Lesbian Democrat, Rosa Koire, Lays it on the Line about Agenda 21

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For anyone who just “doesn’t get it,”Rosa Koire  gives a dynamite presentation that connects ALL THE DOTS!  This is a don’t miss presentation that gives vital information every American needs to understand!  I’m not kidding, this affect everyone.   For people who are fighting in public education issues, she mentions Outcome-based education about 50 minutes into it.   ~LTG

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14 responses to “Lesbian Democrat, Rosa Koire, Lays it on the Line about Agenda 21

  1. Grannie,

    Thank you for your Agenda 21 series, bringing this to our attention. But how do we fight this? I feel almost numbed and paralyzed by the sheer scale of what we’re up against.

    • lowtechgrannie

      I think we need to single-mindedly focus on Agenda 21 as a political issue at every level. This is not a rightwing/leftwing issue. It affects everybody in every aspect of their lives.
      It should be brought up at every candidate forum. Practically every county in the US belongs to ICLEI. They’ve achieved so much so far due to stealth. The time for stealth has passed. We need to hold their feet to the fire over rvery bond levy, every ordinance and regulation.

  2. Wow LTG!
    I listened to this whole video while I was drawing…..it was amazing!
    I haven’t paid too much attention to Agenda 21..up until now….being on top of everything now consumes one nearly completely, but this stuff is insidious…thank you for posting this! Ugh

  3. lowtechgrannie

    In my opinion, the power-elite have relied on rightwing/leftwing issues to keep the populace preoccupied so nobody would be focused on the implementation of Agenda 21.

    This is THE ISSUE that unites both sides of the political spectrum against government duplicity inherent in the ICLEI/United Nations agenda.

  4. When authoritarian planner/control freaks are registered Democrat, they are called “progressives”. When they are registered Republican, they are called “moderates”. We must not be fooled and lump liberals and progressives together, lest we fail to recognize them as “moderates”. They don’t care about party lines or party loyalty–they care about implementing their authoritarian agenda, and are counting on the rest of us to be busy splitting hairs about “liberal vs conservative”.
    Planning your own life is called responsibility—planning others lives is called control.

  5. Thank you for publicizing Rosa Koire’s crusade to get the truth out about Agenda 21. If I can make just one comment, however…. why in sam hell did you lead with calling her “lesbian democrat”??? What does her sexual preference have to do with ANYTHING??? Calling attention to things like that only furthers the impression many have that conservatives are a bunch of homophobes. She is a liberal Democrat. She has 30 years experience in eminent domain, land use, and taxation issues. Who cares if she is a lesbian? I am as conservative as could be, and things like this just annoy the heck out of me – and it gives ammunition to the leftists.

    • We wouldn’t know people’s sexual orientation if they didn’t advertise it. Homosexuals are the ones that shout it loud and proud and want to make dang sure you know of it.

    • Tim, I think Rosa Koire is a great speaker on Agenda 21. I headlined that post “Lesbian Democrat” because she introduced herself that way to the Tea Party group she spoke to in the video.

    • Actually SHE’S the one who brought up her liberal stand on social issues when she was on the Coast to Coast program…..apparently as a way to distinguish herself from any conservative point of origin….I think she thinks it keeps her street creds on the Bay….”lesbian” was just short hand.

  6. Listening to KSFO—-Barb Simpson/Rosa Koire…..as they say, Orwell was an optimist.

    Back in 1926, one of the greatest essayists this country has ever had, H L Mencken, wrote one of his most brilliant: LIBIDO FOR THE UGLY…..of all the people of the world, those who make up the public in this country have the most pathologically twisted obsession with deformity and sheer ugliness. So called “SMART” is but one of myriad illustrations. Whether anyone likes it or not this whole thing is going to go to the streets….either that or this entire nation is going to die a very slow and painful death with the most pitiful whimper ever heard in this universe.

    B Hauser

  7. Having gorged himself with the entire plunder of silver and gold, the Power mad Captain of the ship Evil Designs commanded his crew to set sail for the destruction of all horizons where the Light of freedom rises. The inhabitants of these mythological lands were for the most part, not aware that the captain and his crew were nothing more than the willingly insane servants of a few plutocrats. Those in turn, servants of the Prince of Power of the Air. So the truth is all were engaged in a spiritual war. Some had eyes to see and ears to hear. The others–that is a story for another time.

  8. I believe we may end up with a (necessary?) revolution in our country.

  9. The most pressing issue of all time is upon us. That being the transformation of humans into post-human borgified non-human artilects with a hive mind controlled by cesspool of self proclaimed “gods” who despise the very name of Jesus and have altars worldwide expressing their love affair with Lucifer. If you allow yourself to become post human, you will not be eligible for salvation. As the Lord said when asked what would be the signs of the time when the end was imminent, “as the days of Noah”. Then entire planet was corrupted with genetic mutations. One example should suffice. The centaur. This is not an issue that merits debate. It is an issue God wants us to recognize as a time to not accept the bait. The big lie in the Garden of Eden—ye shall be as gods. Lucifer is not a god. Choose wisely. Your opportunity for becoming adopted into the family of God depends on it. In His Service A Spiritual Warrior

  10. Agenda 21 will put this world in a “permanent dark-age” in which there will be no recovery! Look at it!!!!! a post-modern/post-industrial world with a 90% population reduction&the surviving 10% will have!!!!! No more wealth or money/no land/homes or small businesses/no cars/no meat or other animal protein/a lot of other foods&beverages eliminated no consumerism/no modern medicine/no travel/no pets/no education(100% illiteracy)/no religion/no marriage/no nuclear or extended family/ homosexuality will take the place of most man/woman relationships with most likely men&women living separately maybe in different cities/no close or intimate friends/ being constantly moved around to break up any hint of close friendships/ Communitarianism says everyone in the community is your friends&family, not just your circle of family&friends/being told what job or jobs to do/all life activities totally regulated from getting up early morning til going to bed at night//eating all food in communal dining halls(no private food)/sleeping in high-rise communal dormitories/ no more privacy of any type!!!


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