the high cost of living as the primary reason they left. Others were looking for a slower pace of life, lower taxes, less traffic and more time with family.

There have been other signs of the California exodus. In December, it was revealed that one of the most frequently Googled questions in California last year was “Should I move out?”

The Bay Area was also found to be leading the nation in outward migration, meaning more people are leaving the region than moving in. However, most people who moved out of the Bay Area didn’t go too far; the number one destination was Sacramento, followed by Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland and San Diego.


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10 responses to “Liberal utopia of California: Survey shows 53% want to leave the state

  1. If a Californian has to Google, “Should I move out?” then they should stay there. They’re too stupid for words and we don’t want them to infect the rest of the states (except for Washington and Oregon) with their ignorance and ideologies.

    • Several years ago I moved from the yuppie-scum NE to the Idaho Panhandle. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t move forty years ago.
      I’ve encountered transplants from the land of fruits and nuts.
      When I was looking for a church to join I attended a service in a Russian Orthodox Church. After the service during the usual coffee meet and greet the priest introduced himself to me and, after a bit of conversation, introduced me to a church member who came from CA and who had been in an Episcopal church as I had. So I asked Mr California what influenced his decision to join the Orthodox Church. He looked at me with a bright, wide-eyed, panting puppy dog expression and said “It’s cool … and it blows your mind!” Well, yes … but why did you decide to join this church? “It’s cool … and it blows you mind!” OK, but … “It’s cool … and it blows your mind!”
      I told that story to a friend of a friend and got a similar story in return. Someone from CA bought a house down the street from him. He had only a casual wave-to, hi-how’s-it-going relationship. Then the first snow came – one or two inches. The first guy was out clearing the snow from around his mailbox when Mr CA drove up, opened his window and, obviously very excited and upset, spluttered “What’s happening? What’s going on? What is this stuff?”
      “Well, it snowed last night.”
      And he drove off. And the next day there was a for-sale sign on his house. And a week later he was gone.
      California can’t fall into the ocean soon enough.

  2. Thanks, Democrats!!

  3. Best move I ever made. I got one of my granddaughters to move last month. It’s getting worse here too, but they have a LONG way to go to match California. It’s a shame. I loved it growing up there.

    I think the lesson is that anywhere can be destroyed if we let them. What happened to California took time and was SO obvious. It isn’t that everyone wants what they’ve got. However Orange County goes, so goes the state. Obviously, that isn’t everybody.

    It’s the same here. It isn’t even population. The thing has been so gerrymandered and crooked that votes mean nothing. There was a time when governors like Brown wouldn’t have dreamed of insulting the populace. Now they do it all the time. They rule like Macron does in France.

    It’s all just more proof that The Odor is up and running.

    • Do you think Lo, that is Orange County still “running the state?….b/c I live on the border of Orange and Riverside, and I think that since the Obama election…it’s San Franciso running the state….Orange , which used to be Republican solidly, turned to Demorat for Obama for 2 elections….but so did Riverside Co. next to it….which is now turning back again to Republican in large areas……I think there is a movement afoot in So Cal that most “fake news channels” are “missing.” Truly, CA is almost “two states” now—North and South.

      • Well I haven’t lived there for almost thirty years so you could be right. It used to be that most of the state voted Democrat and Orange County Republican (for whatever THAT’S worth). That was before Democrats became the war and business party.

        Nonetheless, my point was that it was a LARGE state and EVERYONE did not vote alike. It seemed to me that during all those years from Ray Gun onward Orange County ensured a Republican vote.

        That was all due to gerrymandering, not population.

  4. As Jay Leno would say on his YouTube channel, Jay’s Garage,”That’s hilarious!”

  5. The people of California keep voting for radical democrats. What is your expectation? After you relocate you continue this voting pattern(see Nevada, Colorado).

  6. What are Californians complaining about? They VOTED for their socialist paradise!

  7. CA voting laws have allowed that state to cheat their way to an all demoncrap government. Many of the candidates that initially won their races were beat after the “provisional & mail in & ballot harvesting” ballots were counted. Complete voter fraud not to mention the illegals who are actually voting (motor voter).
    CA is a disaster that just keeps on going. I moved to the Idaho panhandle yrs back and was the bet thing I ever did and its amazing how many of the people here are from CA. Our conservative communities are under attack tho-make no mistake they are bringing their bs politics with them.


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