Lexington debates proposal to ban semi-automatic weapons

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A Lexington, Massachusetts resident who wants to ban certain types of semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines in a community known as the birthplace of American liberty said town leaders are urging him to back off the controversial proposal.
The Boston Globe reports that Robert Rotberg, the founding director of Harvard Kennedy School’s Program on Intrastate Conflict, submitted a citizen’s petition for the upcoming annual Town Meeting that would prohibit the manufacture, sale, ownership, or possession of specific weapons in Lexington.

Robert Rotberg

Robert Rotberg

 “We’re not taking anything away,’’ said Rotberg, a Town Meeting member for 41 years. “We’re strengthening the rights of Lexingtonians to be secure in their private houses and less fearful of people spraying bullets at them.’’
The proposal has drawn the attention of gun rights advocates, who are urging Lexington residents who oppose such limits to attend the Town Meeting discussion April 6 at Battin Hall, just a few blocks from where the Battle of Lexington took place in 1775.
Rotberg said the Board of Selectmen recently asked him to reconsider the proposed bylaw change and instead submit a nonbinding resolution. Rotberg said he plans to meet with the board Tuesday in the Cary Memorial Building to discuss the potential compromise.
“The selectmen have asked me to consider this change in order to provide for a more orderly Town Meeting discussion on April 6 and to reduce the possibility of a confrontation,” said Rotberg, president emeritus of World Peace Foundation.
Police Chief Mark Corr said in an e-mail that he is recommending no weapons be allowed in or around Battin Hall the night of the Town Meeting debate. He said metal detectors will be used to screen those entering the hall.
“The Town Meeting is a lawful assembly that must be able to debate and vote upon articles without unlawful interference,’’ he said. “Although the overwhelming majority of e-mails, websites, and blogs have been respectful, there has been hate speech and comments that give me good reason to suspect someone might consider disrupting the Town Meeting.”
Joseph Pato, a selectman, said board members haven’t discussed the potential public safety impact. Rather, he said, the board thinks a resolution, not a bylaw, is simply a more appropriate avenue for the proposal. He said gun control laws are “something that should be handled at the state level.’’ If Town Meeting did approve the bylaw, the state attorney general’s office would review it and rule on its legality.
Jim Wallace, executive director of the Gun Owners Action League (GOAL)of Massachusetts, said the state has among the toughest gun control laws in the nation and there is no need to go further. He also said Rotberg’s proposal would ban guns that are commonly used for competitions, hunting, or training.
According to GOAL, the proposal seeks to ban any semi-automatic rifle or handgun that has a removable magazine capable of holding 10 or more rounds. It also seeks to ban any magazine that holds 10 or more rounds.
Wallace said it doesn’t make sense for individual communities to approve their own gun laws. “As much as we don’t like state laws, the state needs to be in control,’’ he said. “You can’t allow local municipalities to create a patchwork of laws across the state. That’s just untenable.’’
Read the whole story here.
molon labe
FYI: Me thinks Rotberg is going to receive a lot of pushback on this. From the Town of Lexington web site: “Due to the increased number of applications in the state, it can take up to 5 months to receive a firearms license.”

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0 responses to “Lexington debates proposal to ban semi-automatic weapons

  1. Smoking Gun CNN PROOF: Sandy Hook “shooting” was FAKE.

    • Even someone who is minimally observant should know something is wrong with this joker . . . . he is old, fat, out of shape to be an FBI sniper, in addition to his ridiculous handling of that riffle. Thanks for sharing those clips–I do love seeing what a farce this whole thing is.

  2. As a Lexington resident, let me assure people that we are fighting this as hard as we can. “No on Article 34” signs are ALL OVER town and even people on the left are not happy with this proposal. That does NOT mean the fight is over – not by a long shot – but there is a large group that has been working non-stop since we first got wind of this in January.
    There has also been some indication that the “hate speech” and some other similar comments and letters have NOT come from gun owners in Lexington but rather were sent by hardcore leftists AS IF from gun owners, in an attempt to smear us all.
    The local weekly paper and its affiliated publications are doing a series, starting tomorrow, to focus on local gun owners as PEOPLE, not as faceless scary nobodies. lexington dot wickedlocal dot com is the site. First article will include me; a short, middle-aged, female tax accountant – and competitive target shooter for close to forty years.

    • Rothberg doesn’t know/care… left/liberal mental ity.

    • Catherine . . . our country needs more short, tall, fat, thin, old, young, people of every persuasion to become versed in proper gun handling. I applaud you and your efforts.

      • I agree completely! People are afraid of firearms for NO reason. I tell folks who are leery of trying to remember back when they were first faced with using one of the sharp kitchen knives or the first time driving. Scary – because you had never been done it before. But once you get a bit of experience it’s very different. A month after first picking up the knife, chop-chop-chop go the onions. Driving takes longer but it’s the same principle! Gas-brake-clutch-steering wheel- mirrors-OTHER cars-lanes-horn — then radio — eep/whimper! A year later, pop ‘er into first and tootle on down the road, tunes playing. Learn to use the tool and it stops being an item frightening just for existing.

        • I am afraid that it is much worse than simply fear of guns. It is fear of guns in the hands of law abiding good Americans who, in Kissinger’s words, “…would be outraged if U. N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order: tomorrow they will be grateful!” This is from a speech of his at the Bilderberger meeting of 1991. He went on to talk about “outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgatded…” Okay, Bildergerberites, promulgate something! We are developing causes for fear in the timid with rising weapons crimes and a massive flood of violence-ready immigrants from war torn countries. Disarm the good citizens so that their will be an excuse to call in NATO and the blue helmets. More of Kissinger: “When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by their world government.”
          Some good news from Lexington, MA, “Boston Globe,” March 18, Robert Rotberg backs off, “will instead move forward with a nonbinding resolution urging state legislators to strengthen Massachusetts gun laws.” One town resident, a retired Navy captain, Michael Barg, member of Lexforliberty.org, said that the proposal unfairly targets law-abiding gun owners, among the most heavily vetted citizens in the town.
          That says it all, disarm the honorable, fast and furiously arm the criminals, and dial 911 to the U. N.

    • Kevin J Lankford

      That was my first thought when I read about the “hate speech” e-mails and comments; that the anti-freedom nuts were doing it themselves for effect. That is a mighty satanic looking grin on that feller.

    • Robert Rotberg, town meeting member for 41 years, a town the history of which globalists want the world to forget, also thinks BIG. President of World Peace Foundation and founding director of Harvard School’s Program on Intrastate Conflict. Professor Rotberg directed an Index of African Governance in 2007 to rank the sub-Saharan countries by quality of ridership. It was supported by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation with an Ibrahim Prize for Achievement awarding a prize exceeding the monetary value of the Nobel Prize. Mo Ibrahim is listed as Sudanize and Nubian, but his picture and name lead one to believe that he may be of another ethnicity and of the Muslim faith. Why do I mention this? Those from the southern part of Sudan are Nubians and of non-Islamic belief and therefore slaughtered in the million since the 1990s. They had much taken away from them, as died those of Rwanda while well-armed UN troops stood by. And how about Bokar Haram? Does Professor Rotberg believe that it is disarming of the Jewish and Christian populations of Israel that will bring safety? Heavily armed Switzerland is doing much better than most of the rest of Europe today, and, with our current terrorist welcoming policy, we may be headed in that direction.

  3. Yes, “capable of accepting high-capacity magazine” is the current left/liberal weasel-wording for covering everything beyond revolvers, pump shotguns, bolt-action rifles and Winchester ’73s. In fact, here is the only semi-autom pistol the law would allow (Mauser “broomhandle,” ca. 1896):

    • Please note that “capable of accepting” does NOT address whether such a magazine (a) is legal in the state, or (b) even actually may or may not EXIST – somewhere. Just “capable of accepting” all by itself. Which is ANYTHING that takes a magazine of any kind. Your photo seems to show a clip, not a magazine, so that might still fly. Useless as it cannot be aimed properly, but the proponent of this measure (who I refuse to name; he does NOT deserve notice as he is looking for notoriety in this) doesn’t know or care.

      • Yup, you’ve got it… everything beyond what you’d see in the average cowboy movie. (Left/liberal gun-grabbers really got together on this one… )

  4. Robert Rothberg and his ilk obviously care nothing for the security of the people of Lexington in their homes and ultimately plan to leave them defenseless in those very homes. It’s a bit late in the game, but at least tens of millions of Americans are getting wise to these neo-Bolsheviks and their intent to do to America what they did to Russians during the last century, once Americans are disarmed and defenseless.

  5. “We’re not taking anything away,’’ said Rotberg,
    Uh-except the majority of guns currently being used for hunting,sport or self defense. Sounds to ME like you are…..
    ANY form of “Gun Control” is UNCONSTITUTIONAL,and MOST State Constitutions closely mirror the US Constitution in layout and content,with words changed to apply to State control,so in my view,Gun Control has no place in State Law either. This is a matter of self defense,the choice of which is given by God,and should be a PERSONAL CHOICE,beyond any form of Government regulation.. IMHO

  6. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Whom will you believe, our brilliant men of integrity, the Founding Fathers, or …

  7. My third word of the seventh line was typed “leadership” but was erroneously printed “ridership.”

  8. Can we sell the People’s Republic of Taxachusetts to Canada?
    Or maybe just give it to them?

  9. Who’s surprised that a Jew (Rotberg) would be behind this latest effort at rendering us vulnerable to victimization, enslavement & susceptible to another one of their anti-Christian genocides?
    Watch this tribe closely since they will be the ones who crash the system, wreck our economy, install chips in us to “buy & sell” & most definitely try to ban our guns.


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