LGBT Poison on Network TV

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In contrast to some of the gay people I have known, there is a new kind of strident, fascistic gay today. When LGBT comes to your kids schools to enlighten the students, this is the kind of person who is talking. ~ TD 




Licked doorknobs to infect Christian leader, wishes Republicans ‘f—ing dead’

When older generations think of ABC TV sitcoms, “The Brady Bunch” or “Happy Days” might come to mind.
Now, long removed from the days of Richie Cunningham and Alice the housekeeper, the legacy network is celebrating the life of one of the nation’s most provocative homosexual activists.

Dan Savage

Dan Savage

A feature by the Hollywood Reporter about the new series noted Dan Savage’s sex and relationship column and his founding of the LGBT activist group “It Gets Better.”
But missing was any mention of Savage’s many episodes of vulgar and bizarre attacks on Christians and others of opposing views, such as presidential candidates Gary Bauer, Sen. Rick Santorum and Gov. Sarah Palin.
Savage infamously has admitted that while suffering from the flu, he volunteered for Bauer’s 2000 campaign, licked doorknobs and other objects at a campaign office, and handed Bauer a saliva-coated pen with the intent of passing on the virus to the candidate and his supporters…

 The rest of the article goes into more detail,
but I think you may already get  my drift. 

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0 responses to “LGBT Poison on Network TV

  1. Be a REAL shame if he was to fall down a deep mineshaft while out huntin’ Snipe.

  2. He is one real piece of cake. One of the most crude and vile people out there. Over the years, he has not mellowed one bit.

  3. I have not owned a TV set in a very long time (over 20 years). So my “viewing” doesn’t tend to “influence” me as it does so many. THIS kind of viewing is going to be terribly devastating to the American Family which has already been under attack for the last 30 years. We don’t need this.
    I’m hoping parents will “get a clue” and prevent their children from viewing this type of tripe. In fact, I’m hoping it’s ratings are so pitiful, ABC will be forced to pull it half way through it’s first season.
    Spread the word, make it happen.

  4. I don’t watch ABC, not even their news. Boycott ABC — and tell them why.

    • This is what I wrote ABC ( Feel free to copy & paste as your feedback to ABC:
      I will not be watching your new sitcom about Dan Savage — or *any* ABC shows or programs, not even your news, not even your local ABC news affiliate — because the ABC network has chosen to celebrate a vile man who attacks Christians, Republicans, conservatives, and anyone who doesn’t agree with his radical homosexual agenda.
      I’m a blogger, with more than 5,056 followers. My blog has had nearly 17 million views in just 5 years. I will urge all my readers to boycott ABC.

    • I never watch ABC either. I’m going to send them feedback too.

  5. These radical homos remind me of rabid animals. They are totally out of their minds and under the misguided assumption that the rest of society somehow finds them cute or entertaining. I would invite Mr. Savage ( appropriately named) to come to Northern Minnesota and lick a doorknob, he’ll be stuck there till spring. LOL!!

  6. ABC never gets on my TV unless thier is a sports event I want to see.

  7. He and I briefly followed each other on Twitter. At first he was rather nice and wished me well. Even signed off with XoXo. By the next conversation, all bets were off. He unfollowed me, so I did the same. Dan’s heart is so hardened, I don’t think there is any chance of redemption, but with God, you never know!

    • These homos think about nothing but their butts all day, what goes in them , what comes out, truly fixated on them. It’s probably what makes them so damn mean…..mental constipation. 😳

  8. If Barry’s boyfriend were a white guy…….. well, you know….
    Actually, they do seem to be on the same warped, degenerate wavelength. Anything to destroy whatever shreds of normalcy still exist in America. ‘Fundamental Transformation’…. that’s what they touted, isn’t it?
    It’s really incredible the worthless garbage The Big Three put out these days. I can’t help feeling that they have the blessings of The Current Regime to push their agenda.
    Next thing you know, they’ll be updating ‘The Munsters’ and ‘The Addams Family’ in a combined program. ‘The Obamma Family’:
    U-NO-WHO would portray the ‘Gomez’ character. He likes to strut around and feel self important, living in a fantasy world, while doing nothing worthwhile.
    ‘Michael’ could be the ‘Morticia/Lily’ character. Just slithering around in a slinky black dress and scratching, while wiping her runny nose.
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz could play ‘Cousin Itt’ (the hair…. the hair)
    Hilla the Hun could be ‘grandmama’ (doesn’t even need makeup)
    Al Sharpton would be ‘Uncle Fester’ (“Uncle Festering”?)
    Harry Reid could wear a cape and be ‘grandpa’ in his basement lab …..
    Joe Biden could be ‘Thing’….. always out of sight.
    They’ve already turned the White House into a creepy haunted house, so they’ve got the perfect setting.
    Hmmm…. now we need a ‘Lurch’….. where will we find one of those?
    (They won’t have a ‘Herman’…. he’s the ‘token Republican’, out working on the Romney campaign)

  9. To call this person a pig would be flattery.

  10. I also wrote a letter last night,telling them I’ve blocked ABC & affiliates on all my TV’s as did all my relatives and friends,due to their anti-Christian Progressive programming. Here’s the response I got from them today.
    ABC Audience Relations
    Today at 11:40 AM
    As you can imagine, we receive thousands of messages a day from our viewers and while we appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback regarding our programming, we are not able to respond to each one directly.
    We encourage you to continue to communicate with us!
    –We suggest you send technical questions about the videos featured on our website DIRECTLY to the technical staff:
    Go to
    Go to the top bar and click on “watch episodes”
    Go to the bottom of the screen
    Click on “Help?”
    Scroll down the page to “Feedback” to send your comments and questions.
    Some shows may NOT be casting at this time. So if the show name is not listed under “Casting,” keep checking back.
    Go to
    Go to the bottom of the home page and click on “Casting”
    Choose the show you are interested in
    Follow the rules and directions listed there.
    — Many of your show-specific questions can be answered on the website:
    There are no e-mail addresses available to write to the show. Please be sure to read about the show on our website:
    Go to
    Go to the top bar and click on “shows”
    All current shows are listed under categories:
    You have a choice of the following:
    Choose the section that applies to the show you are looking for.
    Then choose the title of the show.
    Go to
    There are three tabs titled:
    Click on the appropriate tab for more scheduling information.
    Go to
    Go to the top bar and click on “schedule”
    You can then view one of the following:
    Click on the description that meets your needs.
    –To send your comments regarding the ABC TV Network Daytime and Primetime Entertainment shows:
    Go to
    Go to the bottom of the home page
    Click on “Contact ABC”
    — Answers to other questions such as show addresses, internships, etc. can be found in our “Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ)” section:
    Go to
    Go to the bottom of the screen and click on “FAQ”
    Go to
    Go to the bottom of the home page and click on “CONTACT ABC”
    When you get to the feedback form, you will see the link to Sports at the TOP of the form.
    Click on this statement:
    To send SPORTS FEEDBACK, click here
    Please use that link to the “ESPN on ABC form” for all SPORTS feedback.
    You can choose “ESPN” at the BOTTOM of the home page.
    That will take you to the website.
    Go to the very bottom of the page and click on “Contact Us.”
    You can call ESPN at 888-549-3776
    Again, thank you for contacting the ABC TV network.
    Note: The Company’s long-established policy does not allow us to accept for review or consideration any ideas, suggestions, or creative materials not solicited by us or our subsidiaries. Therefore, in the event that you have submitted such content, please be advised that the submission has been forwarded to the Company’s legal department for handling.
    This email has been sent to you from an outbound email account that will not accept inbound mail. Therefore, please do not respond to this email.

  11. As I noted elsewhere, I have a feeling this thing is going to flop like a fish out of water.

  12. Completely and totally disgusted by this ever-present,in your face onslaught of the gay/transgender LGBTQ issue,everywhere. This never was the case UNTIL Obama became President, and it began its insidious ooze into every aspect of Media. I can barely watch any TV without SOME ASPECT of it being contaminated with the ‘gay’ issue. Forget ABC,now I know WHY I am unconsciously turning instead to NBC,or CBS,but,of course,have to stay alert to the SAME THING happening there as well. Trump 2016.


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