Michelle's $1,000 Totebag

Are the Obamas tone-deaf or do they just not care?
At a time when:

Michelle Antoinette was spotted last Monday, March 7, 2011, coming out a huge gas-guzzling carbon-spewing SUV carrying this $1,000 totebag:

The teal-colored bag is by designer Reed Krakoff who has stores in only the swankiest locales in the U.S. and across world, such as 831 Madison Avenue in New York.
Michelle’s bag is the RK Ribbon Large Tote, Style #15813:

  • Hand-burnished leather
  • Black nickel hardware
  • Inside front split pocket and back zip pocket
  • Twill fabric lined
  • Height: 12″; Width: 16″; Depth: 6.5″

You too can get one at Krakoff’s website for $990, plus shipping. Sadly, the teal color is all sold out, but if you hurry, you can still get it in sepia or smoke!
Let them eat cake!

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9 years ago

The SUV does not belong to the Obama’s, but to the U.S. Government, who buys them in bulk from GM for the FBI, SS, and CIA. If you want to complain about the gas guzzling nature of them, I suggest you contact GM and tell them to make more fuel efficient cars and trucks. As for the bag. Let’s not forget that Ms. Obama was a well-placed attorney (in her own right) with a six-figure salary prior to her husband winning the election (she made more than her husband did as Senator!). As such, she has her OWN money to… Read more »

Candance Moore
Candance Moore
9 years ago

“At a certain point you’ve made enough money.” – Barack Obama

9 years ago

In respoonse to Missdisplaced.
I need to point out to you that Mrs. Obama did work as a high priced lawyer but her law license was judicially forfeited. She can no longer practice law. Her high priced work for the Chicago hospital was also aligned with her husband’s position as senator. Her high priced salary was more than compensated by the kickbacks to the hospital in grants from Mr. Soetero.
As far as I am concerned she can eat and wear whatever she wants to but the lectures on healthy foods and economic purchases should be less hypocritical.

9 years ago

think she was also involved in patient dumping!!! [for real]

9 years ago

Moochelle spends big bucks and still looks like trash.
What would she be willing to pay for a body bag?