Liberal utopia of California: Homeless crisis declared in state’s capital

Many progressive-run west coast liberal cities and counties have a homeless crisis: San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, Portland, San Jose, Los Angeles County and King County. See one of the many posts I’ve done about this here:

You can now add the city of Sacramento to that list as well.

From Sacramento Bee: The Sacramento City Council unlocked millions in state homelessness funding Thursday by voting unanimously to declare an emergency shelter crisis for three months.

The declaration was a state mandate necessary for the city to qualify for part of $553 million in one-time funding set aside by the state Legislature in June to address homelessness across California.

The city has joined with Sacramento County and the nonprofit group Sacramento Steps Forward to apply for $20 million from the state to pay for shelters and programs to help the county’s more than 3,000 homeless people. The city will directly administer about $7.7 million of the funding, received over two and a half years, said Emily Halcon, coordinator of the city’s homeless services.

The shelter crisis declaration will be in effect from December to March and the majority of the city money will likely be used to pay for additional homeless shelters to replace the emergency shelter in North Sacramento, now set to close by Dec. 31.

The city plans to use more than $4 million on at least one new 200-bed triage shelter, according to a report prepared by city staff. The city also plans to open other new low-barrier triage shelters, Steinberg said, though locations for new facilities has yet to be decided.

Steinberg said he plans to announce potential locations early next month and expects at least one facility to open by Jan. 1, when the Railroad Drive center will close.

“(This is) not just to replace Railroad Avenue, which we must, or the capacity, which we must, but to dramatically expand it,” Steinberg said.

The Railroad Drive shelter, the first city-operated low-barrier triage facility, was previously scheduled to close at the end of November but private funding is allowing it to operate through the end of December. It is typically at full capacity, like all shelters in the city on any given night, said Halcon.

Read the whole story here.

Great job demorats!


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The Liberal lunatics running the asylum of California, place water restrictions on its residents to conserve water, while allowing in thousands & millions of water using invaders in!
That these invaders also, destroy wildlife habitat/open spaces, increase pollution, and those hated Globull Warming GHG’s, is never brought up by the brainwashed fake “Green” Democrat/Bolsheviks. (This is also part of the Cultural Marxist Cloward-Piven/Kalergi Plan to destroy Western Civilization and its people)


We are in the presence of an awesome happening. No doubt the wrath of God is manifested in California. The constant wild fires, the suffering of so many, the flora and fauna decimated. It may sound cryptic but it is happening, it is palpable, and the heat penetrating into the depths to eventually make the ground shake and thousands succumb and never found, it will be a world event of unimaginable proportions. The power of the Almighty is ever present in this era.

Tim Shey

Amen. California is a slow-burning Sodom and Gomorrah.


“What is honored in a country will be developed there.” Socrates.


[…] Liberal utopia of California: Homeless crisis declared in state’s capital […]


[…] Liberal utopia of California: Homeless crisis declared in state’s capital […]