Liberal Hypocrisy: 13 homosexual bakeries refuse to bake traditional marriage cake

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The Gaystapo are suing — and winning — privately-owned small businesses that decline to bake a same-sex wedding cake or rent their facilities for a same-sex wedding. See:

So Theodore Shoebat, communications director for Rescue Christians, decided to see how tolerant pro-homosexual bakeries are when the shoe is on the other foot.
Surprise! (not)
Of the 13 pro-homosexual bakeries that Shoebat approached, not a single one accepted his request to bake a pro-traditional marriage cake.
liberal hypocrisy
Jennifer LeClaire reports for Charisma News, Dec. 23, 2014, that Shoebat called 13 pro-gay bakeries and asked them if they would bake a cake—or a cookie or even a pie— with the words “gay marriage is wrong” for a traditional marriage appreciation event.
Not one of them would oblige—and at least one of them went on a profane rant about “hypocritical Christians.”
Shoebat says: “The big lie of the homosexual agenda is this: They claim that they are only fighting for equality and tolerance. This is false. What then is their agenda?”
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H/t FOTM’s MomOfIV

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0 responses to “Liberal Hypocrisy: 13 homosexual bakeries refuse to bake traditional marriage cake

  1. And turnabout being fair play, someone needs to sue the homo bakeries and sue until they force them to ” be tolerant.” I am tired of the homosexuals having a one way street, it’s time to make them cry and comply.

    • Fair’s fair… equal protection under the law means equal protection of everyone (not just who or what ideology they like) under the law.

    • Good day, Northerngirl!
      I was about to write a comment, but yrs says all mine could, so ditto & kudos to ya. Forgive the compacted spelling, but down to one eye, two finger typing, and recovering from yesterday’s surgery, which left a minor part of me feeling as tho’ it’s become a mini-boneless ham.
      So it goes.
      Praise Heaven, from which all blessings flow!

  2. “What then is their agenda?” Shoebat needs to let Google be his friend.

    • Thank you, DCG, for the reminder. I’m adding the link to this post. 🙂

    • Societal acceptance, if not celebration, of their freakin’ freely with multiple partners of whatever type and number they can get. Monogamy? That’s “racist” and oppressive, you know.

  3. I avoid gays and Islamists handling my food, teaching my children or touching my body whenever possible. I’m also wary of people with tattoed faces or if I can detect that they are unclean (smell bad or look soiled) as well.
    Also cars with Obama, Coexist & other nutjob agenda stickers

  4. At some point all God-loving Americans are going to have to draw a line in the sand and say “Enough is enough.”

  5. Sue them like they did that other baker !

  6. Hey,now-homosexuals JUST want to be considered equal. But they want to be MORE equal than WE are.

  7. silly people, Civil rights are only for negroes and homosexuals, and if you ask a favor (tit for tat) from either group you will be rejected, humiliated, etc
    I have certainly change my stance on liberalism from what it was 50 years ago. When thy don’t get their way or if anyone dares differ in opinions they like their African allies go cat 5 chimpout

  8. I wonder what would happen if the gay’s went to a muzzie baker for a cake? I want to go to both and ask them to make me a cake because I’m gonna marry my goat… OK the muzzies would go for that…

  9. But I want bacon sprinkles on my cake…

  10. Brain fart… I want to go to the muzzie baker and ask for this. I’m going to marry my Hampshire Guilt (for you non farm types, Hampshire is a breed of swine and a guilt is a female that has not been bred and have piglets, considering muzzies seem to have propensity for underage females). And I want ham included in the cake. Also want plastic figures of myself and my bride on top of the cake… I will provide the plastic figures… Of course the bacon sprinkles…

  11. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. This is typical of the Liberal Left’s agenda, full of viciousness and bigotry.


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