Liberal Crones Walk Off "The View"

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Liberals The Left like to portray themselves as “tolerant” “open-minded” people who champion “diversity” and “multiculturalism.” Alas, like the other lies they never tire of telling about themselves (“We care about the poor!” “We are not racists!” “We are pro-women!” etc. etc.), that’s a lie. 
A raison d’être of Fellowship of the Minds is to dig up evidence of the Left’s hypocrisy. Here’s the latest.
I’m no fan of Fox News gasbag Bill O’Reilly. Yesterday, The View’s leftwing crones Whoopi Goldberg (has this self-proclaimed “comedienne” ever been funny?) and Joy Behar stormed off the set during an interview with O’Reilly.
As recounted by Yahoo’s Michael Calderone, the cast debated whether there should be an Islamic “community center” (which contains a mosque) built in Lower Manhattan, a mere stone’s throw from Ground Zero, O’Reilly declared that “Muslims killed us on 9/11” to back up his position that it’s “inappropriate.”
Goldberg exclaimed, “Oh my God!” (which is pretty funny for an atheist), before uttering a few words bleeped out. To which O’Reilly responded, “Muslims didn’t kill us on 9/11? Is that what you’re saying?” Goldberg called O’Reilly an “extremist” as several of the co-hosts responded to O’Reilly’s statement that “Muslims” — and not Muslim radicals, extremists or terrorists — killed “us” on 9/11.
Behar, who had told O’Reilly that Muslims have a right to build it because “this is America,” said that she could no longer “sit here now” with O’Reilly. Behar and Goldberg then stalked off the studio.
Yes, indeed, liberals are such “open-minded tolerant” people who champion “diversity” and “multiculturalism”! It’s just they have a really narrow and selective definition for all those words:

  • They are “open-minded” except when it comes to ideas that dissent from theirs.
  • They’re “tolerant” of only those who agree with them.
  • They champion “diversity” of skin color and sexual orientation practices, no matter how bizarre, but not diverse political and moral beliefs.
  • They are all for “multiculturalism” but not when it comes to the classic beliefs and values of Western civilization.

Sanctimonious, preachy, and boring HYPOCRITES!
And if they manage to wrestle power, this is what the Left really want to do to all who disagree with them — which is exactly what they did/do in every country in which they attained absolute power:

Who are the people who still watch those boring hags of “The View”?
H/t fellows Anon and May!

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0 responses to “Liberal Crones Walk Off "The View"

  1. O’Reilly is a warmongering racial egalitarian, homophilic liberal. Legal mmigration of Arabs (makes no difference to me if they’re Muslims, Christians or Thor-worshipping neopagans) held steady during Bush’s watch and he did nothing in 8 years to secure the Southern border (US border, that is). Israel’s security is not worth one drop of American blood or one dollar of American treasure. There are far better people than that gasbag O’Reilly that communist show would never have on: Kevin MacDonald, David Duke, Steve Sailer, Jared Taylor, et. al.

    • Well, I’m no fan of Bill O’Reilly. But it sure is interesting that you saved all your bile for O’Reilly but not for The View’s two female hags who are as much of a pro-illegal immigration gasbag as O’Reilly.
      Oh, I get it: It’s O’Reilly’s pro-Israel stance that really gets you going, isn’t it?

      • I think that’s the gist of it “E” I was still amazed at the amount of “flexing” it took for John to bring Israel into the conversation when Israel wasn’t even being talked about.

  2. That was sweet! I’m not much of a fan of O’Reilly’s like I used to be but he nailed it! Watching those liberal tarts walk off was priceless and much to their displeasure proved once again when it comes to liberals the only free speech is liberal speech.

  3. O’Reilly’s choice of words was inexcusable. Is it any wonder America is the most hated nation on earth, and Christianity the most hated religion?
    Whoopi and Joy did the right thing. They WERE being tolerant. It would have been so easy to just pop him one in the mouth…

    • So it wasn’t Muslims that hijacked the planes, killing thousands of people? Yeah, guess it wasn’t the Japanese that bombed Pear Harbor..Just those “extremists”.
      And if America is hated so much, why do millions of illegals flock here? Why do so many foreigners come to the US to attend the best universities?
      Guess it would have been “easier” to pop him in the mouth than continue the debate. These twits didn’t even have the cajones to do that!

      • Well, thank you….must say I’ve learned from the best 🙂
        Kip, I suggest you look up the word “tolerant”. You won’t find any lib’s picture next to the definition…

    • “It would have been so easy to just pop him one in the mouth…”
      Or just blow him up into a bloody pulp like in the 10-10 Global Warming video, right, Kip?

    • Okay, muslim EXTREMISTS… but they’re still MUSLIMS and still attacked on 9/11 because they felt ISLAM demanded they do so. “Choice of words” (ooh, the hobgoblin of liberal and/or bureaucratic small minds) is only a comparative minor fault of O’Reilly… I know Behar and Whoopi would want to concede the current war and submit us to Sharia to makes amends, but they need to get a life.

  4. And I’ll hold him down. LOL

  5. You got it. Liberal debate equals “The Snub” (ignore it and it won’t exist) or screaming “Racist!”

  6. Kip,
    Welcome to Hell, troll.
    And I sure hope that bucket you are carrying for the camel-washers doesn’t get too heavy.

    • Kip will carry the bucket till his back breaks. take a look at his site & you will see how tolerant he is. TEA partiers are crazy? Only if you believe in limited govt and controlling spending. But nah, all this troll can do is name call. Nothing but a young, govt educated hack…


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