Let's Make Fun of David Axelrod

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While our country falls apart, we need to laugh.
One of my mottos is “The best weapon against our enemy is ridicule.” Here’s a funny video on David Axelrod, longtime advisor to Obama (2004 Senate campaign and 2008 presidential campaign) and now his Senior Advisor. (H/t IMAO!)

And if the video didn’t work for you, how about this pic?

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3 responses to “Let's Make Fun of David Axelrod

  1. https://www.lectlaw.com/def2/m034.htm
    very important reading – citizen remedy to cut out the evil empire in DC.

    • Interesting, May. By the legal definition of misprision — “It is the duty of every good citizen, knowing of a treason or felony having been committed; to inform a magistrate. Silently to observe the commission of a felony, without using any endeavors to apprehend the offender, is a misprision” — that would make all of Congress, SCOTUS, and the liberal MSM misprisions!

  2. LOL – It’s hard for me to make fun of a jerk like him and keep it clean when his name is made up of ‘axel’ and ‘rod.’
    There are just too many ways to get into trouble. 🙂


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