Liberal media continue Trayvon Martin deception

Deception can be achieved through a variety of methods.
Someone can deceive us with an outright falsity. But there are also lies of omission, as well as slyer and more subtle lies of half-truths.
The latter is what the LEM (Liberal Establishment Media) are doing with respect to Trayvon Martin, in order to elicit our sympathy for Martin and prejudice us against George Zimmerman.
Trayvon Martin was 17 years old when he was fatally shot.
But despite the fact that up-to-date photos of Martin are widely available, the TV networks are still showing this doe-eyed childlike photo of Martin — a photo taken when HE WAS 13 YEARS OLD:

The photo is deceptive for two reasons:

1. Martin’s skin color was lightened. The un-doctored photo actually looks like this:

2. At the time of his death, Martin was 17 years old and looked like this:

Let’s compare the 3 photos so that we get a clear picture of the Liberal Establishment Media’s deception:

If the media had engaged in the same deception with Charles Manson who’s serving a life sentence in California for the Tate-LoBianco murders, this would be the photo they’d use:


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Al Thompson
8 years ago

Everything we hear from government weenies and most religious people are lies and distortions. I’m trying to just stop listening to them because there is no value in a lie. Everything they say is twisted to support their agenda. It doesn’t even matter what the subject matter is because they will always lie. Lying distorts the mind with wrongful understanding of the one who hears it. This kind of thing is the rule and not the exception. For many people, government and religion are the two most important things in their lives, yet they don’t have much truth to work… Read more »

8 years ago

I refuse to watch any more Trayvon coverage!

8 years ago

Doesn’t lightening the photo of Martin make the media racist? And calling Martin “Trayvon” and “Zimmerman” by his last name, also gives the impression that Martin is a child, while Zimmerman is an adult.
No, no bias there.

8 years ago

Dr.Eowyn, those pictures say so much and your point is so well-taken!