Liberal Intolerance: Homosexual parents throw son out for his MAGA hat

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A cell-phone video has surfaced, uploaded to YouTube on November 10, 2018, taken with a cell phone, of a pair of male homosexuals screaming and castigating their son, Max, for having a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat.

The video begins with Max asking his dads, “Can you give me my hat.”

One of the men, in a blue robe, says: “60 million people were killed in the last century because of shit like this, okay?”

Another man’s raised voice says: “Listen to me, you do not wear this in my house…you do not, in my house! … Get out!”

Man #1: “You know why I’m upset?”

Son, in an orange t-shirt: “Can I have that?”

Man #1: “You’ve lost your mind. This is not a political view, this is hate. You do not wear this … you do not wear it, Max.”

Man #2: “Get out!”

The dads scuffle with their son.

Man #2: “Get out of this house! Get out!”

Son: “You guys are crazy.”

Man #1: “You’re 22 years old, what do you know.”

Son: “You guys are crazy … You don’t know she goes to Sadie’s place … abusive….”

Man #2: “Get out! Go! and don’t be surprised when they win this ….”

The video ends with the son leaving and the front door closing.


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18 responses to “Liberal Intolerance: Homosexual parents throw son out for his MAGA hat

  1. This should surprise absolutely no one.

    I just hope Max isn’t biologically related to either fag. I’m glad he got his moral values from somewhere else, cause he wasn’t getting it at home. He’s also at that age where scuffles with dad aren’t uncommon either, cause it’s also showing them that Max ain’t gonna be pushed around anymore.

    It’s sad that among the three of them, Max is the adult.

  2. Typical. The Left DEFLECTS its own Values and Morals (or there lack of) on Conservatives. While calling us Nazis they kick their own Son out of the home.Well I hate to tell them(No I Don’t) that they have become what they hate most ..Hypocrite Fascist Nazis.. Soon I fear, A Civil war will occur, And we will not allow the Socialist Anti Americans to survive..

  3. As much as I despise the idea of hell, it must exist at least in an annihilation type of way, there must be a place to burn up the wicked so that they cease to exist and are eternally unable to abuse others and commit their abominations anymore. All of this shit comes from the Satanic lie of Darwin which all these modern antichrist atheist beliefs come from. The wrath of God belongs on Babylon America for allowing such evils to even be thought of let alone exist and be now promoted by the Satanic courts (faggot marriage, faggot child kidnapping)

    • Wait… WHAT??!!!???
      I as much as the next guy think the “parents” in this story are screwed up, but I have to call out this comment.

      Asli… get some help. Seriously.

      Am I a voice in the wilderness here?

  4. Wonderful that the son has a mind of his own. I cannot imagine what his life might have been like living with two homos as parents. I wonder what the
    harassment the son might have had to put up with at school? Perhaps such personal experience made the son make the right choice.

    • It’s about like what happens when a conscientious objector father finds out his son is in ROTC (except for the harassment in school part). Trust me.

  5. TDS is real.

  6. Love the lisp as they whine at Max for having a set of balls. I hope Max knows that they belong close to a woman instead of where those 2 prefer them to be….

  7. ““You’re 22 years old, what do you know.”

    Then can we raise the voting age to 25? /sarc

    Not a very good style of parenting…

    • At 22 I was in charge of an engineroom on a ship…. Plenty of 22 year olds have been in positions of responsibilty… I hope Max has brains enough to get away from those 2 idiots…

  8. My heart breaks for the young man.

  9. Clown World today.

  10. “You’re 22…what do you know…?” Some know more than given credit for…esp by today’s judging: By the time I was 22, I was out of college already, Magna Cum Laude, by nearly 3 years…..had my first child, and was settling on the first home I bought……

    And, I was JUST WONDERING… the time these male homosexual parents were 22…had they already chosen their own lifestyles and ways in life??????
    HMMMMMMM??????? Just sayin’

  11. Well **** happens. Interested in some of the other comments following this article. I’ve got to point out that the link between homosexuality and child abuse is tenuous to say the least. When I worked with sexual offenders I discovered that the majority were middle aged married and ‘heterosexual’. Sorry to disappoint but that’s been my experience!

  12. The obvious conclusion we’re “supposed” to reach is that this is an anomaly and that there really isn’t anything fundamentally wrong with queers raising children. I don’t agree.

    We have traditional family units that look like they do for a reason. That is what is required to provide the best opportunity for offspring to succeed in life. If someone manages to succeed that was raised by queers I would say that they prevailed over artificial obstacles.

    Anyone wishing to reorder the world according to their perversions will object, I’m sure, but there is nothing desirable or healthy about being queer. We could debate forever about whether this is curable, but it is not something that benefits anybody by artificially praising and encouraging it.

    With every deliberate attempt to invent and portray this as a “legitimate” lifestyle our society becomes more infected. This should be addressed in the manner that drug addiction should be handled. If you want to quit, there’s help for it.

    There is nothing harmless about this. Despite how fashionable it has become, it is still sodomy. If it were in my power no queer couples or individuals would be given custody of children. Just because heterosexuals are capable of great harm does not make queers blameless or more desirable.

  13. Getting ready for work again, and damn it, my high heels have woodworm! I might even say infested. And YES they are fashionable, but not in a dirty way, as previously cited! I too hold old fashioned sentiments on the things that count. As the Norfolk psalter preface stated, and so I feel at this moment:

    Oh thy heel thy heel, turn to dust, turn and run before it is too late run when thy turn to dust.


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