Lesbians have oral sex in public park

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Coming to America! If it hadn’t already….

There appears to be no limits to how low morals can sink.
Two women were caught having lesbian sex in broad daylight in a public park frequented by children. The UK’s News Today reports, July 17, 2011, that “a horny lesbian couple” were arrested by police at 2:30 pm, after they were caught in flagrante in a public park in Northampton, UK.
Horrified parents fled from the popular park with their children as they witnessed the passionate pair getting up close and personal in an open-air afternoon sex session.
The women, both 25, and believed to be students, were spotted in a state of undress performing a sex act on The Racecourse, opposite St George’s Avenue, which is opposite the town’s university.

Racecourse park, Northampton

One eyewitness, who asked not to be named, said: “One girl was performing oral sex on the other. She had her leggings and knickers round her ankles with her legs over the other girl’s shoulders. When the police officers arrived, one of the girls cried her eyes out and the other just laughed.”
Mum-of-two Ruth Chapman, 35, was in the park with her children. She said: “I could not believe my eyes. You don’t expect to see something like that in the middle of the day and in such a public place. I didn’t hang around to see what happened. I didn’t want my children to see that.”
A man on a message board, username “vokey,” claimed to be one of the eyewitnesses who had reported the public sex act to the police. He wrote:
“I was one who reported this to the Police, i watched for an hour before making a decision.”
The lesbians were handed an official police caution and warned over their future conduct.

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0 responses to “Lesbians have oral sex in public park

  1. So before anyone start crying homophobia let it be know, the same would have happened to two straight couples! You don’t do that out in public! These people keep b!tching about “stay out of my bedroom” yet you keep bringing your bedroom to us!
    Knock it off already, no one cares about you!

    • They are testing the waters, just to see how much they can get away. These GLBT will never be happy unless there is out and out capitulation on our side.

  2. We all know who they want elected for President in 2012.

  3. He waited a full hour before callng the police? Hmm, wonder what finally prompted him to call.
    Some people have no shame.

  4. …wonder what finally prompted him to call.
    They finished.

  5. For the love of Pete!! Disgusting. And then this “vokey” voyeur, waits an hour… get real…he’s almost as much to blame for letting it go on for an hour; as there were several more sets of eyes to see this during that time.

    • I thought the watcher took way too long before calling the cops. Tabloid newspapers are a big deal in England. I expect he took some cell phone videos to sell to the local scandal sheets.

  6. LoL!

  7. England… where we’re heading if 2012 goes Demo-rats’ way.

  8. We got some funny people here 🙂


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