Liberal Jon Stewart goes postal on Obama

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I can’t do better than FOTM’s WildBillAlaska, who alerted us to this video:

When the sycophant late night comedians go this far, the steaming POS is in trouble. Oh Joy!!

H/t The Daily Sheeple
On a more serious note, see “Groups & individuals targeted by Obama’s IRS witchhunt.”

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0 responses to “Liberal Jon Stewart goes postal on Obama

  1. For a big change?????

  2. I believe between 13 to 26 seconds pretty much sums up my sentiments.

  3. This Dark Cloud just may have a Silver Lining, after all.

  4. Kinda funny.

  5. sfun_window Guess he didn’t see that one coming.


  6. WARNING!!! Watching this video while drinking coffee may lead to loss or damage to your computer!!!

  7. Popcorn time!

  8. Drinking coffee while watching this will not only ruin your computer but it hurts like hell when you blow hot coffe out through you nose.


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