Lessons From the Election

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Nothing is hopeless. We all have a moral obligation to fight evil and promote good. Keep fighting. And remember this: You… yes, you… reading these words. You’re a hero.
Not all elections are rigged. Sure, vote fraud exists. Sure, Democrats rely on vote fraud and union intimidation to win elections. But this is a big country, a huge country. There are simply too many precincts, too many election officials across the nation for them all to be corrupted.
Polls are useless. Mitch McConnell in the fight of his life. Close races across the board. All of it nonsense.
Some things never change. The spoiled-child response coming from the left, their indications that they will dig in even further and refuse to negotiate with conservatives, as they have all along, despite a mandate from Americans demanding change, shows us all just how out of touch, how unsafe, how dishonest, and how evil these people really are.

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  1. Great post! Today of all days, the knot in my stomach can finally unwind! The first thing I did last night upon hearing that the Republicans took six seats in the Senate was to offer a most fervent pray to The Lord, giving thanks for his intercession of all of our behalves. I agree we did the work, despite whatever methods the adversary choose to use against us. Nevertheless, The Lord brought things thru, using people like our dear Dr Eowyn, and others who kept reminding us to get out and VOTE. Perhaps The Lord even whispered in the ears of those who were hesitant to vote. I don’t know the entire workings behind this most positive turn of events. I only know, we should be mighty grateful for what seems to be our new chance of turning things around. Now, we just need to remember–we need to get up on the backs of the Republicans and make sure they follow a straight and narrow path for our country. We don’t want those in DC to think they get to sit on their laurels, and just have the next two years to luxuriate in their having won the election!

  2. Dear peoples
    Don’t expect a lot of changes. The President still has a phone and a pen.
    However, we do need to stay on top of the people we elected…….
    To Do List:
    Get busy with the LONG list of bills that the House passed and is sitting on Reid’s desk.
    Do all you can to STOP amnesty. NOW.
    CLOSE the border and tell the Border guards that they do not have to run. They can fight back and when they capture someone, that ‘someone’ will be deported immediately……or held for trial.
    Mexico needs to STOP…….they have used and abused us for a long time. We do not want their criminals nor their unemployed. We already have more than enough.
    We don’t like seeing illegals sneak into our country and get free hospital care when we can’t afford care for our own.
    Healthcare needs a pruning and insurance companies need better guidelines when setting deductibles. Hindsight tells me that we would have been better to have added to our medicaid roles for those that were hard to cover then upsetting the whole apple cart. I hope by working together, you will be able to CLEAN it up, Allowing the insurance companies to compete with each other would have been better.
    Voting is a privilege AND a right for the citizens of these United States. It needs to be cleaned up and illegals on the lists need to be held accountable.
    People that CORRUPT the voter lists are criminals and deserve to be treated as such. People that corrupt the count are guilty and must be held accountable too.
    Declare war IF we are at war. That is CONGRESS’s job. IF we are at war, FIGHT TO WIN.
    Make amends with the countries that stand with us, and quit throwing monies to the ones trying to kill us.
    WORK together. You all have a job to do and we sent you there to do it. You are grossly overpaid and have too many perks…..’to whom much is give, much is required.’
    I realize that our President does not like playing on a team. TRY anyhow. He may take his ball and go home, but don’t let that deter you. Pull up them big drawers and carry on.
    That’ll do for now…..Good Luck

  3. Excellent observations and remonstrations, Mike!

  4. I do think Mitch can bring sanity back to the Senate I do believe he loves this country and he has taken a lot of guff. His speech last night was moving and sincere,
    I do believe in changes being tried, but I also know VJ will never let BO work well with the GOP. She will only buckle down and come up with more evil.
    There is overwhelming repair work to do and getting a handle on all the damage done. No small task on so many fronts.
    I think so very capable people were elected and we need to trust them, but keep a sharp eye in them and hold them accountable to do what the people want.

  5. Great points, Mike.

  6. I’d like to see Congress serve up an Impeachment. Follow that with a big serving of Arrest,Prosecute and Convict. MMMMmmmmmmmmm–GOOOOOOD!!

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