Liberal tears: Vile comments left for Sen. Collins on her Twitter timeline

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The Women’s March message to Sen. Collins…

These people are vile.

Some of the comments unhinged demorats left for Sen. Collins on Twitter yesterday (NSFW language):

  • “Please, stop talking. Your voice yields no reason. Your sentiments and words are as empty as Trump’s head, and as cold as his heart. You’re no friend to American democracy or decency; you’re the enemy. #SHAME.”
  • We’re coming for you. Enjoy your remaining days in the senate because we’re gonna rip you from that seat. Shame on you.”
  • Maybe someone in her family will know what it feels like to be assaulted and not believed.”
  • “Go fuck yourself”
  • “Here’s my full statement: YOU ARE FINISHED.”
  • “My full statement to you regarding everything you stand for. I hope you live in shame and misery every moment of every day and live 1,000 torturous years reflecting on how despicable of a human you are because you deserve it.”
  • “You fucking dog!”
  • BLOOD ON HER HANDS and the deaths of women will be seen as having been contributed to by her lack of action for what’s right and legal. A sham of a Senator.”
  • “In honor of all those victims of sexual assault, go to Hell. In honor of those of us in the LGBTQ community, go to Hell. In honor of all the people who will be screwed over by this partisan hack on the court, go to Hell.”
  • “You are a sorry excuse for a woman!! Despicable POS
  • “Skank!”
  • “#eatMe”

Since this whole Kavanaugh circus had began, Collins received all kinds of threats – including those of rape and death. Expect that to continue now that Collins helped us get Justice Kavanaugh.


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14 responses to “Liberal tears: Vile comments left for Sen. Collins on her Twitter timeline

  1. The allegations against Kavanaugh were clearly a politically motivated hit job unsubstantiated by any credible witnesses, testimony or evidence. He did not warrant this treatment and sanity prevailed in the final vote.

    However, the individual Collins described in her lengthy speech apparently ‘fully supports’ the disastrous and highly flawed Roe v Wade Decision and generally comes off as a TRUE RINO.

    Her Decision Process in this matter was clearly motivated by political considerations when, in fact, the Senate is supposed to limit its assessment to Judicial qualifications and ability.

    The ultimate irony of this hateful Democrat spectacle is that the Loony Left may have gotten an Associate Justice who will, in practice, further their demonic agenda.

  2. Here is a video, posted by Terrence Williams, showing people practicing to protest and repeating stuff over and over. It’s like these people are under some sort of spell.

  3. The judge’s accuser clearly has issues. She reminds me of the many of the perps implacated in mass shootings. Quite possibly this latest deep state attack is just that; A new kind of false flag.

  4. Part of the reasons why the “businesses” of the left are upset over Kavanaugh is he is Pro-Life. On Roe vs Wade, their fears the case precedent could possibly be reversed. The woman, Norma McCorvey aka Jane Roe in that case had since learned what a mistake the court decision was for her and has been active working for quite a few years to help get Roe vs Wade reversed.

    Norma died in February 18, 2017. Her battle continues on today!
    Norma McCorvey, her website “End Roe”

    • My take is that they aren’t so much “upset” as they are struggling to show their support so that they can be swaddled in acceptance. The real freaks of this circus are the trained and paid talent. The others are just doing what they always do. They are the worlds biggest conformists.

      That’s why when asked on the street, they can’t explain any of their actions. In their little universe, one doesn’t have to explain or think about things. One just repeats what they’ve been told and calls people a lot of names.

  5. Mrs. Collins has a TRAIN WRECK of a face with a voting record to match it, but with her vote for Kavanaugh she did the right thing. But in addition to the vile evil tantrums from the Left, let us remember that these threats are coming from a Source, and that Source is THE DEVIL IN HELL.

    The other threat we face has eminated from a corner of the Senate itself. Namely Sen. Diane Feinstein, whose subterranean and covert Hail May she pulled with releasing “Dr.” Ford’s letter really posed an actual threat to the Institution of the Senate itself.
    Mrs. Collins may be the “usual suspect” of the house liberal, a “useful idiot,” but in all her blather and fugue, she did nothing of the sort of harm and damage Mrs. Feinstein, that “Betty Rubble from Hell” has done to the Senate. (And by extenstion, Charles Schumer of New York). These two senators have GOT TO GO.

    MAKE NO MISTAKE: There are Boss Hogg crooks—they come and go. There damage is the damage of a mere pickpocket compared to the Feinsteins, the Schumers and, Yes, even the McCains of the Senate can do: They, too, can bring the People’s Will to an absolute halt, and they can destroy the ability of the Senate to function. They are a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER.
    Mrs. Collins has—so far—done no such thing, left-leaning buffoon that she may be. But if the Voice of Satan is to be believed—and I believe it is—then Mrs. Collins, like the Christians of the Church’s first centuries, may yet have to pay a price for her valid and licit vote. We DO have two threats here: Evil Senators who would destroy the Senate, as well as public leftist GOON SQUADS who can and likely will come after the other Senators.
    The threat is real.

  6. A piece I read today claims that they already have over 125 thousand signatures on a petition to investigate Kavanaugh. They are asking for all the documents in the investigations and the proceedings. Congress is NOT subject to FOIA.

    My point is that they apparently have a large enough group of mindless zombies that are ready willing and able to be unleashed upon the civilized world. I don’t know how much of this is for show and how much of it is narcissistic love for themselves.

    Should they attempt this (at least at this point), they would be annihilated very quickly. Of course we would have martial law which isn’t something to look forward to either.

    It seems like every excuse is seized upon to further enflame their minions. This is not going to end well. They need to be slapped hard. There is a difference between protest and sedition. No one is obligated to endure their rudeness.

  7. Left/libtards are soooo mature…

  8. In this 45 second video, Nancy Pelosi describes exactly what they do to smear people using the lying news media. This video should be slammed in her ugly face every single time she opens her mouth.

  9. We were all played as fools over the Ford fiasco. Ford is no victim. The citizens of this country are victims of our corrupt government who wanted us to believe Ford is something she’s not. Her grandfather was CIA. Her father is CIA and her brother has CIA connections as does Ford herself. Her lawyer represents deep state actors. This expensive and time wasting sham was a total act in which she performed very badly. Both the dems. and republicans know who she is. Kavanaugh knew because he has insider friends who informed him, but he was forced to play the game, at his own peril. He was a victim too. None of our legislators have the guts to publicly tell us what really is going on. Oh, Lindsay Graham (who, by the way, is playing some games of his own since the death of McCain), Rand Paul and James Jordan talk around the edges of truth, but never step over that edge to the next level. I guess they’re afraid of being murdered. Both sides were in on the Ford performance, unless some are truly idiots…..and we know some are. The dems. and the deep state planned and perpetrated it and the republicans acquiesced. I would call it “collusion”.

    Revealing who Ford really is and her CIA/deep state connections publicly would shut up most of the “Me Too” big mouths, at least in regards to this specific incident. It would also end most of the petitions calling for more Kavanaugh investigations. It will eventually come out that the republican legislators knew who Ford is and that her testimony was a total act. Of course, the Left would have a field day with this disregarding their own treasonous actions. It would be better accepted by the public if they would volunteer their part in this now instead of waiting for it to be revealed further down the road through FOIA requests.


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