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Fellowship of the Minds received an e-mail from Tony Whitcomb, a reader who’s asking for our help to publicize what he claims are Microsoft’s illegal campaign contributions to Obama. Mr. Whitcomb’s plight is heartbreaking and should disturb any American. For his whistleblowing, in three years he has gone from being the CEO of a multi-million dollar Internet start-up (that now is 49% owned by Microsoft)  to being flat broke and homeless.
Please take a few minutes of your time to read Mr. Whitcomb’s account HERE. Here’s his e-mail.

Dear Fellowship Of The Minds:
My name is Tony Whitcomb.  I am a 45 year old Corporate/Government Whistleblower, against Microsoft and the Obama Administration. At the end of my e-mail is a link that brings you to my website containing objective, independently veriable evidence of blatantly illegal campaign contributions mad eby my former boss and business partner, Mr. Jon DeVann https://www.microsoft.com/presspass/exec/devaan/ to President Barack Obama’s, 2008 Presidential Campaign.
I have already provided all of this information to both the FBI and the FEC. To this day, both of these taxpayer-funded  governmental agencies have done nothing in regards to these serious breeches of campaign finance laws.
Since providing this information to the FBI more than a year ago, I have now been retaliated against by both the Obama Administration and Microsoft. I hope that Fellowship of the Minds would be willing to provide me with assistance in getting this matter out to the American People, especially to those who are living and/or fighting for our Country abroad.
I sincerely thank all of you in advance, for all of your time and consideration. I wish all of you nothing but continued peace, prosperity, blessings and success in all of your current and future endeavors!

Very Best Regards,
Tony E. Whitcomb
Founder/CEO Expotera
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If the campaign contributions emanated from the Redmond, WA Microsoft Campus personnel, the logical place to lodge a complaint is with the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission. They investigate and keep records of all political contributions and campaign reporting for the State of Washington. Contact them here: https://www.pdc.wa.gov/home/page2.aspx?c1=0&c2=2 If you’re looking for publicity, I suggest contacting ORBUSMAX@ORBUSMAX.COM They are news aggregators like Drudge, offering links to news stories of interest to Republicans and conservatives in Washington and Oregon. Orbusmax may have contacts that can help get the word out for you. To make contact with the more liberal media in… Read more »

Carol Sterritt

The problem is, the local police departments are required to tell any one who is complaining about election irregularities, no matter how trivial or how serious, to contact the FBI. It is quite possible that Whitcomb has already told the police in Washington state. But they would direct him to the FBI! Period, end of story. I tried to get something done about corruption inside one of the Counties here in California, regarding election fraud, and although I had witnesses who saw what I claimed had happened, and although this felonious woman had indeed broken election law, the local District… Read more »