Let's just agree to disagree, ok?

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Top 10 same-sex marriage arguments

KOMO News: An estimated 250,000 people enjoyed Seattle’s Gay Pride Parade, while others debated an upcoming vote on marriage-equality in Washington state.  Seattle resident Beau Chevassus has been considering what he calls the most common, or top 10, arguments regarding same-sex marriage.
For his analysis, Chevassus disregarded Bible-based reasons to oppose same-sex marriage, because “while our culture is deeply rooted in Christian principles” not everyone agrees with those principles.
In the video (at the KOMO link above ) he breaks down, negates, and illustrates the gay marriage arguments.  If you don’t have don’t have time for the video, here are his basic points:

  1. I’m for gay homosexual marriage because I know gay homosexual people and they’re nice. Just because we’re friends with a nice person, doesn’t mean we have to agree with everything they do, he says. Politicians who are forcing us to change marriage are making everyone out to be monsters if you don’t agree 100 percent with your friends.
  2. Gay Homosexual people are attracted to each other. We can’t change that and should embrace it. Politicians are forcing us to change marriage because of a sexual desire, he argues.
  3. Gay Homosexual marriage is about love. Marriage doesn’t have anything to do with love, he says. Marriage isn’t based on love, which is emotional and subjective. Love is not a legally-binding reason to completely change a basic institution.
  4. Gay marriage is about commitment. For any marriage to work, both people need to be selfless and committed. Commitment is not the only reason to get married, he says as he offers the example of marrying your mother because she is as committed to you as anyone. Politicians are trying to change marriage because two people have been committed roommates for a long time.
  5. Denying gay homosexual marriage is equated to the days when people of different races were not allowed to be married. Politicians are equating a sexual preference with being black, he says, but being gay homosexual is a strong choice, and not the same as being born a particular race.
  6. Gay Homosexual people want the same legal rights as others. Washington has the “everything but marriage law” which grants people in our state the same rights as married couples, he says. Politicians are trying to scare people into thinking gay homosexual partners are being denied civil rights.
  7. Gay Homosexual parents are just as good as heterosexual parents. When children are brought into the debate, people get very emotional. We need to be very careful if we’re changing entire institutions based on emotions, he cautions.
  8. Marriage is just a label. Politicians are hijacking the label of marriage as a way to force everyone to endorse a lifestyle. (Bondage, yes, he goes there with an analogy around 8 minutes into the video which talks about redefining a basic word).
  9. Just let them have marriage, it’s not like heterosexual couples are doing so well with it considering divorce rates. Politicians will do anything to win this label of “marriage” even if it means undermining the institution, he says.
  10. Let’s just agree to disagree. This is always the last response you will hear, he says. While people are coming across as open minded, they’re really saying “you’re right” but I don’t want to admit how illogical gay homosexual marriage arguments are.

Your concurrence or rebuttal on any of these arguments?

Why yes, Beau, I do have some rebuttals!
Why should I set aside my Christian principles just because you may not be one?  Why can’t you argue the Christian aspects that define traditional marriage?  Well since you choose not to argue on the Christian aspects, here’s my rebuttal to your opinions.

  1. I don’t agree with everything that a nice person does.  Doesn’t mean I have to sanction it either.  Yet it is those who support traditional marriage that are being labeled the monsters.
  2. Why should I embrace that homosexuals are attracted to the same sex?  The male body, in particularly, was not designed for homosexual activity. Do you embrace NAMBLA members and their sexual desires?
  3. Marriage has nothing to do with love?  Speak for yourself.  There are plenty of couples that get married for love. 
  4. Commitment is a part of marriage.  As are many other aspects.  I’m sure those that support incest would love to use your example (marrying your mother because she is committed to you) so they can become married.
  5. Being gay is a strong choice?  I thought homosexuals were “born that way”?
  6. Homosexuals in Washington do have the “everything but marriage law” and are treated that same as married spouses.  If homosexuals aren’t being denied civil rights, then why the push for homosexual marriage?
  7. Indeed, we do need to be careful if we’re changing entire institutions based on emotions.  For that reason, I prefer to follow the word of the Bible, not some strong choice by an individual.
  8. Redefine words all you want.  That’s part of the “evolution” of accepting homosexual marriage.  I’m sure that plural marriage supporters can’t wait for us to remove the label associated with their lifestyle.
  9. Wrong, it’s the homosexual activists who seek to undermine the institution of traditional marriage.  See here.
  10. I’m in no hurry to admit how illogical my homosexual marriage arguments are. How can I agree to disagree with you when you won’t even start at my basic premise – the Bible and its teachings?

So for the time being, I’m choosing to agree to disagree.  Don’t ask me to forgo my faith to meet your agenda.
I’d be happy to hear any other rebuttals – or anyone that agrees with him!

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0 responses to “Let's just agree to disagree, ok?

  1. The guy in the stilletos makes me want to throw up, gross!

  2. In normal marriages, you don’t see the sexual aspect being pushed down everyone’s throat! But in gay relationships, it’s all about sex, sex, sex. They can say it’s the same, but it just is not!

  3. Robert Compton

    “Religious” arguments aside for a bit – this could be seen as a “back-door” (pun intended) adjunct to the part of Ajenda 21: “population control”. Popularizing homosexuality WILL inevitably increase the numbers of homosexuals*. Homosexuals don’t procreate > fewer babies > decreasing population. “But they can adopt!”, true, but as the population decreases there are fewer babies TO adopt. And those babies brought up in a same-sex home will be FAR more likely to emulate their “parents” and not work to perpetuate the species either or would they begin Artificial Insemination baby farms?.
    A wise fellow I knew asked a telling question: “What if everyone was just like me?” – ZERO population in fifty years?
    * I drove a cab for a while and transported more than a few homosexuals. Now, consider the hoops a straight guy has to jump through to get atention from the opposite sex. But that same fellow who’se been turned own more times than a bedsheet by the fairer sex who walks into a homosexual bar: INSTANT APPROVAL!

  4. edward oleander

    Okay, serious question here… Not designed to flame anyone, or stir any pots, but I’ve never actually asked a Christian group this, so your answers are appreciated…
    Do Christians believe they have the right to demand that legal marriage for all U.S. citizens be limited to their definition? If so, why?
    A set of corollary questions would be: Would gay marriage be bad for this nation? Why? Is there any evidence for your answer(s)? Have there been quantifiable negative results in the states where gay marriage is allowed? Have YOU suffered any harm from the gay marriages performed so far?
    Another corollary question: How does someone who believes in limited government intrusion justify existing or proposed laws (and even Constitutional amendments) prohibiting gay marriage?
    Disclaimer: Yes, I believe that it is a basic civil liberty that a person should be allowed to enjoy the legal protections, benefits, and responsibilities of full, legal marriage with whomever they choose. No, I don’t believe marriage to children, barnyard animals, plants, or Italian sports cars should be legalized. Don’t be silly.
    Again, serious answers are appreciated. It seems to me that there is a conflict between Conservative moral and civil liberty beliefs that I’m trying to understand… Thanks, ~ed

    • I’ve got some answers edward….will post later. Gotta take care of a fire this am at work!

    • “Do Christians believe they have the right to demand that legal marriage for all U.S. citizens be limited to their definition? If so, why?”
      My answer would be yes. If not our definition, then by what definition? Who decides? Why can’t a woman marry her cousin? Why can’t a man marry three women? Who determines the qualifiers? If not God, then why any limits on who can marry who?
      “Have YOU suffered any harm from the gay marriages performed so far?” No I haven’t. Nor have I suffered from a woman getting an abortion. Nor have I suffered from homosexuals walking naked in a PRIDE parade. Nor have I suffered from any murders that one has committed. Nor have I suffered from any man that has slept with a child. There are many good (as some deem them), indifferent, and bad things that people do that don’t affect me personally. Yet we suffer as a society when people are free to act on their personal desires. Are we to be a society with no standards?
      “How does someone who believes in limited government intrusion justify existing or proposed laws (and even Constitutional amendments) prohibiting gay marriage?” Well if they prohibit incest, bestiality, and plural marriages, then why not homosexual marriage? What guidelines does the government use to determine what marriages are appropriate? Why not legalize marriage for all people who choose to love whomever they choose?
      I tried to answer without inserting my religion. Yet it is quite difficult. But leaving out religion, how does the government determine the qualifiers to sanction marriage? Where do they draw the line on the qualifiers? How far will they go until the “evolution” is realized?

      • Well said, DCG!
        “In a world without God, everything is permitted.” -Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov
        “The first effect of not believing in God is to believe in anything”’ — G.K. Chesterton

        • edward oleander

          I don’t agree with either quote, as I see them as setting up a false dichotomy, but it helps me understand where you’re coming from. I’ve heard similar arguments before, but it gives them more weight to come from people who I *know* aren’t just parroting what others told them. I value that a lot. 🙂

        • 🙂

      • edward oleander

        Thank you, DCG! That was extremely well stated and thought out, and exactly what I was hoping for. To see Dr. Eowyn agree tells me that this is indeed a good representation of the feeling here. It’s one thing to guess how my questions would *probably* be answered, but 100 times better to see it spelled out with thought, reason, and feeling. What I come away with here is a good solid look at how deep those feelings run. I might answer the questions you pose in response differently, but I really appreciate the time you put in on this one! 🙂 ~ed

        • No prob, just tried to be honest with my feelings. Although we may disagree at least we can do so in a better way to understand opposite opinions!

  5. edward oleander

    Fogie, I think comparing their “push” to that of women and minorities when they were “pushing” to get their right to vote is fair. Had either of those groups failed to get up into the faces of those in power (white males), there would have been no change. I also think that living in the modern information/internet age has made it easier for folks with an agenda to get their message out to more people, more often, more quickly. Part of the “in your face” nature of the gay rights movement is a direct consequence of all the routes we get information by today.
    I don’t know if this will help but with all the gays I’ve known or befriended, not one has ever said that they made any sort of conscious choice in their preferences. Just as the vast majority of us realized they REALLY liked the opposite sex, so too did the gays with their own gender… It seems to me that there is something latent in our genetics that only comes out (so to speak) in a small segment of the population. Kind of like being left-handed, even with right-handed parents (which I am). ~ed

    • edward oleander

      Thank you, Fogie! As always, I can actually “see” you typing, and can *feel* the intensity of your words. You have a knack for showing your true heart, and even when we don’t agree, it always makes me smile. You’d make a good neighbor. ~ed


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