Let's go to the Dawgs.

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~Steve~                                               H/T  Grouchy

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0 responses to “Let's go to the Dawgs.

  1. Tears for #3, and “Awww” for all the others!

  2. there’s no doubt in my mind that all dogs go to heaven…
    and maybe some of the cats 🙂

  3. Thanks for these great pics, Grouchy and Steve. #3 had my eyes watering. As I looked at these AJ, our dog and who is bonded to me and me to him, came over and put his head in my lap. He INSISTED in crawling into my lap(60 lbs) and we looked at the dog pictures you posted up. AJ is my constant companion, has my back and my family’s back.
    I would much rather be in the company of dogs than most people I have met over the course of my life. They do not lie, cheat or make demands other than for LOVE, affection, inclusion and play.
    Dogs: One of the Lord’s finest creations.


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