Liberal HuffPo Recruits Child Labor As Bloggers

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Arianna Huffington

Adam Clark Estes reports for The Atlantic Wire, Sep. 9, 2011, that Huffington Post, which doesn’t pay their bloggers, is now recruiting teenagers as young as 13 to blog for free.
Jeff Bercovici at Forbes reports that AOL’s Huffington Post Media Group is gearing up for the launch of its next vertical, HuffPost High School, which “will be unique in that it will be the only site produced by minors: Its editor, wunderkind Myles Miller, is only 17, and it will feature the work of teenage bloggers.”

Already, when AOL acquired HuffPost back in February this year for a reported $315 million, one of HuffPost’s unpaid bloggers, Jonathan Tasini, got so angry he initiated a class action lawsuit against The Huffington Post over alleged labor law violations related to their blogs.
A former president of the National Writers Union compared the effort to child labor and called Arianna a couple of bad things. “I assume for the no-ethics, no-morals owner the next step after middle school students is importing work from surplus slave labor in China,” he told Bercovici who raised a few of his own concerns about privacy. “Should teenagers who can’t legally vote, drink or have sex be allowed to decide for themselves what to publish in a place where it could potentially be read by millions of people?”
Hmm… Aren’t the Left supposed to care about workers — their pay and their rights — and about “the children”?
Read the rest of The Atlantic Wire article here.
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0 responses to “Liberal HuffPo Recruits Child Labor As Bloggers

  1. I know 13 year olds with a lot more going for them than this leeching bitch

  2. When Barack Obama leaves office in January, 2013, what will Arianna do about all of her stupid misdeeds? She will have to live with them while the Obamas are living in luxury in Dubai on taxpayers’ hard earned money. This goes for all of the Liberals/Progressives, we will see a glazed eye look on most of them, that famed deer caught in the head lights of a vehicle look. This happens all too often when people put all of their eggs in one basket. The Liberals have mounted such a vicious hate campaign, during most of former President George Bush’s Administration, that it will be impossible to sweep even part of it under the political carpet, but they will try. Obama is careful to not take the blame for anything to avoid future repercussions for our nation’s downfall. The main stream media may cease to exist at all. This will be a suicide pact to outshine all suicide pacts, and they had it all and threw it away for their Liberal beliefs. There is no fool like an educated fool!

  3. Not surprised…libs are such hypocrites. Bet some of those teens can write better than Alec Baldwin!


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