Liberal Hypocrisy: Global warmists attend SF climate change summit in private jets

Last week, global warming/climate change hucksters converged on San Francisco for the three-day Global Climate Action Summit, Sept. 12-14, on lowering the carbon emissions alleged to be responsible for global warming.

More than 4,000 elected officials, business executives and environmentalists from around the globe flew into San Francisco International Airport (SFO) for the Summit. So many came by fuel-guzzling, carbon-spewing private jets that they increased SFO’s corporate private jet traffic by as much as 30%.

Matier & Ross report for the San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 16, 2018:

One of the hottest spots during the just-concluded Global Climate Action Summit was the private runway at San Francisco International Airport, where SFO spokesman Doug Yakel reports corporate jet traffic was up 30 percent over normal.

Airport sources told us that the carbon-spewing corporate jets nearly filled the landing area’s parking slots and that many had flown in for the conference.

[…] The summit was organized by Gov. Jerry Brown, who has been known to fly private.

In 2015, Brown flew with real estate mega-millionaire and major Democratic Party donor George Marcus via private jet to a climate change conference at the Vatican. The next year, the go-green governor jetted off with Marcus for a two-week trip that included stops in Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine.

Harrison Ford’s private jet

According to Emily Zanotti of Daily Wire, the Global Action Climate Summit attendees included “environmental A-listers” Al Gore, actors Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin, and pop musician Dave Matthews, “all of whom can afford to and choose to fly by themselves rather than find a more eco-friendly way to attend an event dedicated to saving the planet.

Citing The Guardian, Zanotti points out that:

  • An hour’s flight on a private jet emits more carbon dioxide than most Africans do in a whole year.
  • A fully-loaded passenger jet puts between 200-300kg (o.22-0.33 ton) of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere per passenger per hour; but a half-full private Lear Jet emits 400-600kg (0.44-0.66 ton) of carbon dioxide per passenger per hour.
  • If Al Gore flew in a half-full Lear Jet, he’s responsible for the same amount of carbon dioxide as an average American family home creates in about two weeks.

Further adding to their hypocrisy, the Global Climate Action Summit attendees weren’t any more carbon conscious on the ground.

According to the New York Times, few high-profile attendees took advantage of freely available carbon-neutral ground transportation while they were in San Francisco. An expensive electric shuttle, provided to move attendees between event landmarks, was “nearly empty” all the time.

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Shocker, not. Surprised Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t there to join the party.


Oh boy, Harrison, who graduated from my high school, Maine Township High School East in 1960, and who was once a conservative, has bought into the lies of global warming…geez…


The main backers/investors of the Green scam is the most hated Wall St Corporation, Goldman Sachs, which has had a very strong presence in all of our most recent presidencies, usually getting the Secretary of the Treasury spot. Generation Investment Management has Lord Carbon Mafioso Al Gore along with top Neocon & Democrat shysters in its ranks.

Carbon Scam? Al Gore, Profits, and Copenhagen


LMAO!! It’s like SNL skit, from back when the show was funny (before it became pure Leftist propaganda).


200-300kg (o.22-0.33 ton) of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere per passenger per hour? 136 lbs. of co2? That seems like a lot per hour. (2.6) lbs per minute jet fuel weighs 6.9 lb per gallon a 757 burns ~ 3 gal per mile = 20.7 lb. @ 8.3 mi per minute or about 25 gal. 0r 172 lb. per passenger hour 300 = passengers? 51,600 lb. gal per hour a 575 holds 11,489 gallons of fuel. They would only stay aloft around 2 hours. If this report quotes numbers reported by the left, well you can guess how accurate they… Read more »


Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this wonderful fact-filled post exposing the hypocrisy of these elitist liberals. Sickening.

Carl R Hassell
Carl R Hassell

I wonder if they had multiple pairs of disposable shoes considering the city is covered in human crap. It is tracked everywhere, no??


Global warming is the first born of the New World Order.


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