Let's Get Rid of Harry Reid!

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The challenger to that POS called Harry Reid — TEA Party conservative Sharron Angle — is now only half a point behind Reid!!!
Here’s conservative Sen. Jim deMint message:

The “Real Clear Politics” average of the polls in Nevada has the race Reid 44.5% and Angle 44%!
It can’t get any closer than that.
RMCPAC has worked diligently in Nevada to help Sharron Angle get this close. After Reid came out with his false attack over Sharron’s stance on Social Security, she fell almost ten points behind Reid. We have all fought hard to overcome this typical Reid smear tactic.  
Let me put this Nevada race in overall perspective.
Republicans now hold the lead in eight Senate seats currently held by Democrats. But we need ten. 
We lead in North Dakota, Indiana, Arkansas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Illinois. So, we are fighting for TWO senate seats. 
We need to take the lead in Nevada to win the tenth seat! Even more than that, America must rid itself of this scourge Harry Reid – he is truly the most corrupt political force I have come across in my long life time of 67 years.

Donate to Sharron Angle’s campaign HERE! Let’s get rid of Harry Reid once and for all!

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0 responses to “Let's Get Rid of Harry Reid!

  1. Getting rid of Harry is the best news I have heard all day!!

  2. Yeah! 🙂

  3. Nevada has the 3 top cities in the country for home foreclosures – Fernley, Las Vegas and Pahrump. State is the largest in foreclosure in the country – ahead of Michigan!! Unemployment up over 14% and if the truth was told, probably closer to 20 – they aren’t counting all students looking for first time full time employment. Vegas is beginning to look like Detroit. Harry supports a president who tells people not to come here and spend money. Harry says he has nothing to do with Nevada issues – that’s right!!! He could care less – and has done nothing to try to get Nevada back on its feet – he has shoved thru Obamacare that gave breaks to the taxpayers of other states, not to Nevadans. He is bailing out of Washington to get himself reelected to HIS job, without doing a thing to lower taxes, extend tax cuts or do a thing to help the economy of Nevada. He can try to trash Sharon Angle anyway he wants, but I will vote for her just because she ISN’T HARRY!!!! Thats all they need to say – HARRY REID – I AIN’T HIM!!!!!!!

  4. im glad that your tea party candidate did not succeed …

    • And I’m so so glad your “president” can’t even keep his old Senate seat in Illinois. Mark Kirk defeats Obama buddy Alexi Giannoulias. How humiliating is that. Let that sink into your pea brain….

  5. why so insulting masterblogger? well the dems did not everything right in the last two years, but they gave this country at least some “change” (i dont like phrases …) but you are blind of hate against everything that is not as conservative as you…
    im sorry for you eowyn

    • And I’m really really sorry that you, like Reid, are:
      1. So narcissistic, you’re both mentally ill: “But for me, we’d be in a worldwide depression.” -Harry Reid, MSNBC, October 21, 2010.
      2. Delusional and without a moral compass: When asked by David Brody to name a “greatest living American,” Reid named the very dead Ted Kennedy (a drunk, adulterer, and murderer of Mary Jo Kopechne) and the very dead Robert Byrd (a former hi-ranking member of the racist KKK).
      You should be ashamed of yourself for still supporting Reid. Now, go away from my blog. Fellowship of the Minds is not a place for Orcs like you.
      P.S. I see from your IP address that you live in or near Bonn, Germany. How dare you, a foreigner, chastise an American citizen about America’s election!!!

  6. Impeach obama, hang harry reid and punish pelosi. Repeal obamacare


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