Liberal utopia of California: Prohibited possessor & career criminal who killed Sacramento County deputy flaunted his guns on social media

Career criminal Paris: Proof that CA gun laws don’t work if not enforced

Unenforced gun laws combined with bureaucratic mistakes cost a deputy his life. Tragic.

From Sacramento Bee: Anton Lemon Paris, the man accused of killing one Sacramento County sheriff’s deputy and wounding another, has been charged on multiple occasions with serious crimes including assault with a deadly weapon and possession of an illegal assault rifle.

With regular frequency, he has been arrested for lower-level offenses including domestic violence and carrying a loaded firearm, according to court records, and reported to police for alleged bank fraud, car theft and making death threats.

He has been banned by the courts from owning guns at least twice, but for years has openly flaunted them on social media and on city streets.

As recently as July, he was reported to police for firing a gun in public.

Paris, 38, is now charged with murder and attempted murder for the Sept. 17 Rancho Cordova shooting that left Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Stasyuk dead and his partner Julie Robertson wounded. Paris allegedly pulled a gun on the deputies seconds after they entered the Pep Boys store in Rancho Cordova, shooting a clerk before following Stasyuk outside and firing lethal shots into his back and head.

It’s a grim finale to at least 20 years of violence and trouble that thrust Paris into the path of law enforcement and the courts more than a dozen times, but which resulted more in luck and leniency than consequences. His life was punctuated with a series of minor infractions that made him appear more of a menace than a threat. But a critical mistake on his rap sheet, plea deals, favorable jury decisions and apparent inaction by law enforcement allowed Paris to continue unchecked a chaotic and malevolent life that seemingly slid deeper into criminality the more he escaped punishment, official records show.

“He’s gotten away with everything he has done,” said the daughter of a former girlfriend of Paris’ who says he threatened to kill her. She asked not to be identified because she fears retaliation. “He was the guy who was willing to shoot anybody because he felt entitled to, because he felt above the law. He felt better than everybody, like he could do whatever and get away with it because he has.”

Paris’ most serious conviction came in 2010 from possessing a pair of homemade nunchucks – a felony that was erroneously recorded on his state criminal record as a lesser charge.

The incident that led to the conviction started with a nuisance call on April 4, 2008. A neighbor living near Paris’ father, Anthony Paris, in West Sacramento called police to report a person playing a car stereo in the morning, loudly enough to trigger her migraines. An officer arrived and found the younger Paris in his Lincoln Town Car, parked in his father’s driveway.

Paris turned down the stereo, locked the car and turned on the alarm as the officer approached. The officer said in court testimony he thought it was strange behavior and became suspicious. He asked to see identification and Paris turned over his wallet. Inside, the officer found a list of guns with serial numbers, according to court records. Two guns on the list were reported stolen, but were never located in Paris’ possession, according to court documents.

The officer searched the car and found a loaded Glock .45 caliber handgun under the passenger seat, ammunition, marijuana, scales and an illegally modified Ruger Mini-14 semiautomatic rifle in the trunk. He also found what Paris claimed was a broken security baton but which a court expert described as homemade nunchucks – two wooden dowels with holes drilled to allow rope to connect them.

Nunchucks are prohibited in California and possessing them can be a felony offense.

Paris was registered as a security guard and held a valid exposed firearm permit from the state Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, allowing him to have the handgun in his car for work purposes, agency records show. The rifle was not required by the state to be registered, but was modified with a flash suppressor, according to court testimony. That made it illegal, but Paris claimed he didn’t know about the suppressor.

Paris also possessed a medical marijuana license, making the cannabis legal – though the 101 gram quantity led to charges of selling it. Paris said he used the cannabis to treat pain for a gunshot wound he had sustained in his leg a year prior related to his work as a security guard, when he claimed someone from an apartment complex he guarded had recognized him off duty and attempted to rob his car. He told the court he was receiving state disability from that injury, along with a payment of $8,597.16 from a state victims’ compensation fund, more than $4,000 of which the arresting officer found in the pocket of his 49ers jacket.

A Yolo County jury believed him and hung on most counts, but convicted him of one felony for having the makeshift martial arts weapon. He was also found guilty of enhancements to the felony that included being armed with a firearm and an assault weapon.

Paris was given 273 days in county jail in February 2011. During the sentencing hearing, Paris snuck out of the courthouse and disappeared. Whether Paris was apprehended or turned himself in is unclear, but records show he began serving his sentence in June 2011.

The conviction was listed on his state criminal record, commonly called a rap sheet, as a misdemeanor. The California Department of Justice, which maintains rap sheets, declined to speak about the mistake, citing state privacy laws.

Read the whole story here.


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6 responses to “Liberal utopia of California: Prohibited possessor & career criminal who killed Sacramento County deputy flaunted his guns on social media

  1. Nicely done. I grew up in that area. It hasn’t improved. I’m still struggling with how he got a license to carry a weapon for his “work” with a record like that.

    It’s interesting to note that the “nunchuck” incident is completely across town from the shooting. That’s a long way. He must be a general traveling menace.

    I don’t have to say again about how messed up the “just us” system is, especially in Sacramento. If you’re a decent person that simply made a mistake they’ll never let go of you. If you’re a worthless scumbag you’ll get a slap on the wrist and disability.

    He had $4K in his pocket? Wow. Who said crime doesn’t pay?

  2. This is just proof of the Satanic nature of our current political system. As Lophatt said, a decent person who has made a mistake will be hounded and treated severely while the dregs are allowed to go forth and prosper. I think there was a website called Overlords of Chaos. On that site there was an article by a doctor who was in on the NWO agenda who was speaking to a room full of doctors, eccentrically bragging about what they future held as it had already been decided by the overlords. Everything from what types of clothing would be offered for people to wear, to creating chaos by criminalizing the law abiding and letting criminals lose to wreak havoc was discussed as a fait accompli. So as far as I am concerned this is just proof that we are living in a Satanic system where everything has been inverted.

  3. If he had skipped filing his taxes he would have been put away a long time ago.

  4. No mistakes were made. He was protected.

  5. This one from Georgia is getting a lot of attention. Is Georgia the new California?

    “Five-Year-Old Allegedly Sexually Assaulted In School Bathroom Because Of Secret Transgender Policy”

    “When Pascha Thomas complained her five-year-old daughter had been sexually assaulted by a male classmate who identifies as female, she found herself the subject of an investigation.

    The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) of the U.S. Department of Education has opened an investigation into a Georgia elementary school for its handling of a sexual assault that allegedly took place in an elementary school bathroom after a district-wide policy was enacted allowing male students to enter the girls’ bathroom.

    On the evening of November 16, 2017, Pascha Thomas’s five-year-old daughter complained of vaginal pain. That’s when her daughter said she had been sexually assaulted by a male classmate in the bathroom at Oakhurst Elementary School in Decatur, Georgia earlier that week.

    By her daughter’s account, she had asked the teacher if she could be excused from class to use the restroom. When she was coming out of the bathroom stall, the child said, a male classmate who had followed her into the bathroom was waiting for her.

    Victim’s Mother Says She Was Treated Like The Bad Guy” [Continues]
    After the incident and the schools’ unwillingness to investigate it, Pascha has enrolled her daughter in another school to ensure that she does not experience further retribution. The little girl remains traumatized and will need counseling for many more years, Holcomb told The Federalist.

    You can watch Pascha Thomas tell her story in her own words in the video produced by ADF below.”

  6. First, how old does a boy have to be to be capable of this? She was five? Second, if it was a lesbian style attack I guess that would be “acceptable”? Why should we be more concerned about the feelings of a very occasional pervert over the privacy rights of the masses?

    I hope somebody thumps that kid and the parents should sue.


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