“Liberal firebrand” Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2020?

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Hillary can barely make it down/up a flight of stairs. How is she going to make it to Wisconsin in 2020?

According to a post from Twitchy:

“Get ready for Hillary Clinton 4.0. More than 30 years in the making, this new version of Mrs. Clinton, when she runs for president in 2020, will come full circle—back to the universal-health-care-promoting progressive firebrand of 1994.”

Go for it. Can’t wait to see her debate President Trump!


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28 responses to ““Liberal firebrand” Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2020?

  1. Thanks, your readers may enjoy my take on the subject as well, great visuals, thanks for your perspective. J.C.

  2. Hillary, you owe it to all of us to continue to make an a&& of yourself. Please run!

  3. She needs a room at Alcatraz or Gitmo…. It would be worth reopening Alcatraz just for criminals like her and the ones that do her bidding..

  4. Will she use an iPad and an ear piece, have Donna Brazile feed her the questions/answers? I think hrc will stroke out before she ever runs again.

  5. That woman’s lust for power just never ends.
    The only way it will is when she’s imprisoned in Gitmo, or finally assumes room temperature.

  6. No. Just no.

  7. I thought the neo-Bolsheviks were done with old white people?
    She must have the goods on all of them.
    Stock up now because if she gets in the white house it will be the end of the USA.

  8. Hey, that’s GREAT news. Why would anybody dislike her less now than before? If they actually run her it will be certifiable proof of their insanity. She can run with Mooch. Mooch could fling her over his shoulder in a pinch.

    Hillary’s been working on her “jive”. I’ve seen some of her speeches at black churches. They can’t be serious.

  9. She couldn’t even cheat to win.
    What will be interesting, is who will be intimidated into not running against her, and how she destroys her opponents.

    On another note, is she kept alive via Frankenstein parts like Neanderthal genocidal war criminal Henry Kissinger the Rothschild agent?

    • When you lose a rigged election with all the money in the world….you’re bad, really bad. Why would anybody consider voting for her? Because she “wants” the job? Total narcissist.

  10. Ha-Ha-Ha.
    It’s like the episode of Star-Trek. They land on a planet run by nazis. They put a microphone in the leader’s face and pretend he’s giving speeches, when it is really the nazis that are really speaking. Fools Duped.

    Or ‘Weekend at Bernie’s 3’ Starring Hiltlary Clinton.

  11. Repeat after me: Dear God in Heaven, we pray, please release us from our continued and ever-threatened suffering from this source, Hillary Clinton ; this scourge has visited and revisited us and, even in defeat, regenerates with continued purpose to concern and alarm us and the future of our progeny and the very fabric of our collective governance.

    Geeze. Maybe if we hold up a shared prayer….it could work.

  12. Richard Daugherty

    Hillcapone is headed to the big house.

  13. Can you imagine what “stinky” hillary will smell like in 2 more years? Her entourage will have to use vapor rub near their noses to keep from smelling her evil decaying stench.

  14. I should add, she should be executed or in jail along with Brennen,Clapper,Comey,McCabe,Lynch,Rice,Holder,Obozo etc before to long.

    Here’s a link to a article about patriot Admiral Rogers and his warning the Trump campaign against the treasonous/criminal conspiracy against his campaign and the citizens of the United States.

    Occam’s Razor – Did NSA Admiral Mike Rogers Warn Trump On November 17th, 2016?…

  15. Hillary is reputed to use two “body doubles” already. Will she have to get a whole army of Mini-Me’s to handle another campaign? (Budget item there for the Clinton Foundation…) Or maybe there’ll be another version of Pokemon Go to spot where the doubles pop up?

    • The proof of that was after her feinting episode, the double came out WITHOUT the security detail! (I wonder if they are robotoids like Dr Beter discussed in the early 80’s?)

      • Good question. I’ve identified two. There may be others. As to whether they’re AI, I have no idea. Oddly (or maybe not) the double is much more likable than the real thing.

    • Maybe she can go to the factory that manufactured Zuckerberg.

  16. If they caravan can get photo IDs and the CPUSA can flip Texas and Florida there won’t be another republican president in our lifetimes.
    Arizona already flipped with the suddenly found votes for Sinema.
    Isn’t that odd how “found” votes always help the CPUSA candidate?

    • They are not even trying to hide the theft. It’s right out in the open. The fact that they haven’t put the brakes on this is telling. Snipes won’t even tell them how many total votes she claims to have.

      That’s a pretty sweet deal for an election thief. Just keep coming up with more votes until your clown wins.

  17. Hillary can barely make it down/up a flight of stairs. How is she going to make it to Wisconsin in 2020?

    It depends on whether Podesta can supply her with enough babies’ blood and body parts.

  18. By the Grace of The Almighty, Killary Rotten Clinton is going to die without fulfilling her ambition to be President of the US. She wants to have the world at her feet, but MEDUSA will drown in her own vile, the more she wants it the further away from her talons. KILLARY YOUR APPETITE FOR POWER IS YOUR TICKING BOMB, I hope that day I’m here to celebrate your departure.

  19. Hilly C is more like a case of acid reflux than a firebrand…

  20. She’s insane:


    Why do I have visions of her and Mike Obama running together? I can see Mike now, lurking behind her, holding a coil of piano wire, like a Senegalese maniac. Maybe its the only way to get rid of her.


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