Liberal logic: Despite increase in King County’s homeless population, 10-plan to end homelessness is “not a failure”

Homeless in King County: “Not a failure”/Q13Fox photo

In 2005 King County (Washington) created a 10-year plan to end homelessness. They established the Committee to End Homelessness in King County (CEH), charged with implementing the goals of the Ten-Year Plan: prevent homelessness whenever possible; move people rapidly from homelessness to stable housing; increase the efficiency of existing systems and improve collaboration; and create the public and political will to end homelessness.

Since then, statistics show there has been an increase in homeless citizens:

  • January 2006: 7,910
  • January 2010: 8,937
  • May 2018: 12,112

Despite the increase in homeless in Seattle and King County, a former director for the CEH claims that he doesn’t believe the plan was a failure. did an interview with Bill Block, the former director of the CEH who said, “I think we’ve accomplished a lot of things for the people we’ve actually need helped,” Block said. “I think we weren’t prepared for the degree to which the mental health system would expand using homelessness as their discharge, or the criminal justice system, or the chemical dependency system.”

And since under his leadership the plan was not a failure, he had to find someone to blame: the federal government.

He said, “In all other developed countries, the national government is responsible for ensuring that there’s an adequate supply of housing for low-income workers,” he said. “And this government stopped doing that in the early ’70s. And that’s a major difference between us and England, or France, or Germany, or the other developed countries.”

Read about the whole interview here.

If this is Block’s idea of success, I’d hate to see an ACTUAL failure.

The only success I see is keeping the industrial homeless complex alive via taxpayer dollars.

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laura ann
laura ann
1 year ago

Only cure for homelessness is for people to get a job/retrain for a trade. Those that have mental issues need to be in a mental facility. Drug dealers and users need to be in jail and put to work on a work detail.

Dr. Eowyn
1 year ago

The more taxpayers’ money they spend on the homeless, the more the number of homeless increases. This should be an addendum to Einstein’s famous definition of insanity.

1 year ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

Maybe they can get one of those Social Justice mathematicians to explain that relationship to them. What a “mystery”.

Dr. Eowyn
1 year ago
Reply to  Lophatt

LOL about the social justice math.

1 year ago

So the commies went from the proverbial 5 year plan to a 10 year plan, which hasn’t worked, either.

I wonder when the 20 year plan will be rolled out?