Let’s have fun with this Caption Contest!

This is the 74th world-famous FOTM Caption Contest!

Here’s the pic:

Hillary April 2014The pic above was taken on April 10, 2014, at an Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries meeting at the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, when Hillary “What does it matter” Clinton ducked a shoe thrown by a woman (a hardcore leftist) in the audience.

Here’s another view of Hillary ducking:

Hillary Clinton Addresses Recycling Industries Trade Conference In Las Vegas

You know the drill:

  • Enter the contest by submitting your caption as a comment on FOTM, not via email or on Facebook.
  • The winner of the Caption Contest will get a gorgeous Award Certificate of Excellence and a year’s free subscription to FOTM! :D
  • FOTM writers will vote for the winner.
  • Any captions proffered by FOTM writers, no matter how brilliant (ha ha), will not be considered. :(

This contest will be closed in a week, at the end of next Tuesday, June 3, 2014.

To get the contest going, here’s my caption:

Eeeek! I’m melting! I’m melting!

For the winner of our last Caption Contest, click here.

Seen any good pics that you think would be great for our Caption Contest? Email them to us! :D



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0 responses to “Let’s have fun with this Caption Contest!

  1. Come here my little pretty.

  2. The Hilleror: Come, boy, see for yourself. From here, you will witness the final destruction of the Alliance and the end of your insignificant rebellion.
    [America’s eyes go to its copy of the U.S. Constitution]
    The Hilleror: You want this, don’t you? The hate is swelling in you now. Take your Jedi weapon. Use it. I am unarmed. Strike me down with it. Give in to your anger. With each passing moment you make yourself more my servant.
    America: No.
    The Hilleror: It is unavoidable. It is your destiny. You, like your father, are now mine.
    -Spirit Wars: Episode 2016 – Return of America

  3. “We wants it…We needs it! We must have the Precious! They stole it from us!

  4. I know I can’t compete, but couldn’t resist this one:

    “It could be her head wasn’t screwed on just right.

    Or news Huma’s jihadists were losing the fight.

    But I think that the most likely reason of all may have been that her pant suit was two sizes too small.

    But, whatever the reason, her pants or the news, she stood there on Election Eve, hating the Jews… “

    (with apologies to Dr. Sues)

  5. Aha! That was the shoe I lost in Huma’s bed!

  6. greenworxx

    “Wait until I find out who that little bitch is……..I’ll have to think of a very clever way to dispose of her.”

  7. Hillary to shoe-thrower:

    “Nice aim, and nice boobs. You know I like to throw lamps. Say, what are you doing after the show?!”

  8. This sniveling little rodent is a cauldron cackling serpent seed demon in human skin.

  9. Another Harry Potter movie must be in the making. They’ve cast Shillary as Peter “wormtail” Pettigrew’s mother.

  10. Chris Meissen

    Hillary suffers a catastrophic Botox failure as she anticipates punishing her enemies once she’s President.

    • Yes, isn’t it interesting how very very wrinkled her face is? Time for another facelift and/or Botox & collagen injection!

      Does anyone remember an old Star Trek episode, of Kirk et al. visiting a planet where the few women there took these magic pills that instantly transform them from hags into gorgeous young femmes fatales? I thought of that episode during the 2008 Democratic primary campaign when Hillary looked preternaturally glowing and dewy.

  11. I’ll get you, my pretty—as soon as I take my Geritol!

  12. truckjunkie

    “I’ll get you,my pretty-and your little dog,too…”

  13. Mike howrightismike

    Why do they hate me? (sniff, sniff)

  14. Mike howrightismike

    Do I look wrinkly in this dress?

  15. Hillary thinks to herself:
    “Okay, my little recycling peons, I am going to stand here and smile, but when I get home, I am going to vent—I’ll give my little bitch-boy Bill the biggest, most foul-mouthed Vagina Monologue he’s ever heard! “

  16. “Oh, yes, my precious. Soon it will all be mine, be mine, my precious.
    “Not his any more, no, not that dark ones, but all mine precious.” HeHeHeHe………

  17. If she’s wrinkled and you know it clap your hands
    If she’s wrinkled and you know it clap your hands
    If she’s wrinkled and you know it
    Grab a shoe and simply throw it
    If she’s wrinkled and you know it clap your hands

  18. The media tries to cover for her, her doctors do what they can for her, but nothing can stop the facial onslaught as Tertiary Crow’s Feet morphs into the final stage – Crow’s Anuses.

  19. Clutching it ever so tightly, Hillary Clinton grimaces with the effort as she prepares to throw away the last f**k she has for the US Constitution. Sadly, there’s no more after this…

  20. “When they start to applaud- add the toad’s foot and the serpent’s eye and the Obama tales and the Pelosi lies……………..ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. that’s it my little pretties………..I’ll keep recycling my trash while you peons recycle your food trays and our radio waves and our talking points and our donor’s slaves and our hypocritical ways and our freeways and our right-a-ways…..but let’s leave in the wrong ways and the left ways and the lobbyists in the sideways and the corrupt in the by-ways, and the pedophiles and the lesbians and the gays………….hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa. That’s how we win elections in this coven of freedom of choice. Stir. Stir. ssssssssssssssssssss

  21. “I’ll get you, my pretty – and your little dog, too.”


  22. Broom Hilda admires her new broom.


  23. No wait, umm, I’m thinking of “Young Frankenstein” with Marty Feldman
    She reminds me of Marty Feldman
    “What hump and what difference does it make”?

  24. We are going to need a bigger wind farm. Those wrinkles cant be blown back with the puny ones we have now.

  25. Fr.DuffyFighting69th

    “Release the flying monkeys, now!”

  26. The sound of America’s Awesomeness passing close overhead always causes the evil ones to flinch with fear.

  27. After a life of selling her soul for power this is the “Portrait of Hillary Gray”

  28. Harley Bissell

    watch the fun here


    Dr. Eowyn posted: “This is the 74th world-famous FOTM Caption Contest! Here’s the pic: The pic above was taken on April 10, 2014, at an Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries meeting at the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, when Hillary “What does it matter” Clinton

  29. Oil Of Olady…

  30. Doc – That second photo of Hillary looks like she took a wrinkle erasing hint from “Men In Black I ”


  31. Hillary ducking the Obama Administration’s flying scandals.

  32. Expanding on the star trek femme fatale theme,hillary would bee saying “harcourt fentin mudd, ( insert billy clinton)you good for nothing, lazy drunk. Where have you been I work my fingers to the bone and you, you. Lazy no account good for nothing, thing thing thing. Then harcourt switches her off. Ahh wouldn’t that be nice.!!

  33. No one has noticed I just sh$t in my nest…hheheheheh

  34. ‘I have something for you my pretty… an apple… a nice red juicy apple…’

  35. For all the old timers on here, I am going back a ways. Who remembers Dr. Demento?

    Here it is!
    They are coming to take me away, HaHaHa, they are coming to take me away, they will elect me anyways, Haha Hehe the White House is for me, haha here the will elect me anyways.

  36. Who´s afraid of the big bad witch?

  37. Hillary says : Mirror, mirror on the wall , who’s the fairest of them all !
    Mirror replies laughingly : Sorry my dear , I don’t recall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. “Trust me, darlings.”

  39. Thank goodness it wasn’t an asteroid, as my hair is already a mess.

  40. lou damico

    roses are red,
    dresses are blue,
    I really really wished,
    he’d spunk on me too.