Liberal Tolerance: Red Hen restaurant kicks out White House press secretary Sarah Sanders

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House press secretary and daughter of former Arkansas governor Republican Mike Huckabee, was thrown out of a Virginia restaurant Friday night (June 23) in an incident that sparked a social media storm. The reason? Sanders works for President Donald Trump.

An Associated Press report, first picked up by the Christian Broadcasting Network, and subsequently by other media, said Sanders was ordered out of The Red Hen Restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, by the owner Stephanie Wilkinson, even as the chef was cooking Sanders’ dinner. Sanders said the event said far more about the owner of the restaurant than it did about her.

In a tweet from her official account, Sanders said, “I always do my best to treat people, including those I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so.”  The tweet generated more than 22,000 replies in about an hour. The ensuing furor pitted both supporters and detractors of Sanders. Her father, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, even joined the conversation. “Bigotry.” He tweeted. “On the menu at Red Hen Restaurant in Lexington VA. Or you can ask for the ‘Hate Plate.’ And appetizers are ‘small plates for small minds.”’

The incident mirrors an earlier incident in the week when Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen cut short a working dinner in a Mexican restaurant after protesters shouted, “Shame!” until she left.

In the ensuing social media dialogues, people from all across the country began to take sides. Some wanted to organize protests outside Red Hen restaurant, while others championed owner Wilkinson as a hero.

On Yelp, a Los Angeles-based restaurant reviewer chimed in, “Don’t eat here if you’re a Republican, wearing a MAGA hat, or are a patriot.”

Other Yelp commenters, however, supported the restaurant owner’s action. A responder from Commerce City, Colorado wrote, “Bonus: this place is run by management who stuck up for their beliefs and who are true Americans. THANK YOU!!!!”

Red Hen was trending toward the top of Twitter — 75,000 mentions within a couple hours of the first news stories.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Wilkinson explained her reasons for why she asked Sanders and her companions to leave.

“Several Red Hen employees were gay,” she said. “They knew Sanders had defended Trump’s desire to bar transgender people from the military. This month, they had all watched her evade questions and defend a Trump policy that caused migrant children to be separated from their parents.” Wilkinson said that the Sanders party already had been seated and their orders taken when she was informed by telephone who they were. It took her several minutes to drive from her home to the restaurant. She conferred with her employees.

“Tell me what you want me to do. I can ask her to leave,” Wilkinson told her staff. “They said yes.” Wilkerson then walked up to Sanders’ chair.

“I’m the owner,” she said. “I’d like you to come out to the patio with me for a word.”

She told Sanders about her feelings vis-sà-vis the president and recent events.

“I explained that the restaurant has certain standards that I feel it has to uphold, such as honesty, and compassion, and cooperation. I’d like to ask you to leave.”

She said that Sanders’ response was immediate: “That’s fine. I’ll go.”

As of Saturday afternoon, media personnel from broadcast stations and newspapers were camping out on the street next to the Red Hen. Wilkinson, however, remained steadfast in her belief that she was justified in throwing out the White House press secretary because she works for President Trump. She told the Washington Post, “Whatever happens, we will soldier on. Absolutely, yes, I would have done the same thing again.”


It must be noted that what the jackals of the Mainstream Media call “separation of families” is actually the Trump administration enacting a measure that flowed from the  Clinton-era Flores vs. Reno Supreme Court decision allowing unaccompanied illegal border-crossing minors be held “in the least restrictive setting appropriate to the minor’s age and special needs.”

Below is a pic of Red Hen owner  and her partner, Duncan Richter, wearing pink pussy hats (h/t FOTM‘s MCA).

According to TruthFinder, Wilkinson and Richter own and co-habit a home in Lexington, VA:

  • Stephanie Wilkinson, 55, has a Ph.D. in European and American Religious History from the University of Virginia. Her LinkedIn profile here.
  • Duncan Richter, 51, is a philosophy professor at Virginia Military Institute in Roanoke, VA. His LinkedIn profile here.

So much for higher education . . . .

Their lofty degrees evidently taught them nothing about classical or original liberalism — the political ideology that believes in the primacy of individual liberty; that while government is necessary to protect individuals from being harmed by others, government itself can pose a threat to liberty; and that no one or group has a monopoly on truth, and so we must tolerate our differences of opinion in the market place of ideas.

In a tweet, Congressman Ben Cline (R-VA) said Wilkinson is a cousin of snake-tongue Meryl Streep:

On behalf of my hometown of Lexington, I want to apologize for the rudeness of one liberal New York transplant (who also happens to be Meryl Streep’s cousin). We hope you will come back and enjoy our area’s true southern hospitality.

You can write a review of The Red Hen Restaurant at Yelp, here.

See also “More Democrat psychopathy: Red Hen owner pursued Sanders in-laws to another restaurant; burnt decapitated animal on DHS employee’s front porch


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120 responses to “Liberal Tolerance: Red Hen restaurant kicks out White House press secretary Sarah Sanders

  1. That’s a man! Baby!

  2. This is what Google shows as the restaurant’s address:
    Address: 666 E Washington St, Lexington, VA 24450

  3. In the last days the deceived will call evil good and good evil,we are officially here now.

  4. There is no ‘cure’ for stupid…. when simple respect for Sara Sanders and her service to our President and the American citizen there is a problem… considering so called educated professionals act with such immature behavior the demons won them over long ago…. and those stupid hats… chaos will reign ….. ever hear about unintended consequences???

    • “her service to our country” are you kidding me!?!? She lies, trolls, demeans, and rationalizes Trump’s lies and screwed up policies for a living! And you call that service?
      You clowns literally went to the Supreme Court to free small businesses to extend their services to those they agree with or condone. You ban gays from your business, a business should be free to refuse service to anyone they want to. Fair is fair.

  5. Excellent coverage & a perfect yet pathetic example of a lefty employer pampering the “wet diapers mentality” of her “big baby employees.”
    How many times can it be said > Those people seriously need to GROW UP & enter the real world where not everyone will like you, not everyone will agree with you, etc. So big deal, get over yourselves.
    I would like to own a business for 1-day. I would hang a huge sign in the Employee Lounge (with a hidden “Candid-Camera-Cam” just for fun) that said:
    “If you have a Social Justice Warrior beef re Anything or Anyone in Society, we provide free of charge PACIFIERS for you to suck on while you keep your big fat mouth shut. We do NOT provide ‘Safe Spaces,’ but we will offer you a BLUE Baby Blankie for BOYS or a PINK Baby Blankie for GIRLS with which to ‘coddle’ WHILE you continue doing your JOB. If this sign ‘offends’ you, the Exit Door is thattaway >>>.”
    And LOL @ Mike Huckabee’s “HATE PLATE.” Great idea! Boxes of cheap red-white-blue (July 4th style) paper plates imprinted with “Hate Plate” should be sent to Wilkinson.
    Another Truism:

  6. This idiotic, TDS infected woman has made a fatal error in regard to her restaurant. She did not have to do what she did on Friday night. If she had simply kept her hateful liberal mouth shut, and allowed Sarah and her friends to finish eating and leave, there would have been no problem. But no, liberals believe it is their right to tell everyone else how to live. They are not happy unless they are trouncing on other people’s rights. Her restaurant’s days are numbered. That’s a mathematical certainty. Sayonara dummies!

    • You forget about the baker refusing to make gays cakes. And you argue like this to trash the restaurant. Really?

      • Get your facts STRAIGHT. The baker didn’t refuse to bake a cake. He refused to bake and create a cake celebrating a homosexual marriage which he does not believe in because of his religious background.
        Why aren’t your freaking proggies suing MUSLIM bakeries who refuse to do the same thing? HUH????????

  7. Hell, I’ve been thrown out of better places than that.

  8. VMI is not in Roanoke it is located in Lexington

  9. A hacker changed the menu at The Red Hen, to include erectile disfuntion on thier online menu. My response…. Lol Lol

  10. I know people who have different politics than me. I choose to not discuss certain issues with them. Instead we talk about other things in life. And we are respectful of each other.
    Guess some folk don’t respect individual rights to think for themselves. The liberal group think and feeling of superiority is strong with some.
    And the lack of civility does not bode well for any society.

    • I agree 100% DCG…
      My brother in-law drove down from Ct to visit us here in Florida. First thing I noticed was the Hillary sticker on his car window. Not once did I bring up my political views and I politely danced around his views when he brought them up. He can be challenging. After he left my wife said that she was happy because it was a nice visit. There are times in life to stand your ground.and other times to just play nice. The left has had thier way for so long, they forgot how.

    • This was completely uncalled for and unforgivable. She should move to Red China immediately. Personally I wouldn’t want to talk to her or her hubby about anything, but people don’t generally go to a restaurant to make a political statement. They go there to eat. Then this haughty, ego-maniacal apparatchik throws a cabinet member out of her restaurant to demonstrate that she doesn’t believe in democracy?
      There should be candlelight vigils down there with people silently holding signs that say “Shame”. She needs to go to China, or Hollywood.

    • It is true. We have lost the Voltairean Principle ” I wholly disapprove of what you say, and will defend to the death your right to say it”……
      “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  11. So this restaurant owner is supporting refusing service to whoever she chooses and whoever any other owner chooses for reasons that violate their “certain standards”?

    • Exactly. And Sarah Sanders is too classy to file a suit to force them to serve her.

    • They should at least write a list on the wall. For their convenience I’ve supplied a handy one here:
      illegal aliens
      sex criminals
      on Megan’s Law lists
      members of NAMBLA
      into “loving” sheep/goats/pigs/dogs/chickens
      card carrying communists
      in incestuous relationships
      rabid (or tame) feminists
      socialists (see communists)
      (Did I leave anything out?)

  12. Would be Good to list ALL the Red Hen Resturants in the Area & across the several Eastern States.. When Resturant Staff doesn’t like a Customer, – they may do disgusting things to your food before delivery to your table.. Wear the Wrong MAGA cap, or flash the American Flag on your clothing, can trigger their hate & revenge.. Don’t believe Me.?? = then Look it up on hidden camera Video..

  13. [sarc]Maybe Sarah Sanders ordered them to serve her & her party, a Christian wedding cake for dessert.[/sarc]

  14. Let’s stop the money coming, and so, patrons stop coming to the Hen, and will see that “chicken” get plucked out of sight.

  15. Hmmm. So, a Christian bakery gets sued for not baking a gay wedding cake, and a restaurant denies service to a customer because they don’t like who they work for and nothing legally will happen to them I’m sure.
    This country is so divided right now. I don’t see any other outcome but civil war. Good v. Evil. This is what the time period we are living in is about I think. This country was formed with the knowledge that the God of the bible made all things and that the bible is true. It is the source of true moral standards. This nation was created as a republic of sovereign states, but it has devolved into a federation ruled by elites from the city state called Washington, D.C.
    The powers of darkness and their wicked deeds are now being brought into the light of truth, and we all may soon have to decide which side we are on: Is it the side of truth and justice, or the side of lies and injustice? We are at the point now where there can be no compromise, because when you compromise with evil long enough everything gets tainted. How can a good society tolerate Target transgender bathrooms where perverts can sit in toilet stalls and listen to little girls tinkle? Or children can go to transgender kindergartens in California or be taught that they can choose whether to be a boy or a girl? Or the millions of unborn children being murdered and their body parts sold? Or politicians and government employees engaging in criminal acts that are being brought to light right now, and they don’t get prosecuted even though you or I would be in a heart beat? Or the pedophile child trafficking rings being exposed, and half the people in this county don’t even care?
    So much evil is being revealed in this time period we are in, but what is also being revealed are the sides people are choosing this very day. Half the people supporting politicians they know are criminals and/or traitors makes them criminals too, by conspiracy, does it not? So too are many states of the union. How is it that California can be a willing portal to illegal immigrant entry, which means the illegals can then go to any state in the country at their will? This is an act of war is it not? Same for sanctuary cities. Same for judges who rule from the bench and ignore the Constitution of the United States. Same for so much more, with the bottom line that there are thousands of civil servants who are engaging in sedition and millions of Americans and immigrants, both legal and illegal who too are doing the same. There can be no compromise, and if Good waits too long to act it very well may be overcome. Should we consider going to war with California, and other traitorous states and cities, to bring an end to this sedition? War. I hate war so much. But sometimes, it seems, there is no other way to eradicate evil.
    The bible says we are at war with spiritual powers who have human helpers, and if we are going to rid the planet of much evil that rules us now, these miserable Luciferian monsters must have their crimes brought to light and then be arrested, prosecuted and punished. The bible says the root of all evil is the love of money, and we need look no further than the private central banks of the world brought on by the Rothschild banking dynasty. The New World Order must be destroyed. Some of them must hang.
    How very nice that these traitors to this nation created so many FEMA camps. This is where the losers of the civil war will go, to decide what to do with them. If evil wins, the guillotines will come out and millions of good people will die. If good wins, millions of reprobates will be processed, to what fate? A few will be brought to justice and executed no doubt, but what about the rest? How do you re-assimilate evil-loving brainwashed people back into the United States of America, one nation under God? Can we create protocols to undo the damage to our society that started way back in the 1950″s with MK Ultra? Can we create little self-governing city states within the nation where the godless may choose to go? No voting rights in our nation for starts, because democracy is serious business, and we can see what happens when the degenerate mob is allowed to influence political policies, although what made the mob degenerate to start with? I’ll tell you what: Rebelling against God Almighty and taking him out of our public institutions. First and foremost, we must remember that we are one nation under God.
    War is upon us. Let the forces for Good prepare for battle.

  16. traildustfotm

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!
    The pussy hats say it all. Sarah should not be troubled by people who have already made public (or pubic) fools of themselves.

  17. More hypocritical intolerance brought to you by the people who constantly preach tolerance and diversity!
    When I was in college in the 80s there was CONSTANT debate! But we still respected each other, hung out together, dated and accepted each other.
    Throughout the 90s the “me” generation grew until their hero- our illegitimate, Kenyan, traitor, impostor president…a “social justice warrior” and community organizer became their Messiah.
    He did NOTHING except fan the flames of racism and hatred and division in America and for 8 years he showed the left how to denigrate, humiliate, dehumanize and marginalize ANYONE & EVERYONE who disagrees with you by labeling and dismissing them.
    Once you classify your opponent as a homophobe, xenophobe, racist, etc… You can look past anything they say because you have made them irrelevant. It’s classic Alinsky.
    I have NEVER seen anything like what the left has become in America. It’s not just anti-Trump either. This started when G W Bush was elected; who was actually a liberal and has been magnified a thousand fold since Trump!
    Conservatives don’t say the horrific, hateful things liberals do. They don’t ban people from establishments because of their political views. We don’t threaten the spouses and children of people with whom we disagree or call for kidnapping and raping them or worse!
    Then the left has the unmitigated gall to call conservatives Nazis!!!!!! REALLY? R U FUCKING KIDDING ME??? Look in the mirror! Take a long look! This is what you do when you have no ideas, no arguments and nothing to add to the public discussion! It’s just hate and resist 24/7/365 and it’s pathetic. But what’s the scariest of all is that so many on the left are willing to be useful idiots because they have been brainwashed by their liberal public schools and the MSM into believing all of the radical, left wing, communist social justice bullshit they are being sold!
    This nation is in big trouble. BIG TROUBLE! maybe it’s time for this nation to break into two new nations: one liberal and one conservative and when they destroy their little utopia with sky high taxes and regulations and open borders we don’t allow a single one of them into our conservative country! It would be interesting. Just sayin’.

  18. Red = Communist Sometimes the truth is right in front

  19. And yet the leftist demand Christians deny their faith to homosexuals…hypocrisy at its finest.

  20. Robert M locklund

    Looks typical of the “TOLERANCE CROWD”. Just as Alex says, They have a certain look about them. I generally don’t like judging by looks but here, it just fits. Good luck all you low info. bunch when the poop really hits the fan. You all will be the first to go. Wake up all you sleepers, time is coming to an end. JESUS RULES and will forevermore. FOOLS.

  21. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) buncome in business again– maybe the owners should ask J.C. Penney, the NFL, Starbucks, etc. how much money unprofitable Leftist BS makes them?

  22. Comment on Twitter:
    Ben Cline, a Republican politician in his eighth term in the Virginia House of Delegates and Lexington native, apologized to Sanders on Twitter.
    —On behalf of my hometown of Lexington, I want to apologize for the rudeness of one liberal New York transplant (who also happens to be Meryl Streep’s cousin). We hope you will come back and enjoy our area’s true southern hospitality.—

  23. Guess where I won’t be eating next time I’m in Lexington?

  24. What self respecting business owner lets their employees decide what they should do? That’s a cop out-“her employees “felt” uncomfortable” so frickin what-you want a paycheck? then STHU & do your J O B.
    Good lord if anyone ran a business on how their employees felt they would be out of business in no time and so should she. What a moron.
    Hey why aren’t you open? says customer…owner-“my employees didn’t “feel” like coming to work”… hummmmm….
    Their indignant leftist righteousness is insufferable.
    Kudos to SHS she has more class in her little toenail than these idiots.
    Post your comments on Yelp & facebook. Let red hen know how we “feel” since feelings are so important in their world.
    “When they go low-we go high” – says they… #boycottredhen

  25. Their laughing now, and it’s all good fun, until their place burns to the ground.

    • I just hope whoever runs the Historic Downtown Lexington Virginia facebook page, doesn’t wind up losing their position due to the impending pushback after the LettuceTomatoBaconGuacamole crowd gets done making asses of themselves in their parades.

    • sixlittlerabbits

      Thanks for posting this tweet. It’s good to know others in Lexington see through Wilkinson. As the tweet points out, Wilkinson is the Executive Director of Main Street, Lexington, a volunteer organization that seeks to “economically revitalize” the area.
      It now appears a crucial step in this “revitalization” would be for Wilkinson to resign or to “be asked to leave” this post.
      In addition, Wilkinson is the co-owner of a crappy yarn store in Lexington, called House Mountain Yarn Company; a Yelp reviewer suggest The Quiltery in Fairfield, VA is a better choice.

  26. I love Mike Huckabee’s responses on Twitter.
    I sometimes wish he’d have won the GOP nomination a couple years ago, but I’m not sure he’d have beaten Hillary.
    President Trump should find a significant role for him in the administration.

  27. Boycott the place.

  28. Interesting business decision by Ms. Wilkinson. She effectively shut out 60% of the population. Should just place a sign in plain view that states ” we will selectively admit you to our eatery. Please inquire inside to determine if you qualify.” Those on the left truly believe they are right on everything. If you do not agree “tough”. Suck it up and move on. Most of the 60% have said we’re done “sucking it up” and so stated at the last election. Stand by, there will be more to say later this year where it is appropriate to do so.

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  30. I just saw a bio of Meryl streep on line that mentioned a Stephanie Wilkinson as her cousin

  31. I meet with about 50 people from all walks of life. Every single person has mentioned over the years that they know Google chooses what to show or not show us. That it’s not like the old internet, truthful and honest compared to today. Goog is lie for some info. Title propaganda swayers. But anyone under 25 that I know s not aware. Goog did a good job creating a sheeple crowd with younger generation.

  32. The Huckabees may not be the strongest Ronald Reagan conservatives around, but they are good people, philosophically and ideologically honest and consistent.
    Once again, the Left proves itself to be “The Fountainhead” of hatred in America, but they cannot even measure up to the libertarianism of Ayn Rand! (Not that they even try anymore.)
    So let’s see: J.C. Penney tried the gay thing in its marketing and took a real economic hit. Target took a hit over its transgender bathroom policy. Starbucks took a hit after its CEO said he doesn’t want conservatives for customers, and now Red Hen. GOOD: I have become very discriminating at where I spend my money, and so have others!
    In the meantime, the Left continues its temper tantrum against the President, and it’s become clear they intend to obstruct him until he vacates that Office. So for his part, I wish President Trump would start cracking the whip on getting rid of the Swamp, beginning with the Incredible Mr. Sessions. And he can take a BOLD MOVE by arresting George Soros and Hillary Clinton.
    Remind me not to hold my breath.

  33. Then the solution is very simple, that is if you have the spine to say NO! My $$$$ won’t be spent there. Now is the time to support businesses who do support this president and America.
    What say you America!
    For you have been RoadScribed

  34. I realize private businesses have the right to refuse to do business with anyone they choose, and for any reason.
    But pissing off half your customer base is not exactly a smart business decision.
    Just ask Starbucks.

  35. Wow, someone is now trying to raise money for this woman. From the GoFundMe: ““I’m not a huge fan of confrontation,” Wilkinson added. “I have a business, and I want the business to thrive. This feels like the moment in our democracy when people have to make uncomfortable actions and decisions to uphold their morals.”
    So far only raised $115 of their $50,000 goal.

  36. THis is sad evidence of the great poverty of SPIRIT settled upon our land & inhabitants. We can work towards solving the poverty of THINGS, but how do we solve this poverty of spirit? The great furnace that has fueled the success of this country from its inception has been differing minds coming together to find a way to make a space for all. Hardly anywhere else on this Earth does this happen or is allowed by governments. It has been worse for us, & we lived through it/prospered stronger than ever—after all, we literally killed each other over differing ideas during our Civil War. (This little red hen from Virginia should reflect on her State’s role in a REAL crisis in our history & measure her petty complaint against THAT forGodsake!). What we see now fr raging/destructive Antifa to Democrats (like this woman) behaving badly, to Bernie fans gunning down members of Congress… a failure to carry forward in the WEALTH of spirit given to us as a legacy of our founders (Whom…BTW….differed/argued w/ea/other a great deal in the process of hammering out the jewel of our Constitution that they gave to us.) They gave us the framework, but it is WE, generation after generation, who were given the mandate to practice the art of democracy in our own lives, our own homes, our own businesses. To practice, we must share space, talk, find out each-other’s vantage point on affairs. Pretty sure if this little red hen would have come to Sarah Sander’s table/asked to discuss some subjects of concern, she would have easily/gladly done so & they could have exchanged their viewpoints. Each would have been the richer. Instead, she kicked Sarah Sanders and her family out due to the identity of Sarah’s employer. When we don’t rationally discuss our differences with compassion and sanity, it ends up in a gesture like this little red hen, who thinks the sky is falling because the office of POTUS was earned by someone she personally abhors. And this, friends, turns our Democratic Republic into an elementary schoolyard contest of trivialities. Cheap and shabby, and I add again….SAD.

    • Your right, only whites (real Americans) standing together to obey the government, as the Bible commands us, will save us.

      • Do you mean whites like Hillary and Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Meryl Streep, Michael Moore, Jane Fonda, Peter Fonda, and countless white Democrats/liberals/Progressives?
        How can I get this through to you — that what matters is not the color of a person’s skin, but the content of one’s character?

        • Ha, what an absolutely communist idea, you liberals have no shame, next you’ll be saying that homosexuality is not gainst God, and therefore totally acceptable.

          • I’m a liberal? HA HA HA HA!
            Do re-read this post: See “Dr. Eowyn” who wrote the last section of the post? That’s me.
            Your kind of embarrassingly ignorant Conservative and Christian really do us no favors.

  37. Send in the IRS. Make sure her books are up to date and correct. Take as long as is necessary. Have the Secret Service interview her. After all if she hates President Trump’s so badly that she doesn’t even want his employees for customers she could be a danger to him.

  38. If she can pick and choose her customers she must be making too much money so lets see how her profits pan out now….and though I don’t live in the usa I would boycott that greasy diner if I ever did get over for a visit.
    Kudos to Mrs. Sanders for her fine display of diplomacy.

    • If you don’t live here then your opinion doesn’t matter. You illegals think you can run our country and take it over? You are so very wrong. You should be separated from your children.

  39. Its ok,we will kick off of our world,patience

  40. This is outrageous, these owners have no constitutional right to express their opinions and no supreme Court backed decision allowing them to deny service to Sanders because she is a woman. This is outrageous. Someone should kick these people out of the country or at the very least separate them from their children.

  41. Mortimer Snerd

    It’s nice to know that there’s at least one restaurant maintaining a barbarian-free dining room.

  42. Wasn’t it “not okay” for restaurants to refuse to refuse to serve minority folks well into the 1970s? So that’s no longer acceptable, but it’s fine to refuse to serve Sarah Sanders? Aren’t both actions based on the owners’ prejudices? What am I missing here?

    • Psssttt: “Liberal Tolerance” is an oxymoron.

    • That’s an interesting question. I don’t know that conservatives (or Trump voters) are in a minority. They may be, I don’t know. Either way, I thought the discrimination laws pertained to race, sex, creed, etc.. So, isn’t a political choice a “creed” of sorts?
      If you were an employer and said “I’m sorry, but I can’t hire you. You’re a Republican”. Isn’t that cause for a lawsuit?
      On the other hand businesses have a right to refuse service. If may be that someone ejected from a business for no other reason than their beliefs would have grounds for a lawsuit if some other damage occurred, like a loss of standing or insult to reputation.
      If Sarah Sanders were black, what would they have done then? Isn’t that a form of discrimination too? No, whitey takes it in the shorts again.

  43. Here’s a little more on this. It seems she actually followed Sanders and her party across the street to another restaurant and harassed her there. Then she organized a protest of THAT restaurant.
    These people are truly insane.

  44. Outright hateful & rude of Wilkinson… And God certainly is NOT on the side of hate speech, Maxine Waters.. Nor is God on the side of someone stirring up crowds to cause trouble ever!

  45. Harley Davidson

    No Shirt
    No Shoes
    No Soul
    No Service
    – Red Hen

  46. So….bottom line—-after all the “to do” in this post—–NO retail/service establishment in Lexington, VA is safe for at least half of this country’s inhabitants to patronize? Seems so to me….and pretty sure it will occur to others…..Hope Lexington at large reaps the “benefits” of this one small business-owner’s legacy of “charm” and diplomacy…….

    • I’m not sure, as a practical matter, just how all this could play out. That area is very built up. There are hundreds of thousands of patrons. I used to go there several times a year.
      Unless someone (or group) were stalking somebody, I don’t know how anyone would know who anyone was. All of these little towns in Northern Virginia and in Maryland run together. There are restaurants everywhere.
      I don’t know the local law on this but it seems they must be stalking them. I don’t think that’s legal.

  47. Please show your not anti American by apologising and ending hatred acceptance against Republicans. Ethically it is wrong to do what was done to Sarah. Please correct it.

    • Why are you posting your comment on this blog? We’re not anti-American. We didn’t insult Sarah Sanders.
      Send your message to Red Hen owner Stephanie Wilkinson, 11 E. Washington St., Lexingon, VA 24450; phone (540) 464-4401.

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  49. What’s the deal with Duncan Richter,Stephanie Wilkinson’s pink pussy hatted husband, teaching morals at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington VA?

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  53. Maybe if this Red Hen Restaurant gets enough bad press, they’ll quit being “chickensh*ts” and start eating crow. 😉


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