Seattle Police refused to remove homeless from construction site before they caused $1.3 million fire damage

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The city of Seattle has a major homeless crisis that is perpetuated by the fact that homeless people are not held to the same standards as regular citizens.  They are allowed to defecate and urinate on city streets, carry weapons into prohibited places and openly use drugs. See the following posts:

Now a poor business man is facing a major loss – to the tune of $1.3 MILLION – because the Seattle police would not do anything about illegal squatters on the man’s construction project. reports about how a developer’s construction project was burned down by drug-using squatters. From the report:

“Adam Salmon, whose business, Eugene Sherman Development, has been building seven row houses on 43rd Street just off Aurora, said that a group of drug-using squatters have refused to vacate the property for months, even becoming belligerent when asked to leave. He is almost certain that one of these men caused the fire that robbed him of a large part of his livelihood.

Now he is out $1.2 million to $1.3 million, and the project that has been under construction for the past year is reduced to a pile of rubble. Eugene Sherman Development — named for the first names of both of Salmon’s grandfathers — is small, Salmon said, and tremendous losses like this one are not easy to absorb.

“It’s one of those punches in the gut that you have to pull yourself together,” he said. Insurance does not cover all of the costs of getting the Wallingford construction project back to the state it had been in.

The squatters have caused Salmon’s company grief for the past several months. Salmon said wryly that it was “a ritual every morning” trying to get the drug users to leave — in particular the group’s ringleader, who was “very defiant” when confronted.

“My guys would show up to work in the morning and there would be guys sleeping in there, and their drug paraphernalia was laying everywhere,” he said. “We would ask them to leave and they’d get aggressive.”

Each morning, Salmon and his employees found feces around the site. His employees were afraid of stepping on needles, and sub-contractors even refused to come to the project site out of fear.

“We had to spend our time chasing them each day, and then cleaning up the work site,” Salmon said.

Salmon has called police to the site several times, but to no avail. He and his workers put up “No trespassing” signs and fences around the property at the police’s suggestion. “No matter how secure we attempted to make it, they found their way in every evening,” he said of the squatters.

On Wednesday, Salmon said the police came to the work site while the ‘lead squatter’ was still sleeping there. “They talked to the guy, they told us they can’t do anything about it … They didn’t make him move, they didn’t make him leave,” Salmon said.”

Read the whole story here.

On top of this, Salmon has another construction project in a different part of the city in which he is experiencing similar problems with the homeless.

Also noted in the story: “He has written to the Seattle City Council of his travails, he said, but it seems as though the city government favors drug-addicted trespassers over hard-working, law-abiding business owners.”

Seattle voters better wake up. Your city is going up in flames right before your progressive eyes.


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16 responses to “Seattle Police refused to remove homeless from construction site before they caused $1.3 million fire damage

  1. It doesn’t take but a few facts to identify the party that is running a city into the ground.

  2. Any Council composed largely of women is a problem.

  3. If it were my company, I would immediately file a huge lawsuit against the city with an eye on recouping my losses and then some.

    It’s the only thing these pinhead politicians understand.

    • Or…maybe like other American businesses…LEAVE SEATTLE…or any place hostile, business-wise?????? It’s the Amerian Way…’s capitalism at its best…..go where you are rewarded and NOT punished…..Enrich the people who reward you. Withold from/leave those who punish you. Easy-peasy philosophy, Trumpism simplified.

  4. Ah;….Could this be any thing like what really happened to Tiahuanacu, or Puma punku? Just so over run by the dregs they just left it to um.

  5. Amazing! Well, I suppose that ends any confusion over WHO they work for. I think I’d be tempted to hire some bruisers for “night work”. You know, “security”?

    A few bursts should be all it takes. If not you could call the coroner for a clean up on Aisle Five.

  6. I think that Lophatt’s got it right. A construction site night Watchman is the ideal solution, with plenty of exercise in judgement as to how to deal with offenders. When the word got out after the first two or three physical ejections, I’m sure that such people would stop coming around because it’s more trouble than it’s worth to them. I know that a just society has to accommodate all its members, including the least fortunate in a way that does not violate cultural norms; it also means that the less fortunate are civil and accept a reasonable solution.

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  8. Why not put dogs behind the fence? Even a drug addict is wouldn’t jump into the maw of a rottweiler.

    • Why not arrest the trespassers?

      I get the need for security. But the problem is that the city won’t arrest the homeless and ALLOW them to commit crimes. Law and order must be maintained for the citizens’ safety.

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