Let the Donald be Donald

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Ready for a laugh?

Clearly this president has a sense of humor, and can get into a bare knuckle fight with the best of them. 

We needed a man who is a street fighter, and who knew well what the American people are up against. I am not at all put off by any of this. I wasn’t voting for a pastor, but for a president.


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4 responses to “Let the Donald be Donald

  1. Very good video; very funny. President Trump is the greatest anti-politician I have ever seen.

  2. BeautifulStrange

    This. Is. Awesome. I love our President!!! For such a time as this…

  3. We’re in the best time line.

  4. This guy is unique. The Donald is going to be “da Donald” for many generations. What’s there not to love about him?


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